NO BULLSH*T Fenty Moroccan Spice Palette + Eyeliner Review! |

Thumbs up for finally liking something!! 🙂 **SO SORRY ABOUT ALL THE ADS, LOVES! YOUTUBE KEEPS DEMONETIZING ME 🙁 **



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Jessica Chou says:

Damn ur so fine!

Perry potato says:

Oh my god I havent seen your videos in a long time 🙁

Kendra Patocki says:

Try letting that eyeliner flub dry, then use a spoolie to gently scrub it off. It should catch the liner, and leave your shadow alone.

I do this daily, lol!

Ashleigh Latham says:

Must be the mini eyeliner that’s shit cuz every other review with the regular size looked amazing to use so I wouldn’t judge it too harshly just yet. The palette is not worth the money in my opinion.

Renn B says:

My husband bought me this pallet and I haven’t used it yet. I hope I like it! Your looks are always flawless! ❤️

Faith says:

Omg fucking hilarious I love you so much

Candace Foley says:

That’s what happened with the lip stunna for me. First lippie I’ve ever returned

Elizabeth Shaw says:

Wet and wild has the new 5 shade palette out that is very close to Moroccan spice colors. Let’s face it the only people who loved Fenty Beauty loved it for the immense shade range in Foundation and trophy wife. Everybody else was pretty m e h over everything else that came out and you would think people would learn perhaps many of them already have. That is close to the color of saffron stamens but once you put it in liquid it is definitely a turmeric color. Fez should be a very vibrant red like the hats that the men wear in Fez and it’s actually spelled FES. Scrabble won’t accept the correct spelling either. Pink isn’t even a color used to decorate with or to wear the only paint I saw in Morocco wear on the outside of houses Big 3 and 4 story houses. And it wasn’t that shade of pink either. Do you know what it’s like to find ice in Morocco? I had to go to a glacee maker and by some that he made his ice cream with and then we figured out how to use 2 liter bottles at home for ice. I was very lucky to have a refrigerator and a freezer and an oven. Everyone had a stove top but not the rest for the most part. This seems like one of your everyday looks when you do a pink and purplish eye. In fact if you look at your eyes and the colors on the front of the pallete you match.

Monroe Von Black says:

Loved this look!!!

Colleen Harding says:

I hope the “dark side of the force” never corrupts this channel. I really love his reviews because he gives the pros AND cons. Everyone else seems to looooveee everything they review sooooo sooo much. Sketchy.

FailedArtKid says:

Umm, Nadi you are pretty as fuck don’t doubt that even for a moment. Love you boo


Omg, I was thinking about buying the eyeliner!! I’m glad I watched this video.

Stacy Hernandez says:

You are so pretty

Lisa J says:

You are a gift!

riptiderobin15 says:

I have some saffron at home and it’s a red color similar to the eyeshadow. Maybe you were using a different kind of saffron?

Micheal Hay says:

wait…you still use Kat Von D? wtf?

Cora Close says:

Test out the new flamingo palette from violet voss

Paige Renee says:

that palette kinda grew on me, the colors at least

Paige Renee says:

oh wow it looks so much different online

Mariah Michele says:

“Sucking someone’s ass just to get free shit.”

We love a subtle, clever jokester.

Dawn Knudsen says:

I don’t care about the pallet, but shit, I could watch you sleep. Does that make me a stalker? *shrugs*

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