☽ Hello my muses! ☾ Hope y’all don’t mind two lasting impressions in a row, I was just too excited to wait to upload this one 🙂

Link to Epic Ink Liner: http://go.magik.ly/ml/5q0h/
(link is affiliate, feel free to find the product yourself!)

Lip Color: Nudestix Gel Color Lip+Cheek Pencil in Pulse
Nail Color: KL Polish Das Esspensive XXV

Music Provided By NoCopyrightSounds
Disfigure – Blank VIP (feat. Tara Louise) – https://youtu.be/j5DCb1ycXyA
Disfigure – https://soundcloud.com/disfigureofficial

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Nikita says:

Omg you are so cute ❤

Scruffie 85 says:

That lipstick colour is amazing! Who is it?

Lili Stoakes says:

Hey, what are tips to make winged liner I try but they are always super different so if you have any tips for me I’d love to hear em

shelli rose says:

I love this liner so much. I recently bought it for the first time and was blown away. Nyx is way better.

Hop Momma says:

So happy you did this!! I have been trying to find an eyeliner I like, putting this one next on the list

Xela Nightingale says:

Omg just saw this nyx liner at CVS today and they also finally have the glitter primer and total control drop foundation there too! So exciting, thanks to you I have to go pick this up now 🙂

Victoria Norde says:

Hmm.. I got the exact nyx eyeliner after watching this review, but didn’t find it better than Kat von D tattoo liner. The nyx liner just for some reason is more difficult to line a straight line, it ends up being wiggly, yet KvD liner goes on with one go ( and I’ve had that liner for a fair few months too). I’ll stick with KvD, but thanks 😛

ashlee Martinez says:

It’s not as good… The nyx bleeds and my Kat Von D is so better. Not the same

mshorsegal13 says:

KVD is definitely my holy grail but with them being soooo similar I think I’m going to need to try this bad boy out ! thanks so much for the review girl ! ☺

Cheyanne Evans says:

you’re hair, yo face, ya everything!!!! girl you’re goals 🙂

iwantedausernamewithbandnames butiliketoomanybands says:

usually nyxs makeup is great but i once bought one of their liners and barely anything came off but i bought it brand new in a nyx store

M. __ says:

can you do an updated review If you have used them for awhile now?
I hate when felt tip eyeliners start to split or change shape but there is still good color so I don’t want to throw it out!

n0rms23 says:

lmao! ur cat looks exactly like mine. Subscribing cuz i can already tell you’re thorough and awesome! the cat is only a plus lol

heyitssky says:

You’re cat is me when i take my laundry out of the dryer

Catherine Genevieve Raper says:

The NYX is definitely blacker, did you find the NYX bleed at all? ☺️

The Tiger Kitty says:

I totally need to try the nyx liner when my current liner is put 😀 Espy is so cute and sassy! My cat also likes to crawl up and lay in the freshly cleaned laundry xD

Kristen p. says:

just purchased online. thank you for the video.

Niecey Wiecey says:

I’m so devo! I live in Australia and when I saw this review I got so excited that I went down to the shops. Checked out all the outlets that have NYX and could not find Epic Ink Liner!! Cute video though and love all your vids! xx

nunya bizz says:

I have yet to find a felt tip that doesn’t dry out after a few uses.

Sounds From Saturn says:

I just bought a nyx one today because I lost my Kat Von D liner at my campus *sob* but I can’t wait to try it! I love nyx so much!

Emily Whitehorn says:

great video and really useful!! I love that nyx eyeliner too:) xx

uneventful life of monikah says:

If you don’t put sock on the cat then why have one :p than for this awesome demo and review I need eyeliner but can’t fork over 20 lol

Flor Salazar says:

Oh my do my eyes decieve me? Is that pkm moon in the background!?! Yess fellow pokemon player. Plus knows how to do makeup!

Alexandria Becker says:

I’m interested how each came off. NYX vinyl liquid liner would not come off my eye lid.

C Makeup says:

Very helpful xx

Jazz Biggs says:

Hey Vi, this is so unrelated but have you ever considered doing vlogs? I really loved the time lapse of you cleaning, playing with Espi and shopping, yaknow doing normal things. 😛 I know it can be hard finding “interesting” things to film in your day to day life so you could take snippets all throughout a week and combined them. It would be a great way to see Blake more too! Your just such happy vibrant person to watch! <3 Much love!

Deborah E. says:

Your cat is adorable!!

Sarah G. says:

I know I’m late to the video but just a heads up to anyone looking to try the Nyx liner, It’s $ 5.59 this week at ulta

Mumtahina Adrita says:

Is it just me who noticed when she went to target again for second plant her eyes didn’t have any liner on?

Bridgeeeet43 says:

I just bought mine today. I can’t wait to give it a go in the morning!

champagnemami says:


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