Roller Wheel Eyeliner Review HACK OR FAIL? CHRISSPY

Pizza cutter equivalent eyeliner?? Every time I said ball I meant wheel, btw 🙂 And pardon my sound effects hehe.
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SnapChat: @chrisspyc

Best winged liner tutorial ever that will be so sharp you may intimidate and impress your neighbors maybe:


enzoheer says:

This is like watching a celebrity divorce. Messy…long….shit just goes from bad to worse.
Love Chrisspys vids!x

Samantha Petersen says:

Anyone know what lip combo she’s wearing? Obsessed with it! Ps love you chrisspy!! You’re the only youtuber I really watch anymore. You’re so down to earth! Please upload 3x a week, it would be amazing!! ❤️

Vanessa Nunez says:

Do you ever drag your eyeliner and get little skips I bet this wouldn’t do that

strgoddss says:

I’m glad to see someone as good ac Chrisspy struggles too. I don’t feel so bad.

Carole Kassis says:

LOL that wing just kept getting longer and longer i thought at one point it would connect with your brow hahaha

Joan King says:

Lol I guess using it isn’t all that like trying to order it on their website becoming a Pro or Select Customer to get it before the public!!! What A Joke

Tianna Dekruif says:

wtf at your hair. What a throw back with the tease look.

Vanessa Nunez says:

Girl that hair is done

Stevie's Girl says:

Man if you can’t make it work there’s no hope for me!

Caitpirells says:

Omg that wing just kept getting thicker and longer… I’ve seen other YouTubers use this and they were more intentional with the lines, not just flicking it everywhere, and it looked really good …

Gloria Villa says:

Everyone compliments me on my wings! It’s all you girl!!

Ariane Denise says:

The music and the liner situation making me nervous af!!! I’m almost done and we getting there looking pretttyyy sharrrrppppp
Madlovefrom Miami

Natasha Horton says:

This is me every time I try to do a wing lol gets it of control trying to fix my mistakes lol

Jessica Fortier says:

I love how you are starting to do makeup review videos!! FYI ive been your loyal subscriber for at least 4 years now, maybe more, but I’m loving the new you!! #fangirlrealness

JeiCris777 says:

You have to work extra slow with this liner.

The Twisted Sister says:

I fucking LOVE your hair!! Is that a wig?

Bree Z. says:

Throw that in the same stack as the Anastasia sub-culture palette! Issa no for me dawg!

Josephine Le says:

Can you do a review on the Em Cosmetics liquid liners? 🙂

Jasmine G says:

Haha I was thinking the crispers too haha

Sarah Howell says:

This series should be called “HACK or WHACK” instead. Lol

Nicole Marlin says:

This might be good for just outlining the wing like getting the sharpness and then using a different pen or felt brush for the rest of it

Mandy Polk says:

Uughh!! The ANXIETY!!

Rhea Sylvia says:

Rollerball?????? Its a tiny pizza cutter , too sloppy

Ashley Dutchak says:

You’re one of my favorite MUAs 🙂 Gorgeous and a sense of humor!

Rebecca Coral says:

She’s the first person that I’ve seen have trouble doing this.

Idk. says:

You’re not sepose to take the wing out ur sepose to start somewere and bring it in and Don’t flatter it around Or it Will dry and u need to redip it

Simply Fabulous Kreations says:

I would never buy that I struggle as it is making a wing and this would end up by my ear

Diana says:

Nope. Not for me. I love matte Eyeliner but I will stick to my Gel Liner.

Sojiro Akki says:

please brush your hair girl omg

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