Sailor Moon Eyeliner Review

Sailor Moon Eyeliner Came to Korea YAY!!
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karis is cool says:

1:44 drag them

Adventures of Kim says:

yasssss, your makeup is always poppin!

smile Atme says:

Lol it’s not 18만원 its 만팔천원

maya says:

the outfit you wore in this video is SO CUTE, oh my goodness!

Yorufan7 says:

Where did you get your harness piece? It looks so good on you!

aerobabe131 says:

wahh where did you get the cute black skirt with straps?? it’s super cute!~

Sasha Berger says:

In the middle of this video I got really emotional and started crying. I know its weird because this is a makeup review video . I love Korea so much. I am 15 and I went there last year and I had some motivational problems for learning the language and after I watch a few of your videos I get really pumped to learn. Thank you so much! 🙂

MerissaStar MSP says:

Please tell me where I can but what you’re wearing!!! Anywhere online?

Talia De La Torre says:

Where did you get your outfittttt I need it!!!!!!!!

Hauraunah says:

In Donquixote here in Shizuoka they are maybe 1,500~2,300 yen.

Iris Mendez says:


Fatima Nocedal says:

Hehe she said 십팔 ㅋㅋㅋ

Azul Solivan says:

omg its SOOO CUTEEEEEE i wonder if i can get it on line somewhere ;-;

saneill17 says:

“But I don’t care cause I don’t live my life for you” hahaha

spz11 says:

Yay I found it on amazon!

Briana Gonzalez says:

Can you do a everyday makeup video? I realllllllllllly like your makeup! It’s really natural

prawndog100 says:

Wow 2 months ??? That’s annoying you should try the brand dollywink, they have an amazing stay power and will last for at least 6 months if not more, non of that drying up problem. Also place them upside down that also prevents them from drying out.

JenMish says:

YASSS LOVE YOUR VIDEOS. But the audio is really off in your mid shot where you wear the hat. Someone put the gain up too much and picked up the room noise. I know its an old video but crank up the volume but not the gain!!

Unika Dhakhwa says:

I love you xDD I mean…. “..ik most of you guys don’t like it but I don’t care coz I don’t live for you” xDD <3

Danielle Louis says:

I love your eyeliner and how you do it downward. I’m going to try that.

Daisy Mae says:

omg how did I miss this video?!?!?

Jherome Slays says:

It sounded like you’re a stripper

chibi wishbu says:

“I dont care..cuz i dont live my life for you” hahaha!

Ratbird Champion says:

“I don’t live my life for you >:L” hahaha

Jody Inkster says:

love your outfit in this video!

Katy 케이티 says:

Hi Megan! I’m going to Seoul and will be staying there for one month. I’m 18 years old and saved all my money just to be able to go.I love your videos!!!. I make videos too, and am starting a contract with CJ E&Ms DIA TV next October. I hope I can be as good at speaking Korean as you someday, cuz girl your Korean is goood. I just wanted to thank u for inspiring me.. to make videos too..especially when you’re soooo shy. I was always teased for loving Korea, so much.. but because of your videos I was able to conquer my fears of not being accepted, and finally start my dream of making a YouTube channel. Hopefully, my subscribers won’t mind when I stop making as many reaction videos, and start making more meaningful videos about Hallyu. haha You’re such an awesome person. I’ve been watching your videos since you’ve had 15k subscribers. Keep up the awesome job! !! 😀

KCKITTYsnl says:

Giiiiiirrrllll! Where is your skirt from?!?
Love your videos, I have been binge watching your channel for the past couple days. You have inspired me to work harder on my bilingual skills and experiencing other countries!! Xoxo

abstractlady says:

what lipstick were you using here? 🙂

GazmineGriffin says:

I don’t wear liquid eyeliner but I would still get this lol

Kilynn Willis says:

lol. so gangsta

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