Semi-permanent eyeliner review. Episode 1154

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Candice Lambert says:

Omg I loved this video…didn’t know eyeliner was others’ security blanket too! Lol…I’m a frog with no eyeliner! Also love your longer hair …long hair looks good on you!

Jenny Sands says:

Hi. You didn’t follow directions for waterline application. First, you dry the waterline by blotting it with a tissue. Second, you apply the liner, third, hold the eye OPEN for 30seconds. (The eyes closed is only for skin application not waterline) Retry you’ll see it STAYS. I use it daily.

Byron Murphy says:

Jenny’s cute with or without eye-liner, there you go, I said it.

M Puppybreath says:

your eyes are so pretty! any makeup reviews are appreciated.

Ally Coxon says:

Love the look on the 2nd day!

PrincessMbomb says:

I really loved the second day, it made your eyes pop. I mean they’re already beautiful but definetly added to them.

MiSSAjam02 says:

I agree with the others, I love your eyeliner better on the second day ! It really brings out ur eyes !

Egor Savchenko says:

I learned about diet thanks to Woo&Pep Team.

SnowJByThePool says:

I really like the Thrive Causemetics one. It wears forever on my waterline. Your 2nd day look came out so pretty, makes your eyes just pop 🙂 My other favorite eyeliner is the Urban Decay 24/7 Eyeliner in the shade Zero. It lasts all day! Different colors of the 24/7 formula have different results tho…you can check out my video on it if your curious. But I highly recommend UD, it’s been my go to eyeliner for years. Big thumbs up for your great review!

Jessica Wilson says:

I actually prefer the day two eyeliner look in my opinion it is more flattering on you vs just the using it on the waterline

SassyFras40 * says:

I believe the purpose and closing your eyes for 30 seconds is if you’re putting it on your actual lid so that it doesn’t transfer up higher on your lid I don’t think this applies when you’re applying to the waterline if you think about it closing your eyes after you put it on the waterline would cause it to come off on your upper line which is defeating the purpose

Nerds and Nutrition says:

Never heard of Thrive before–I’ve been using E.L.F. and NYX products lately. I really wish I could feel comfortable pulling off bold lip colors but I always feel so self-conscious. Nice review, Jenny!

Sheila Majors says:

Definitely looks much better on day 2 for you much more attractive

vegan peace says:

I agree with everyone, you have gorgeous eyes, an I loved the eyeliner on the second day! And you are pretty with or without eyeliner!!!!

Mrs Plant says:

I have it and don’t love it as much as the one I use, NYX Slide-on Waterproof. Mine stays on until I take it off.

Heather Bowman says:

Thank you! I actually just got this eyeliner and I am as hopeful as you! You did a great job, wish me luck!!

paula copier says:

I have permanent lines tattoed and it stays there already for 23 years. Happy with it. No tattoes anywhere else.

Living the Vegan Life says:

I use ELF everything. I also use Tarte mascara, which I love. I use to wear eyeliner all the time, but not so much anymore. I would never pay that much for it either. lol. We use to take a lighter and hit the tip of the pencil with it to melt it a little, wait a few seconds till it cooled off and then applied it to the eye. I stayed on a long time by doing it that way. Crazy things you do when you are young. lol.

Nadine Mumford says:

Is it me or are you looking exceptionally amazing lately???

veganangel68 says:

i think it looks nice on the second day 🙂

Sue Davis says:

don’t they mean close your eyes if you put it on your upper lid?? seems if you put it in the water line, you would just not want to close your eyes for 30 seconds… and isn’t this just the equivalent of a waterproof product?

Elise W says:

It looks great underneath (much better). Stop putting eyeliner on your waterline!

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