Disclaimer: This video is solely based on my opinion. Different products work for different people. What may not work for me, may work for you! I have certain preferences and expectations in an eyeliner:

-opaque/highly pigmented
-brush tip applicator
-matte finish
-waterproof (preferably)/smudgeproof

-Loreal Voluminous Superstar Eyeliner
-Black Radiance Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner
-LA Girl Line Art Matte Eyeliner
-Milani Cosmetics Liquid Eyeliner 24 Hr Wear
-ELF Precision Liquid Eyeliner
-Maybelline Line Stiletto Eyeliner
-Rimmel London Glam’Eyes Liner
-Jordana Cat Eye Liquid Eyeliner
-NYC Liquid Eyeliner
-NYX Matte Liquid Eyeliner

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Sumaya Chowdhury says:

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Stacey Lee says:


Bex Terefe says:

Awesome video. So professional and great information! Getting the NYX liner today. 🙂

Oasis' Storybook says:

Just bought the elf one so I’m glad not much shade was thrown. Also it was $4!

Alondra rosalie says:

I’m really glad I found this video it was very helpful definitely going to buy the Jordana and NYx liquid liner

Eva Yaa Asantewaa says:

My current favorite is the Essence Superfine Eyeliner Pen.

riv05060 says:

The NYC liner doesn’t last on me AT ALL…

Selenia Flores says:

The milani liquid eyeliner use to be my favorite one years ago before all these new eyeliners came out to the market. That thing is waterproof and wouldnt go no where. The only thing i hated was that its too shiny and doesnt dry matte. And no you didnt get a defected one. Thats just how it is and will dry up fast with even if you have it close and dont use it.

Fireflyxoxx says:

my eyeliner dried out before i even opened it right when i bought it

Kim Pham says:

Thanks for your review. I found Jordana cat eye liner in my Local CVS . It’s a bomb. The best liner ever

alphabetsouptoday says:

The NYX line REALLY sucked for me. It was great to apply, but halfway through the day the liner was ALL OVER MY LIDS!! it was so embarrassing. I have oily eyelids as well, i’m not sure why it didn’t smudge for Sasha, but it was definitely a major fail for me. i’m so sad!!!

WeavingThroughTime says:

I had the NYC one and LOVED how pigmented it was. Howeever, I didn’t love the intense burning sensation it gave me after application and redness at the site of application :<

Lorraine J says:

Rimmel glam eyes is my go to eyeliner … has been for like 10+ yrs iv really wanted to try others coz I also love brush tip applicators. Find the Rimmel glam eyes can tend to crack after a while of being applied and the tails of your wings can slowly disappear. Very tempted to try the Nyx one. Very helpful video thankyou – I have subscribed x

Makenna Marquez says:

I have the Glam eyes liquid eyeliner, it is very nice. Mine has never burned but it has come off before, but other than that it is very nice.

Madison Hoffman says:

I’ve been using Maybelline for like ever and I’m honestly watching this video to find a new kind of eyeliner to use. It doesn’t last long and is HORRIBLE for oily skin people!

Jasminesaurus Rex says:

A terrible eyeliner is the physician’s formula eye booster pen. It’s not opaque it only stays on for like 4 hours if that if you touch your eye at all the eyeliner just disappears all in all its terrible

Katie C says:

Found this video totally randomly and I happened to pick up the nyx matte liquid the other day because there was a bogo 50% on nyx at Ulta. However, I have been having transferring issues! Maybe it’s just because of the shape of my eyes or because I was looking up a lot today (sitting on the ground at a 4th of July parade in the heat) but I was disappointed 🙁

Maria Marquez says:

i have no idea why but my liners always dry up a little after about a month and they don’t work the same as they did at first, so the tip was useless 🙁

pey says:

“it’s 2:47 am”

steakbabychloe says:

Thank you for testing these so that I don’t have too

Danielle Hammill says:

Every time I’m looking for a new liquid eyeliner I keep coming back to this video. My problem with the felt tip pen liners is that the tip seems to dry out quite quickly so after a while and I’m unable to do my cat eye. Do you have any recommendations for drugstore felt tip pens that don’t dry out quickly?

Heisquareman says:

I’m wondering how they wear?:o I use a small oil paint brush to apply any eyeliner I buy, unless it’s a pen of course.

ExtraBaka says:

What is that sound?? Clicking noice sometimes, sounds like a clock or something Dx annoying

Aiana Chica says:

I’ve been using the same Wet n’ Wild Liquid Megaliner product since I first started wearing makeup around the age of 12….I’m still using the same bottle and I’m 16 now. All I do to make it last is adding a tiny drop of water and then shaking it super hard, but it’s literally like, gone now. I’d to buy more to stalk up, but they changed the applicator type and also the formula so I don’t like it anymore. I can’t decide between the Rimmel or the Nyx…?

Clumsy Black Kat says:

I love Jordana and swear by some of their products but the felt tip liner is just AWFUL. It dries out way to fast, it’s practically impossible to get product out, and the tip is so scratchy. You get one use out of it and even then it smudges off after a few hours of wear and somehow wound up under my eye when I only had it on the top. Also, this is all on DRY lids!

Janine NiniD Wooten says:

Thank you for this awesome review! Just bought my NYX Matte black! Can’t wait to try it.

Kiana Nicole says:

Are felt tips or brush tips easier to use? I always struggle with liquid eyeliner. My lines aren’t straight and my wings never match.

Nadia A says:

Thanks for the video but which eyeliner would you recommend for oily eyelids that is long lasting and doesn’t transfer xx

Meli Rayne says:

The LA Girl liner looked so good though

Princess Azula says:

I think the Nyx matte liquid eye liner is the best! I have the Nyx epic ink liner and it was such a DISAPPOINTMENT!

lauren g says:

nyx sucks so much its super flaky 🙁

Queen Fettuccine says:

the milani one is gloopy. buuuut I sure can swim with that on and it never budges lol

sandi barker says:

Are you shaking up any of these NEW products that have probably sat and settled for long periods of time.

brianna anderson says:

Such an awesome job with this video! if I could compile a perfect comparison video this would be it! Thank you

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