The Best Waterproof Eyeliner Review/Test

The extreme test to prove its waterproof capabilities, in fact, it is beyond it’s waterproof claim! See this amazing eyeliner for yourself – it’s inexpensive and found at drugstores too!


mcuilani says:


VannaGurly says:

Omg i need this now it is at my dollar store i think for about $4

Makeup With Jossy says:

Omg thanks so much I’ve been searching for a liner that’s completely waterproof

Leah Hanks says:

It never comes off

Stephanie Valete says:

Does it dry matte or shiny?

Daphne X says:

I movie

starfirex611 says:

I’ve used this eyeliner for years. It’s definitely H2O proof! 🙂 You need actual makeup remover to get it off. I use Jergen’s face cream to remove it easily. 🙂

Soudani Nizar says:

manjeri kilukam

carolyn1301977 says:

mine is watery looking I have to apply several layers..please tell me what i am doing wrong? P , it clumps!!

Princess Xerxes says:

oh hell no, that eyeliner isn’t playing games.

purrfectpurrple says:


DanyelleMarie4Ever says:

I love this eyeliner! I’ve used it for years, I even swim in it. It comes off pretty good with olive oil and a baby wipe.

Lori Bessette says:

s stuff is crap. I cry it off within 30 minutes. Salty tears wear eyeliner,water from sink isnt the same.

KZ XIONG says:

I like it but I just hate that when it dries, it kind of peels off…kind of annoying.

WubaLubaDubDub says:

I liked this eyeliner for the beginning few trials but after a while I noticed it peels when it dries. I’m trying to find something that sticks to the skin and stays smooth.NOT crack.

brianna nuno says:

were can i buy it?& how much is it?

Daisy Castrillon says:

With oils.

Marjorie Garcia says:

yea that liner is super flaky and u end up with little pieces all in ur eye all day…. not cool

Diana Le says:

can you do one for waterproof mascara? thank you!

nergybln says:

Sry but I’m wondering if that’s fake? o.O I own that one and I just hate it. It glides on nicely but it takes hours to dry and even if you get till there without it being smudged before: it cracks, fades and smudges as soon as water or some tears hit it. PLUS: it smells disgusting and that smell is kind of burning in my eyes. It’s cheap but not worth the money at all. Apart from 99% of that felt tip eyeliners it’s the worst liquid eyeliner I ever used. So just in case that this really does work for someone: lucky you. But I just can’t imagine it working on anybody…

Nin*Kara says:

I always see this eyeliner at the store but never pick it up, I might get it next time 🙂

emily anne says:

what if u mess up and end up going out looking like a clown? ‘fjirgsggsfgfdfs

Disi Bra says:

omg fabulous!!! thank you so much that was great info

Sophia Mc Namara says:

brilliant video I use this eyeliner on holidays

Christine Pham says:

thank you for actually showing proof and going the extra mile to show us!

soha zahid says:

Where I can buy it easily???

Disi Bra says:

target has it =)

JIMKOR says:

now thts a review short n simple with visual proof. THANK YOU!!!

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