Colourpop Foundation + Powder Review & Wear Test!

Colourpop has finally done it, we have foundations…42 foundations!! Along with the foundations Colourpop has also come out with new loose powders and pressed face powders. I’m so excited about this launch, and I hope that you guys enjoy my video!


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Too Faced Hangover RX 3-in-1 Spray
Colourpop No Filter Foundation – Light 50
Colourpop No Filter Concealer – Light 10
Colourpop Translucent Setting Powder
Colourpop Pressed Powder – Fair

Jouer Bronzer Duo – Suntan
Essence Satin Blush – Satin Love
Ofra Highlighter Palette – Feelin Myself
Benefit Goof Proof Brow Pencil
Eyeko Style and Define Brow Gel
Laura Lee Nudie Patootie Eyeshadow Palette
Stila Huge Extreme Lash Mascara
Beneift Bad Gal Bang Mascara
Colourpop x Shayla LUX Lipstick – C’mon Sis

** This video is absolutely NOT Sponsored. Products were sent to me, but that doesn’t change my opinion and review.

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Yap Anna says:

subscribe to ur channel just because of this video! I can feel u r really putting the effort in filming ur every video and also film it and explain very detailly just for your followers! love it!

Laura Maria says:

You deserve so much more subscribers. I’ve been following you since I can’t even remember and I just checked how many subs you have and I was shocked. Girl, you have to go on, people will discover you and your amazing personality and your talent! I love you!

Taylor Murphy says:

Yay! I’m so excited to get my hands on this foundation! Now I’m even more happy after your review although I am worried about which color to pick since my skin does some crazy color changes. Will you be doing a review for the lemonade palette for Dominique cosmetics?

Lisa T says:

great review! any chance of getting a tutorial on this eye look? very very pretty…..or do you already have one up?

abigail Lardi says:

THANK YOU FOR THE HONEST CLOSE UPS!!! It’s soooo much more helpful and candid! Beauty influencer need to take notes and do this more!

aye lmao says:

I legit thought you were in your late teens. Pretty comforting that you’re my age. Also like holy shit I was planning on getting this foundation anyway but with my past experiences with foundations, I wasn’t expecting it to go too well. But I’m pretty stoked now. Thanks babe c:

Rachel Forrest says:

Thank you for doing such a thorough and well done review! I loved the intro especially!

Jenifer Peiris - 2020 says:

Jesi thank you for being considerate of everything the lighting, the colors, and the concealers it really shows that you are a great youtuber <3.

front butt says:

Girl I’m only 20 and All my teen yrs I had pretty noticeable wrinkles :/ well for a young person that is. So don’t worry, at least there’s someone struggling with you. you’re still really gorgeous (:

Ashley Martinez says:

What a sexy ass intro!

Sara Miller says:

The lips in the intro looks like the old colourpop lip swatches for the ultra matte lipsticks, also great video!

murfy murf says:

Is there a way to buy the little sample sizes? I know I need the lightest and it probably won’t be light enough. It would be rad if they were available to everyone who’s poor. Haha

Lady Hamby says:

I just discovered you and I am currently binge watching your videos. You’re welcome! LOL XO

Ashley Cossiboom says:

Thank you for this video! I can never stop staring at your lips and your eyes. Uuugh so jealous lol. ❤❤❤❤

Oliwia Ossowicz says:

If you don’t know what colour use , colourpop can send you some mini concealers or anything???

blomdchild930 says:

Your intros have gotten so good, keep them coming!

Tarren Pearson says:

Does this foundation absolutely have to be set?

reshmi saha says:

hi could someone plz help me out. i dont wear foundation or concealer. i just use primer, strobe cream but it feels a bit tacky so i wanna set it with powder. i am nc 25-30 in mac. which of the 2 powders will look the most natural on me and set my face good? the translucent setting powder or the medium pressed powder? i am worried if the powder might get too light or dark on me.

miasara79 says:

Hi, which powder did you use on the last day? Thank you

ashlynLP11 says:

Yes!! We need more guys to just be honest and let us know if we need to just touch up a little bit lol

Ruby Rose Vella says:

You look like Lady Gaga.

Ellen Coyne says:

Hey, so you’ve really inspired me to get into makeup and try and do more and experiment more, and I have a question. What brushes would you suggest as the best brushes for eye shadow? Yours always seem to be so precise, and I’m sure that’s also your skill, but when I do it it seems to go everywhere. I was also wondering if you had some good recommendations for lightweight liquid foundation, for someone who typically wears powder.

Kate Spaulding says:

Tutorial on that eye look? So gorgeous.

hailsnail says:

Yay! We’re the same age! Everyone always thinks I’m a teen too. Lol

SofieWynn says:

that intro tho!

Vanessa Paiz says:

Thank you for your honest review! But you are right that it can be difficult to find your foundation shade online. I hope colourpop Stars adding their foundation at ulta!

Irene says:

Was waiting for this!!!! Helpful review and gorgeous as always~

Susan Ward says:

Your foundation looks great nice video

Makeup And Brunch says:

Something about this makeup look made you look a lot like Anne Hathaway. Do you ever get told you look like her?

Holly Nicole says:

You are so beautiful and expressive!

Laura Marie says:

Which was your favorite. The loose powder or the sheer on the go powder?

Lisa T says:

Thanks for this review. I do love the eye look you did. It is pretty and natural for every day.

Caroline's Addiction says:

Wich shade is good for an nc25? 🙁

Karli Bunch says:

YAYYY I’m so pumped about this! Thanks for doing a first impression/review for us! ❤️

Katy H says:

Found your channel today subscribed after 1 video! Loved your personality and how in depth your review was!

Mel says:

i feel like colourpop should have just made the foundation a full oz and made the packaging a cute little white squeezy tube with silver stars bc a lot of ppl, including me, are really clumsy and can drop an break the bottle, and also it has no cap????? im confus that makes not sense, like why would they do that, even though the pump locks, i feel like thats not safe because ive had foundations like that before and they just unlock while theyre in my makeup back and make a mess eveywhere

Maisy L says:

Your eye makeup is stunning. Please do a tutorial for this.

Nadia Vega says:

I always find your ColourPop videos incredibly informative! Obvs, I ordered everything LOL

Dana Weaver says:

Can you please do a swatch video with all of the shades??? I have been asking ColourPop on all different social media platforms if they are going to have a video like that and I have been ignored by them for the last week.


What sponge is that!!

Sarha Anderson says:

Would u say the foundation compares to urban decay naked skin? The way u described it.. sounds sorta like that one. And I love it. I’m curious haha

Linda Johnson says:

The foundation looked so pretty on you, over the total look!

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