Colourpop went and shook the table with their newest announcements of new no filter foundations and face powders! Watch to see if they are worth the hype


The new Colourpop foundations and face powders go on sale June 14th on

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Tish Cannatella says:

Did u mean to skip concealer ? Asking for myself

Cheska Co says:

First time watching your vid ❤️ and I already love you ❤️ Fammmmm

Ivanna Alpizar says:

“If you are this fair, you are a snowman” LOL

sammanthat says:

I really like your point about having different undertones in different parts of the face. A single foundation shade isn’t gonna match the different light/dark areas of our skin that may carry different tones. Even as a medium skin toned person, I experience problems with that.

BeautyByBabyKins says:

My hope is that one day somebody makes a brand that goes all the way from white to black, cause even that light and that dark exists it would just be cool to see a color for litterally everybody on this planet

Princess says:

Did you use the translucent or banana powder?

jordyn love says:

The lightest one is literally white out

Natianna Thompson says:

Please give us that eye look!

Dionne Wagner says:

With this look did you use the colour pop concealer too?

Kimberly Starr says:

I am a snow man hehe. Love that comment!!

Alyssa Campbell says:

It is a bit red but you can totally pull it off! Doesn’t look bad at all

Nona Mackenzie says:

well I guess I’m a snowman, at least on my face and where I never get sun.

Cheska Co says:

First time watching your vid ❤️ and I already love you ❤️ Fammmmm

Ana Gallegos says:

Which foundations do you use that you don’t have to blot all day?

Ms. Jermaine King says:

Question: What kind of Primer do you wear? Do you have a Matte Primer that you can recommend?

Slayed byDa says:

Dear what shade did u use for concealer

Rat Graves says:

You’re so incredibly beautiful. I’m also stoked at how inclusive makeup companies have become. Thank you for such a great review.

isabella maccio says:

I found the snowman comment rather offensive. All skin colors are beautiful . I don’t think that if anyone tell a very dark skin person “go and get a little bleached” would be nice, so why is it fun the other way?

Amanda Kaee says:

I think the color matched u WAY BETTER at the end then at the beginning. Your skin tone is BEAUTIFUL and I don’t think the foundation did you justice at first.

gerhard harald says:

you look similar to the actress from westworld.. at least a little, both of you look amazing too

inkstainedgirl says:

Your complexion is amazing, you dont even look like you need foundation. I need about a gallon of that snowman shade to cover my blotchy skin, if I had yours I would go naked faced and flaunt it.

Tyrah Little says:

not a snowman lmaooo

Christin K says:

“you are a snowman!!!” LMAO so funny. i subscribed!!!! she’s 40 shades of brown ♥️♥️♥️ move over christian grey

DAProduction says:

My stomach literally turned with the “snowman” comment. Racist AF. Unsubbing.

hope ford says:

People need to learn how to laugh at shit. Not everything is so deep

makeuprush Makeup says:

Its cute

;ahrekoshy; says:

3:00 rude

Trinity Young says:

You look like Rasheeda from love and hip hop

Lucilles Rose says:

If you are that dark, get out of the sun.

Slayed byDa says:

I checked I don’t see dark 190
You said dark 190

Glitterarian says:

“Creasy!” Omg gets me every time. Ugly crying. I’ve been following you and yoshi for years on Insta and just know found you on youtube! And you live in Atl! (Covington here) so excited for more videos. Love you beauty!

Andrea Hernandez says:

she’s the teenage version of the @thesocialitelife channel and i freaking love it. like if you agree

Reese Reaves says:

Girl! I didn’t know you’re in Atlanta. Hey neighbor!!

oii oii says:

your skin looks so good without makeup i’m dead

loni negron says:

As soon as I saw your face I had to sub! You are stunning!!!!! Now to stalk your videos to watch more!

Ashley Hill says:

The range!!! their lightest to darkest shade! great job colourpop!

Good Hair, Bad Puns says:

Shout out to my fellow Georgia girl!!

La Tosha E.C. Hart says:

This foundation gives you such a skin like finish! You so pretty girl!!

The Little Unicorn says:

“Wooo chile…if you this light you a snowman” had me cracking up!! lol Loved this video

Kennard White says:

Soooo colourpop is coming for your coints

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