DUPE TEST: Laura Mercier VS Coty Airspun Powder- REVIEW & DEMO

Hey guys! I saw a post on Pinterest saying the Coty Airspun powder was a dupe for the Laura Mercier translucent powder! I put it to the test! Hope y’all enjoy!!! Xoxo


Andrea Johnson says:

Great video! I was just wondering if you get any flashback with the airspun powder?

Jeannie Anad says:

I bought mines at Wal greens for $3.99. I don’t know how long it’s going to last.

Lisa Alexandra says:

What accent is that? Like from Texas?

Res Reads says:

Girl, I just bought the City Airspun and I LOVE IT! I started off using Laura Mercier but it is way too expensive. By the way you look fabulous and love how your daughter popped in the video. My kiddos do the same as well.

Gris Lauren says:

Beautiful eyes girls

druannelove says:

where r u from?? I am from AL

Toxik Kandie says:

you’re little girl, shaaa what a cutie!

TheBoots72 says:

Wow your teeth are soooo white!.

Emily xX says:

can you find it in canada

Chanel nave says:

Girl u had me cracking up

Sadie Black says:

I’m new to your channel and I’m already in love!!!!!!

Frances Torres says:

Paid more than $40 for Laura Mercier and EVERYTIME I would set my concealer it would always white cast, even when I would switch up my concealer , I gave it away to someone and I found a better one NYC only $3 and exactly what I was looking for in a powder I just bought the airspun too and I can’t wait to try it out 🙂

Sualen Davis-Bowman says:

I love the coty airspun powder! The smell is wonderful

Ms. Nohotyoga says:

Laura Mercier powder is better…but NOT $30 better. agreed. I like the translucent shade.

Nokomis F. says:

Hey, love! I know you made this video a couple months ago, but– try the translucent powder of Coty’s, instead of the Naturally Neutral. The Naturally Neutral also creased on me. The translucent gave me a flawless finish, almost identical to the Laura Mercier Setting Powder!

Claire White says:

where r u from? I hear the Southern drawl

Melissa McGrath says:

I’m about to finish up work & head off to look for this! LOL!! Thank you for this video!! I have been online & looks like this is really out of stock a lot of places in my area, so I hope I come back with this tonight!! Fingers crossed, lol…I see one Walgreens in my area seems to say its in stock on line, so we shall see 🙂

Jessica Carter says:

I may have missed it but what color did you get in the airspun? Ty

Tianna Halliwell says:

I could tell that the Laura Mercier was better on the closeup, but not worth the price difference! They’re pretty close in how good a job they do!

Russel XD says:

Your under-ah looks better in the laura mercier sah!!

Patrice Williams says:

Glad to see honesty! Not paying 38 dollars either…

Queen Chelsi says:

Awwww baby girl ❤

Mingzhu says:

This video is a bit old but I wanted to ask, what shade do u get the coty air spun in?

Survivor13 says:

Has anyone ever told you that you look like Cameron Eubanks from Bravo’s Southern Charm? I really thought you were her! lol.

caroljoywolf says:

Airspun Power doesn’t come in fluid ounces.

jewelz khan says:

What shade in the airspun did you use??

Julie cortez says:

Airspun has major flashback. How come no one has mentioned this in their reviews! I was pissed

Katherine Molina says:

super annoying voice

Mimi says:

I dont know, is it only me or does she kinda look like Bethany Mota in some angles?

Raquel D Torres says:

New sub. thank you so much for this review . I just purchased the coty on a whim and was hoping it was good buy .

Eiluap SaysHi says:

What brush you’re using for sweeping away the loose powder?

riffat hashmi says:

I hav dry skin which shall I use??

Rachel Ann Esthetician says:

I’ll have to try this

Kim Sanchez says:

Your eyes are soooo gorgeous!! Good review! First time seeing your channel 🙂

Brandi Sodemann says:

Wrinkles none girl but do u recommend translucent or a color

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