First Impression Review +Demo | Physicians Formula Mineral Wear Talc-Free Mineral Face Powder ♡♡♡

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rabbit2918 says:

Thank you I am older and love this stuff buy it all thd time the eye products ard nice also liners are great

you are a very pretty young woman .

Rachel M says:

You’re so cute! Thanks for the review, I really want this powder now! Will be good for my sensitive skin 🙂

Aimees show says:

this is not a foundation!!!!. this is a face powder not foundation

Tammy Pham says:

I usually never comment on youtube makeup vids, but you have such an awesome personality! No homo LOL

Amaya Jackson says:

i think i may need this

Karlene Karlenes says:

Did it help your skin or did you still have breakouts with it?

Samara Lucero says:

Any other powder foundations that’s you recommend? Love your videos!

hada pimentel says:

voy a comprarla..gracias por la reseña

Princess Warrior says:

going to be trying this thanks for or the great review

animystic says:

Holy shit I would have had nooo idea that you had acne! You look great!

Loni332 says:

Thank you, I am going to try this, I have very light skin and it is so hard to find the right shade!

Brookie B says:

Crazy how much it covers! She doesn’t even have concealer on!:)

Kelli Owens says:


Grace M says:

watching this in 2016..!! love your voice, love your personality, and love your courage to show your bare skin on camera. i have acne prone skin as well so seeing how you apply make up is definitely so helpful! will be subscribing 🙂

Nyssa Salinas says:

You sound like ferah from teen mom

Brooklyn Nelson says:

I have this foundation and I love everything about it except that on my skin it feel kind of heavy.

Missy Whaling says:

I use the translucent shade of this makeup, if you give it a try I am sure you will find the same coverage! I love, love, LOVE this makeup, it keeps my skin from breaking out and even helps the acne I already have! I use all of the products, Bronzer, blush and I love it!

Nadiah Y says:

Somehow, the redness on your cheeks acted as a blusher after you applied the powder and you looked naturally flushed.

Naturally flushed? What am I saying, hahaha 😀

samantha sinitia says:

Theres a pic of u with makeup and without on facebook

MichelleChanel says:

uh I have to go to the drugstore now ugh Thanks a lot!  lol Im excited lol

Ashley McGinley says:

I’ve been using physicians formula creamy natural for two years but I put it over Estée laughter in the color ecru were literally the same colors haha!! But any ways it is such an amazing coverage especially with shitty skin like mine… But yeah hope this could help you:) cause literally in love

Sarah Lundeen says:

I can’t believe how well that covered. Im going to have to try it. Btw CVS is having all PF bronzed on sale for $9.99:)

Rachel Clemintine says:

Thumbs up!!! Love this video!! Its exactly what I was looking for. I wanted to see how this product work directly on the skin without concealer or foundation on. And I also use the elf brush so this is perfect!! Thank you!!!!

Sharon Quinn says:

can you do a tutorial on that hair style?? please? c:

Karin Howell says:

You look way more beautiful without all the eye make up. More wholesome and natural

melrodsand says:

when i saw your skin, I thought “holy shit! my skin can look that good with makeup this makeup” thanks girly, gonna try n_n

Karlene Karlenes says:

Btw i kno it’s just a quick tutorial but i hope you blot ur skin from the oil before u put more makeup on. Thats what causes acne also
..not removing the oil.

Darci Stewart says:

That looks awesome! I want to try that now. I’d probably use it just as a powder over my makeup though. To be a powder foundation is has crazy good coverage! Definitely gonna try it 🙂

Aimeelvpink says:

I’ve starting using physicians formula for about 2 weeks now and I haven’t broken out even on my period but like one pimple. I always use Mac so this is awesome and a lot cheaper I could have 3 for the price of one Mac studio fix and no breakouts. I just use the translucent one to blend at the bottom like my jawline to me neck but I use creamy natural. The only bad part is there brushes they are crap so I use my own. But my neck was like your face and I haven’t had a pimple since it’s amazing.

Susan95 says:

Hope you don’t care about the rude comments! You are the most beautiful and never forget it!

Sharon Quinn says:

I love your hair and your eye makeup!! <3 

Janice Perez says:

I recommend you buy It will really cure your acne completely.

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