GET YOUR BEST LIGHT! Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder Review


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Firstly, don’t panic! The old background is not gone forever! This is where all makeup tutorials will be filmed. Normal, reviews etc… (apart from this one!) will be with the normal background.

The reason for the change for makeup is because it allows you to see everything very clearly. Colour shows up as it really is. My skin tone here is what it really is. Often with day light and normal back grounds the skin tone isn’t always exact, so this is why i’m using the infinite white back ground for makeup x

I am not sponsored nor was i paid for this review! Just so you know!


vlada millenium says:

Hi, does anybody know, what about flashback by this powder ?

BowBelleBlush says:

Brilliant review! Makes me want to run out and buy all of these, its my birthday soon so I know what I will be getting! x

jenikat says:

Your eyes look gorgeous in the beginning of this video!!!

Josephy Xiong says:

–Does it smooth out the appearance of your skin ?

*I know that shimmer usually makes your pores and acne more visible, which is why I always go for a very matte look. Would you recommend using this powder as a setting powder, even if you have more rough, raised, and acne-prone skin ? 🙁

Jillian Gribbins says:

Best review of these I have found. Straight to the point. Thanks so much!

Sarah D says:

Can you use the diffused Light if you have a cool undertone?

Matana Jewelry Design says:

I got the triple pallet but honestly its heard for me to see much of a difference between the shades on my skin. It feels like they all look the same,and I’m a medium. 
Do you think it might be because I’m a medium? just wondering.

Bianca H says:

Cannot tell you how much I love your videos! So incredibly informative. Whenever I want to make a purchase of any make up, I literally come to your channel to see your views on it before I buy 🙂

sciencetypegirl says:

Gorgeous!! With and without the glow 😉

Grim&Glam says:

I have fair & dry skin and avoid using a powder most of the time. I’ve bought this powder in Diffused Light and it’s AMAZING. Normally my skin looks very dull, a lot of red scars from acne and this gives me an healthy glow and an even skintone. It does exactly what it says; It’s not shimmery but gives that healthy looking glow. Next on my list is Ethereal Light. Can’t wait!

Kelly J says:

I’m debating on this product, but if you include the brush, this set is nearly $100 (American). I’m not sure this is worth the money. 

JP M says:

Which is better: This Hourglass product or bareMinerals Mineral Veil? (for luminosity)

Joann Rodriguez says:

Just wondering, will this be a good powder to use with the buffing technique (Sonia Fyza) or do you recommend it be loose powder?

Beth's 10 minutes beauty talk says:

I have pale ivory skin, bought the ambient lighting palette a while ago.Now I’m using dim light for a very natural blush color and radiant light for bronzing powder, finally incandescent light for highlight. Love how they look on my skin very much.

Elle Saint says:

I’ve been using both of these since they came out long ago. LOVE THESE. Beyond amazing. HG

ShariSez1 says:

Do you recommend these for mature skin as well? Through a serendipitous combination of genes and an intense dislike of sunburns (I”m very fair and always only burned, never tanned), I am amazingly, mostly unwrinkled for a rapidly approaching OLD woman, except for the inevitable fine lines beginning to form around my eyes. Will these work for me and my dry skin? Or should I steer clear?

Celeste Yvonne says:

Angelic 🙂

Madeeha Madeehas says:

U R v good & genuen person with honest review on makeup n product

fairlind says:

How does this look in direct sunlight? Does it look natural? Shimmery? Fake? Will children run and hide from me?

jastey says:

Can you use this without applying foundation first?

Hope TK says:

Wayne, are these great for weddings/photography? Thank you in advance 🙂

Noita Lumits says:

Marry me Wayne!!!! LOL thanks for the great review. Got the limited edition palette and Diffused Light.  The palette is amazing, fixes anything after foundation application.  Diffused light is heaven sent for brown girls like me with yellow skintone (Radiant light Oh My!).  Companies don’t get that brown can be warm without being orange!! I usually have to mix foundations to add the yellow and Diffused light makes sure that yellow projects naturally. With these products, I can safely be left stranded on a deserted island and sip the coconut water until the movie crew arrives to discover me!!!

misswhite2rose says:

We know you are not paid wayne. Man you are one of the honest makeup reviewers in youtube. Whenever i want to buy any product i just review what you say and based on it i buy or not. Always you are right.

Joanne Kim says:

Should I use finish powder before or after using powder blushes and bronzers?

dasza_sasza says:

is any of these finishing powders good to set the concealer under eyes? I have a really dry skin and do not use powder on my face. I use it only to set the concealer and hate how this area is matte so I am looking for something setting but maybe a bit dewy (if that is at all possible)

Jessica Kadir says:

Need this in my life!

sugar2m31 says:

For a NC25 should I get diffused or dim? I want an overall setting powder

SSBMA1994 says:

I wish J saw you before and after dusting the powder all over your face just out of curiousity. But tganks for the curt reviews

Beauty After Dark says:

for my chocolate girls…. radiant light is amazing! after I put on my liquid foundation I dust this on the forehead, chin and high points of the cheeks then set my whole face with a translucent powder. I do like this much better than msf and I’m oily

Gina Long says:

I love these . They do just make your skin LOOK BETTER !!!

Gemma Ambrose says:

God damn you are a beautiful man! your skin! your eyes! haha love your videos! xxx

Ginny D says:

They should make ambient setting powders or powder foundations

Vava Couture says:

Still love his reviews

Molly O'Hara says:

I’m really tempted to splurge but I’m hesitant! Makeup dilemmas!

Christina Ezell says:

Love that glow this product gives to your face!

Angelica Nevarez says:

great video. I am seeing if this is worth it as it is pricey. but it looks beautiful. and so do you! I love your channel!

Ariel585 says:

I would like to see you go through each one when you get the other ones. I’m still debating this purchase & shade

Lana Ellis says:

Thanks for the review, I couldn’t help myself I had to go get the Dim Light cant wait to try it.

Bibi Blue says:

Which shade do you recommend for medium to tan skin? (Mediterranean)

C Boström says:

Have you tried Makeup revolutions radiance palette?

extremelyhappysimmer says:

whats a good one for someone with oily skin who is pale and doesnt want to look tanned?

outspolsis says:

is this for men or women?

Sasha James says:

Fyrinnae’s Sunkissed and Sorcery powders have been around longer than Hourglass’s, are an awesome blend of technology and aesthetics and do the SAME THING…for $7.

Plus Fyrinnae do samples. 

Plus their makeup honestly looks and feels like a high-end product. I’m not affiliated, just sharing the goodness xx

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