Laura Mercier Setting Powder v. elf HD Setting Powder | Drugstore Dupe?!

In this video, watch these two products battle it out as I demo and test them for coverage, long-wear, cakiness and flashback! How do these two hold up after a long day of wear? Watch to find out!

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LittleMissDom says:

Love your lip color <3

DAlana M says:

what lipstick are u wearing in this video?

usehername says:

I thought the Elf HD was a finishing powder and not a setting powder? Because if you set with a finishing powder you get flashback as it’s applied too heavily

Lili Reyes says:

can you still see the white elf powder on your face if you’re under the sun?

Tania Flores says:

Do you think the white one is better than the corrective yellow one?

Brittani Johnson says:

You have the cutest nose ever!

Andy San says:

love your lip color, witch lipstick you used?

D Vixen says:

IT cosmetics has a much more similar HD translucent powder comparable to Laura Mercier

Kay2be2mr says:

I bought the yellow one from elf. I’m still confused as to whether the yellow is still meant for all over or just under the eye?

Shajayra Orellana says:

Very helpful video :D! Is the yellow one good also for all tones of skin???

Alex Hood says:

your lips are bomb. also thank you for the comparison, this has really helped me

Anna Silver says:

I’ve personally received a lot of flashback from the ELF powder :/ does anyone have any tips for fixing this?

Emily P says:

you can get the elf powder in yellow -___-

0dandie0 says:

setting powder is not for cover, it’s to lock in your make up. you need a separate HD finishing powder to smooth out your skin. as for ELF, it seems like a hybrid of HD and setting.

Renee Anselmi says:

RCMA all the way. I use Laura Mercier for 15 years, and I feel RCMA is so much better!! I’ve been using RCMA for about a year and not a day goes by where I get compliments on my complexion. And I have g-children. I will spoil my grandchildren a trip to Disney World with the savings I have. Whoohoo..
Thank you, RCMA and say thanks to all the great YouTube

Kayla Russo says:

Ayeee im a Kayla Marie

Teresa Love says:

This was so helpful, thank you so much!!!

Ally says:

is she stoned in the second half? She’s so pretty, her skin is so smooth

Keeki Rice says:

The Elf looks better

sunny5357 says:

There’s really no dupe for Laura Mercier. Some are close, but I’ve yet to find one that even nearly as nice.

Noemi Espin says:

Thank you for comparing both powder I am always in a budget and i am so happy to know elf powder do a great job too.

NeonFluffyCakes says:

Dimethicone is pronounced Dy-methi-cone

Robbie Gleason says:

Elf makes that powder in a banana tint. I use the white now but want to try the banana next.

Renee Anselmi says:

Ops hit send to fast. A special thank you to the YouTubers that introduced us to RCMA ! You’re the best; it would still be a secret without you, and an expensive secret if we weren’t given this option. A special shout-out to Wayne Gross whom has been telling us about this excellent product for years! ❤

Jordan Moreland says:

Does anyone know the brush used for the Elf powder? Or the type? Thank you!

Lucy Aldred says:

The elf one did better lmao

Xyra Purisima says:

I bought the elf hd powder in sheer today!!! Im so excited to use it as i watched this

Annika Pyrke says:

what is your foundation and concealer plzzzz <3

LightingFireFly says:

So I’m kind of a makeup noob/getting there – and I was very surprised to see that you could use a damp beauty blender on your skin right after you applied your foundation. Won’t your foundation get wiped off because of that???? I feel like after I’ve applied my foundation, it does transfer if I touch my face and such (using the Makeup Forever HD foundation with a sponge – not beauty blender).

I’m also waiting for my Laura Mercier translucent powder to come, but I didn’t know that’s how you apply it?? I was planning to just dust it on top of my makeup after I’m done with my makeup routine….

Nida Lakhani says:

I have been using the Elf HD powder for so long! And I love it. It works for me and my oily skin. I have dry patches and noticeable pores around the nose and this powder does not accentuate both! I use it as an all over powder and refrain from baking because it works so well you don’t need to bake with it, just brush it on softly all over to set your make up!

Kyress Coke says:

elf has different colors in the HD powders

Sugar Magnolia says:

I love the new packaging for the elf hd powder, was so glad to see that because I really like it as a setting powder.

Jay Nu says:

I think the elf one cakes up bc its absorbing the excess oil

Rosilla Edward says:

Okay so where can I find the elf setting powder?? I’ve looked everywhere and cannot find it at all! Any suggestions?

Ayesha Ansari says:

You’re so pretty

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