My FAVORITE Full Coverage Powder Foundation: Physicians Formula Mineral Wear Review

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MariyahHh Flowerr says:

powder foundation!

Manely Cuadras says:

do they still sell this one becuase I been looking for it and can’t find it @mamichula

weeorli says:

I’m very pale, I don’t know what shade would suit me 🙁

maremacd says:

What lipstick are you wearing?

Aimees show says:

omg shut up..sorry but this isn’t even a foundation. …it’s a powder. there is a foundation it’s mineral wear. loose

mari upton says:

You’re so good at talking up a product :)I wanna buy this and the garnier bb

amberpark111 says:

Lol I know this isn’t sponsored but you should really be a business woman!

Vashti Wood says:

Hi, do you have a tutorial for this look, specifically your eyeshadows?

Leilani Michener says:

Bought this because of your video! Taking family pictures tomorrow! Fingers crossed (: thank you!

Anonymous says:

Love this powder! Months ago purchase one…for $12.99 and one week ago…on cleareance…$3.75!!

lauryngal20 says:

what shade of this did you use?

mikajeem says:

Can you please put the color in the description? That would be really helpful!

Manely Cuadras says:

where can i find this powder and how dose the packaging look like

fuzzybutton22 says:

Can you stop waving it and show us how the powder looks like!!!!

Anascissors says:

Which shade are you using? I’ll subscribe in hope of getting the answer faster. 🙂

Stephanie Palad says:

Please try out kat von d lock it powder foundation, Its really good please make a demo and review for it

Manely Cuadras says:


Ashton Kirkland says:

my shade is creamy natural

doris rodriguez says:

Hi… I am so happy with this powder. It is awesome value. I compared it along side with Mac MSF . There was no difference but the price tag LOL !!!! Thanks so much for this review. Had to subscribe girl 😉

MissGlamBAM says:

THANK YOU! It seems everyone on youtube uses heavy liquid foundation all of the time, and I’m a powder foundation girl too but haven’t had a good one in awhile. Definitely want to try this, however PF skin products are always way too dark for me and they don’t make enough shades! Great review though, just subbed 🙂

Cassandra’s Finds says:

I love this product. Most of physicians formula’s products are amazing.

MissKawaiiGurl says:

Can you use a beauty blender??

EndlessSky says:

I read a review from a nurse loving the MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation. You can read it on MAC’s website.

Nikita Patel says:

You should check out palladio herbal wet n dry foundation. You might like it. You can find it at ulta. It’s onl $ 10.99. Poor shade collection but you might find ours as i hve a yellow skintone like u as well. You should try it. You might like it 🙂 i am going to try this foundation. I breakout easily from liquid foundations.

nemoryer says:

Which is the link for the tutorial?

estradavictoria25 says:

Omg this powder is sooooo good i love it thanks for the review this powder tops all of the ones i’ve tried

Monterey says:


sara rafiq says:

Hi I m shade 3.0 in Mac foundation, which shade do u think will match me

Mary's Sánchez says:


Kate Donlin says:

My powder came in a blue compact, is it different than the one you used?

Alexandra Andrei says:

What mac colour would you say this powder is? I’m trying to figure out if buff is right for me or not. I am pale olive/neutral, probably nc15, 150 buff in revlon colorstay.

MusicManiaacify says:

Would this work for pale and dry skin?

SparklewishMakeup80 says:

does anyone know what shade she is using?

xEm_0308x says:

I really like this powder, unfortunately all the shades run pinky-peach toned and my skin is yellow toned. I have to bring it all down my neck and chest to make me one color.

Nea Bug says:

thank you!! so much for this lol perfect from summer

Jasline G says:

Is this powder good for dry skin??

Toma Karaleviciute says:

You’re eyebrows are perfect!

LaurenAvenue says:

The powder in the blue packaging and has kind of a wavey look to it is the airbrush one

deewubby says:

Powder foundation 3

Lisa Gregory says:

I have been using this forever and I love it! I think your skin looks better with this than with the MAC.

Taurusbaby579 says:

I love powder foundation!!! I’m going to try this one out 🙂

Adrienne Linley says:

Ive never been too impressed with physicians formula products unfortunatley…but i’m gunna try this powder foundation and i really hope i like it!!

sherri says:

Awesome review…thank you so much 🙂 Exactly what I’m looking for 🙂

Joseph Valenti says:

Actually, those little brushes are very good for cleaning your computer keyboards!

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