REVIEW: My Favorite Powders – Powder Foundations, Pressed/Travel Compacts, Loose Setting Powders

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perthhy1 says:

what is your skin type?

RAEview says:

Chock full of flaws, actually.. hehe but you’re the sweetest! Thank you <3

RAEview says:

I have yet to try Tom Ford’s Bronzing Powder! I really love the matte one by Tarte, so I haven’t been trying too many others as of late. Will look into it! 🙂

Olivia A says:

Hey Rae, please do the review of your fave liquid fondations/Bb cream/ Tinted moisturizer please! Thanks

Josie Chan says:

Oh Rae, you’re so flawless! :3

RAEview says:

For flash photography, I recommend the Becca or the Cargo Blu_ray Pressed Powder!

catscheesy says:

Girl what do you do for a living? Those products you review are pricey it scares me. (⊙o⊙)

Courtney C says:

Hello! I love your channel and you’re incredibly informative. Lately, I’ve been struggling to find a good eyeliner and I think it would be so helpful for you to make an eyeliner review video!

RAEview says:

I can never mange to find a color match in Armani’s powder foundation, always between shades. I referred to the D&G in the video for oily skin.

adidassamoa says:

what do you do for living that you are able to afford such high end makeup products all the time? hmm I am not being negative or offensive at all…don’t get me wrong…is your family well off in the first place? i think this is one of the top questions we are wanting to know about?

Tiffany S says:

Hey Rae! After watching this video 3 times, I’ve decided to go ahead and purchase both the Becca and D&G powder foundations. I was going to purchase them separately on Sephora and Saks websites but happened to find out that they are both sold online on Yay!
Anyway, I wanted to ask, for your complexion right now, which shade of the D&G powder foundation would you use? We seem to have similar variances in winter/summer complexions.

Little Lamb says:

Totally agree that you have worked hard to get where you are and I believe that since you work in the beauty industry you have to be able to sacrifice & spend on luxury items so you can make great reviews!! If she had watched your earlier reviews, she may have guessed this as your videos upgrade & get better & better!!

mtde1mantram says:

Hi Rae, so of ALLL the powders, loose, compacts, which one is your ultimate favorite in terms of coverage,versatility, and the best cost efficient powder? The “Becca Perfect Skin Mineral Powder Foundation”, the “Benefit Hello Flawless Powder Foundation”, or the Lancome translucence mattifying power? Please Answer! Thanks!

RAEview says:

I still use it.. It’s excellent for flash photography or for those with dry skin. I’ll include it in a photogenic makeup tutorial later on!

Tina D says:

I am loving your hair up. It looks like elegant and beautiful. Just wondering do you have any fly aways? If so how do you tame them? And thanks for your reviews!

RAEview says:

You are too kind! Thank you for the lovely compliments and for taking the time to leave me such a polite request. I have used Sisley products in the past, but I have yet to fall in love with anything.. is there a particular product that you’re interested in? I’ll try to take a look and see what we can manage!

Kurisutiin Bi says:

you look beautiful in this video Raeview! Thanks for the video and tips. I love powders and this was really helpful. xoxo

texaspeech says:

you are adorable. i really enjoy your serious reviews. keep up the good work!

Camille Adonna says:

thanks for the reviews, your makeup is beautiful btw!! please check out my channel 🙂

SNOWANG3L12 says:

Love this video! You’re so gorgeous!

KAMAN says:

thx very much for answering promptly! Love your sharing (shopping time comes~)

You have a lovely pool of products! I’d love to know for the duration of use for different powder product, and how long would you keep them after the comfortable-to-use-it period just for swatch or collection making’s purposes. Thx

nettycookie says:

did you lost weight? you look great 🙂

Wincy Li says:

have u ever try a brand called vidi vici? is a korean brand
i reali love their product especially their 24k gold foundation and their loose power
reali reali light weight and smooth
i am not sure if u can get it in the US but if u do i would recommend u to try tht i am sure u will love it:)
btw i love ur videos

azulaoi says:

Are you Japanese?

Soo Ko says:

Are these powders good for flash photography?

Celine Ma says:

Cool! you are beautiful.

Helliy B says:

have a look at myblog please thanks for the video liked it

Mayume Ida says:

Have you ever tried the Eshiko powder? I’m curious about it, if it really does what it promises

vvv carol says:

Try eshiko powder. I like it over a foundation. For me its better than guerlain meteorites compact and meteorites perles. I own both but eshiko gives me a perfect skin look.

Maggiemaeflower says:

I’m surprised Cargo’s BluRay didn’t come up since I’ve seen you use it in the past.

RAEview says:

Yes, my family is filthy rich and I have a sugar daddy boyfriend. Is this the answer that people are expecting? What a shame it isn’t.. I work in beauty. Luxury and high end makeup is my job. I sacrifice other things I may want and always prioritize cosmetics, that is how.

tohrmonster says:

This isn’t a high end makeup brand, but I was wondering if you would do an in depth review on INGLOT. I really engoy your honest opinion on reviews and feel as though you are the only guru to do in depth reviews on various companies.

叶妤 says:

Your eye makeup is so gorgeous! Is there a tutorial? 

LAPDsharon says:

Love the hair! Tutorial please!!!!

cynthia vang says:

You’re beautiful <3 

RAEview says:

I love YOUR enthusiastic attitude! Thank you for continuing to support me, as I know you have been there for me since the beginning. Tweet or facebook me if you have any more questions about Guerlain products.. Glad you are loving the Meteorites. They can be hit or miss, but when they’re good, they are so right!

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