The Truth… Fenty Beauty Concealer & Setting Powder

HEY EVERYONE… Welcome BACK to my channel! Today I’m testing out Fenty beauty’s new Pro Filt’r Instant Retouch Concealer and Setting Powders! I’ve tried out Rihanna’s makeup line several times on this channel and we’ve had a lot of amazing moments.. and a few misses! After using the products today, I also do a wear test so you all can see how it looks after 8 hours! Sound off below and let me know your thoughts after you see what’s Jeffree Star Approved…

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Dani Dexter says:

I love you Jeffery but honneyyy.
Turn to the side you squidwards house

Sue Pierce says:

I think you should do some youtube videos with lesser-known makeup artists…Arabia Felix, Monique Parent.

Caitlyn Taylor says:

So I’m just a question so on your nap cause I follow u of course where can I buy the Beauty killer bong from?

RTV ShakingCap says:

Who’s this retard that just ca,e up in my recommendations like tf she’s like gay but a girl?

Starlene Breiter says:

That ring though!!!

Mika Mei says:

Would you mind trying out the new Juno and Co. beauty blender? Wanna know if it is worth it before I buy it and I trust your reviews!!!

Krystina Soto says:

I love Jeffrey’s reviews. I vibe with his tea spilling ways lol

Era Extraña says:

Bitch you look baby girl cute stfu lmao

Rebecca Gonzalez says:

I think the right side looked bizarre because you put on two shades of concealer and when you set it there were different tones

Millie Colon says:

Lol Jeffrey I fricking love you! Always looking forward for your final thoughts! God Bless!

Abena Afrakomah Afriyie says:

literally drowning in projects but its fine I’m just gonna watch this instead

Steffanie Gerbereux says:

You should totally do a dollar tree makeup challenge! A full face with nothing but dollar tree makeup! It would be hilarious!

Jessica Vongphachan says:

4:03 IM DEAD

rockyw yoyoyo says:

It looked different on the just concealer side because you didn’t go as high up with the 120. The contrast hit right there on that curve between upper cheek bone and under eye. You are the queen of blending and makeup, I bow for sure. Just think it gave a highlight affect with the lavender setting when that light hit. You amazing. Flawless. Much luv!!

BossBitch says:

Finally a real review, these other hoes b suckin tf out Ri

Mystical UniKitty says:

Jeffree you should try bhcosmetics, their eyeshadow palettes are amazing (at least to me they r lol) and they have bright highlighters too

vegaslights says:

Bobbi Brown set the tone for foundation along with Mac

toddmen8302 says:

Jeffree, I sincerely would love to see a video of you playing trumpet. That would be _so_ *lit* !

pretty princessqveen says:

I thought he was a girl but I JUST now learning but this the first I ever heard him speak

Macii Fitisemanu says:

First of all NO riri dont know broke and dedicated thats why her shits so damn expensive but Jeffree knows his fans some of them are struggling and cant afford a 26dollar brush he’s amazing Im so proud of him❤❤❤

Sam Miller says:

Why is this in my recommended?

nneoma okpara says:

Jennie jenkins/beauty by jj had the same problem with the powder. She also doesn’t have a paid sponsorship with fenty

Nicole Mayer says:

lol Jeffree is everything but I don’t think its fair he judges the color because he has literally dropped his own BLACK highlighter

Super- Nova says:

Honestly i do not understand what people see in Jeffree. You can hate on me, but that is just my opinion. I think it is positive that he is confident, however, from my point of view he is maybe waaay too confident. I am not talking about looks, but just in general. And they way he treats other people. From my point of view, i feel as though he does not seem as a guy that shows a lot of empathy regarding other peoples feelings, but rather apathy. And his makeup looks are primarily too much. Keep in mind, this is not a hate comment. it just does bot match my personal preference. i usually do not comment on videos, but yeah

dolliver jeremiah says:

Jeffree, can you try out besame cosmetics’s product?? and try to use the product from the 40s to 70s…..

Chardon Dankers says:

What mascara do you use? Love your lashes

Anna Marie says:

Riri getting greedy with those brush prices

London Calling says:

Gurl you could flog baked beans and I’d watch. Charisma Sweetheart are your middle names. But take care of you Jeffree x x

Chris O'neal says:

Song name??

Katie Seeba says:

You should do a review of supposed “dupes” of your own cosmetics!

Sparkle Cousinz says:

U r so iconic♡♡

raquel peters says:

Follow my boyfriends twitch!!!

Colleen Zisk says:

Try crayola beauty products

Dilan says:

When he said pencil lead on my face I got ptsd to the black highlighter

Megan Nicole says:

Makeup is getting sooo expensive

Alice lee says:

I love your honest reviews!!!

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