Top 5 Drugstore Powders

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Products Mentioned:
Milani multitasker face powder 03 & 04
Maybelline dream matte powder sand
Rimmel stay matte pressed powder 005 silky beige
Maybelline instant age rewind protector finishing powder classic beige
Neutrogena skinclearing mineral powder buff 30

What I’m Wearing:
Top- Hollister
Watch- Phosphor
Nail Polish- OPI by sephora whats a tire jack

Revlon colorstay 300
Neutrogena skinclearing mineral powder 30 buff
Benefit hoola bronzer contour & crease of eye
Benefit hervana blush
Hard candy so-baked bronzer as highlight
Milani Browfix Browkit Light 01
Stila kitten eye shadow
Maybelline eye studios cream eyeliner
CG lash blast volume mascara


Jessica Vargas says:

Where is that button pillow from? I love it.

Christine K says:

The best drugstore pressed powder is Physicians Formula Airbrushing Mineral Powder!

Kathie Dubreus says:

Watching this at 2:02 am and there’s a walgreens literally down the block from me that’s 24hrs! I wanna go but my mom would think i’m crazy lol

Alfredo Amador says:

Finding good powders for darkskin is the struggle

Kelsey Dornblaser says:

I absolutely love the neutrogena powder. I was using it with the matching foundation and noticed o had much clearer skin. My next task is to get a lighter shade lol because that was over the summer.

thePLAINESTjane says:

Loved seeing these powders..looking to try the multitasker powder ☺️ #Thanx4Sharing #ThumbsUp

Amanda O'brien says:

That last powder controls breakouts does it only work if you use it by its self or does it pair with bb creams as well and still control acne ?I have oily skin and acne treatments dry my skin out and cause huge under the skin acne that takes a few weeks to heal

emma phill says:

omg the maybeline dream matte powder is beautiful as YOU said!

Gabi Custer says:

been watching YouTube all night #6amnow

Shruti Kapur says:

Hi just found you!!! Love you !! Can you please do an updated powder foundation with SPF for summer please, please , please!!!!

Janet1868 says:

Hopefully every young lady will live long enough to be an “old lady”. Saying something smells like an old lady is really offensive. Do you think Goldie Hawn, Jane Fonda or Meryl Streep smell like “old ladies”? Maybe you should consider that not every viewer is under 22 years old. I’m 57 and just wanted to hear a review of the Milani powder that I was considering to purchase. I wear current style clothing (size 4 BTW), have long hair, wear cosmetics, and really hope I don’t fit your idea of an “old lady”.

WndrWmn72 A says:

When I’m in a hurry or running late I like to use a powder foundation. What would you recommend that is a full coverage foundation powder? Thank you in advance! 🙂

Hannah Cleenewerck says:

omg the rimmel one where I live is like 10 euros which is like 12 dollars

Maryam Algadi says:

You talk alot!

meriam M says:

This helped so much!! Thanks!

Cali Miller says:

Lol actually watching this at 2:30 am

Evie Utting says:


Layla Cisneros says:

I like your attitude! New sub

misshair says:

I know this is an older vid, but I love how you did your hair in this, do you have a tutorial, or can you do a tutorial..? Thanks!!!

Tori Benn says:
Ginger Young says:

You need to try the loreal true match powder-I love it they have all shades and its a little bit pricy,I mean 6/7 dollars job the u.s not that much but compared to the Rommel it kinda is

Kaitlynn Oconnor says:

I have three of those I love them, great video!

Heidi K says:

That Milani face powder is a great powder.But your right does smell like old lady. Maybelline powder is good also love it helps my oily skin.

zhao iris says:

am i the only one who reaally do love what she is talking about but just can’t finish this video because of her cusion(the right one). I am terrified by scattered tiny little black spots crowding within a certain area, just watching it make me wanna scratch my brain out OMG ican’tijustcan’treallylovethissweetgirlbutjustcan’teeeeeeeeeeehahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!

flashdanceluver says:

whats a good lightweight powder i dont like that cakey feeling

shahirah rosli says:

i got the rimmel one when i went to japan ^^

Veronica Camacho says:

I love remmel

Candace André says:

Very helpful video! Do you have an eyeliner tutorial? We have the same eye shape and I’d love to try a new technique to do my liner (: xoxo

Tessa Ross says:

Rimmel stay matte is also one of my favorite but I have such complaints about the packaging also. I am not home from 6am to 3pm so I need something I can take to reapply and every time I get a new one the packaging breaks! Lol so annoying but I recently got the Maybelline fit me matte and poreless because of the packaging issue and so far it’s really great. I have been using it with the Maybelline fit me shine free foundation stick and I am overall satisfied. The powder has a very nice finish on my skin and keeps me matte for an expected amount of time considering I have extremely oily skin.

Evelyn M says:

I think I’m going to try that Milani powder. Thanks!

Michelle Ford says:

What’s the color payoff like for rimmel’s powder?

kurdish jan says:


JustJessi says:

I know this is an old video, but I wanted to let you all know I have oily skin, and I HATED the mabeline fit me powder. The oils from my skin broke through it within an hour! I would not suggest any of the fit me products actually, because they don’t work well with oily skin, short rant done, bye!

Regina Liberti says:

I Love the Maybelline age rewind Natural Beige and also the Maybelline Matte Press Power. I’m on a Maybelline Kick!

Lucy Bromley says:

the maybelline dream matte is discontinued:(

Steffie's Vlogs says:

i live in a drive threw town no joke we only have one road so our walgreens closes at 9pm r starbucks just got opened and it only open 5am to 9pm only walmart is open

Emily Lents says:


Nakia Nicholson says:

I use the Milani powder! And it is great!

Pm Bieber says:

its 03:39 AM and i watching you lol

Alexis Gandora says:
Anabelle Northrup says:

I am watching this at 3 in the morning.. Lol

Kristen Mitten says:

Ur so pretty. And thanks for this video.

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