I’ve gone ABSOLUTELY INSANE and bought the $330 Givenchy Le Soin Noir Lace Face Mask. Please Click the Like button if you appreciate my effort and comment below what you’d like to see next review week. Thanks so much for Watching. xo’s ~ Tati
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Givenchy Le Soin Noir Lace Face Mask

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TheTumbleFever says:

What’re your favorite sheet masks?

Grace Gniazdowska says:

Tati, the dark stuff after you took the mask off, is actually the dye from the lace fabric 🙁 To make you feel better, wash the lace mask by hand and dry it and use it with a diy mixture of herbs. Nutmeg, turmeric, cordamom <-- (in your spice cabinet) with coconut, walnut, burdock and argain oil. Break a gelcapsule of EFA's 3,5,6,7,9 and Mix it all together in a container. You can also add raw organic honey if you don't hate sticky, all healing, moisturizing and regenerative for your skin, coconut and honey are also antibacterial. Apply to your face, put the lace mask on top (if you want to, I just use saran wrap, never aluminum foil because aluminum is bad for you, lol) Keep on for as long as you want to, since it's completely natural, soothing, healing, anti-inflammatory, etc and safer than ANY mask you can buy. Maybe this will make you feel better if you can reuse the lace fabric 🙂

Fríða frá Hvassafelli says:

Damn I’m glad it’s four for $330 tho thought it was gonna be $330 for just one!

Amber Bouley says:

I wonder if you could just make a little lace mask and soak it in a normal face mask gel. Sounds a lot cheaper haha.

Nikkie Spain says:

are they reusable?

Emily Hilgeman says:

saw this in my recommendations and remembered that it was the first video I saw of tatis ❤

Arleny De la cruz says:

No offense or nothing but this is really hassle to watch it don’t even make sense

Amber Slimes says:


TheNraveles says:

now you can be a sexy serial killer

lucy sings melody says:

next kinky marvel hero lol really like your channel btw new to your vids love from the UK

Jannatul Shompa says:

what’s the name of the gold base serum u just showed

Madison Fry says:

What color nail polish is this? It is so beautiful. I’ve been looking for a cute summer type blue to wear but haven’t found anything I like but I love this color!

UL RO says:

Post more facemasks’ reviews!!!!! 🙂

Lisa Dombi says:

it’s funny when she tries to be funny.

Mae TB says:

I wonder if all this stuff is a tax write off because her job is reviewing make up and stuff and this could be all job related purchases for work…idk if this made sense

Таня Кулова says:

At least the packaging nicer compare to the $5000 mask LOL

Sony P says:

If you like masks, you can try this one: “Valmont Prime renewing pack” This mask has really good reviews. But as I understood this mask is not for young skin. More than 30 for sure

Grace Le Tocq says:

On the plus side you can reuse the lace mask right? With another serum ☺️

taylor hall says:

hire instead guilty statistics voter middle visible reality etc.

RachelGrace says:

there’s so much tati in my watch later

Sophie Pilon says:

Tati I love you… and right now you look like a chimpanzee <3

Syrup ひ says:

I buy $300 pants

cmk616182 says:

You should try Dr Jart All That Contours instead, way cheaper and it hooks around the ears as well for a amazing tightening effect around the jaw but it made out of this gel material so it won’t hurt your ears like the lace mask.

Captain Limeade says:

She finally puts the mask on at 3:18 for anyone who wants to skip the intro

Emma Torrez says:

lingerie for your face!!

Keaja Alexander says:

these people are filthy rich

Raina Nicole says:

So many copycat comments

Glorimar Morales says:

Pfffft! Couldn’t see this video with a straight face Tati!!!

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