$3,300 GOLD FACE MASK??!! Review + Demo feat. Laganja Estranja

HIII EVERYONE! Some of my subscribers kept sending me links to this crazy expensive brand called Adore, and one of their gold makes was recently were seen by Kim K’s famous makeup artist Mario! Curiosity got the best of me so I ordered these 24 carat GOLD MASKS! Who better than to try them out with, than my sister Laganja??? We dive into the realm of “OMG… really” and see if these really work!

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Tutorial w/KYLIE COSMETICS – The Bronze Palette ► http://bit.ly/2brzSvQ

CHANEL LIQUID LIP first impressions ► http://bit.ly/2em3E4z

GLAMGLOW ‘GRAVITY MUD’ first impressions ► http://bit.ly/2el3M3p

MUSIC: ► Different Heaven ► ”Nekozilla” – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6FNHe3kf8_s
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K Darrett says:

are y’all fucking kidding me y’all ass is gay asf like really

Caelan Alexander says:

is it just me that thinks laganja is one of the best guests in jefrees videos?

madelynn baher says:

dude his math on point

MD. Ferdous Rahman says:


Austeja Braziunaite says:


Adeline Arthur says:

His lips and the mask are the same lol

Blue on Black says:

If someone took a shot every time they said “baby”…

Anna JH says:

Omg That was one of my fave videos of you Jefree!!honestly i couldnt stop fuckin laughing!!

Edith Martinez says:

having jeffree and laganja withdrawals!! they are so funny together!!!

Kenedye Payne says:

laganja is so high.. shes funny af

Mia Price says:

“it feels like gelatin” no honey gelatin is a powder you mean jello

praiseincolor says:

Stop cussing

The Lemon Warhead says:

Uhm… What did I just click on?

wolf princess says:

face mask while high no other way to do it

Top Trash says:

Is it just me or does anyone else feel like laganja uses Jeffree for his money

Siena Kephart says:

umm I’m 10 the be smoking uhh dislike that dumb

K Darrett says:

expeshly yo pink head ass

Carissa Bennett says:


Maddison Go gaming says:

You guys are girls ????

Scarlet Pearl says:

Ugh I hoped Jeffree’s lips would be pussy whipped ☹️

Cinnamon BUNZ says:

Jeffree: “My forehead feels tightened the most.” Me: “That’s probably because you have a forehead and a half.” X’DDDD I’m so sorry, Jeffree.

Dark Wolf says:

0:05 I brought my brother *
Your welcome 🙂

Erin Morticia says:

Laganja has the cutest smile.

Olivia Pate says:

Omg ur not girls and it’s offensive when you try to act like a girl because girls dont sound like a pretty little princess

Jenny Kafer says:

hilarious, so much fun to watch

Gabrielle Inzen says:


Kristy lynn says:

I would love to hang out and smoke with Jeffree and just do girly shit like masks and makeup. please adopt me as your best friend.

Bucket Thomas says:

are you boys or girls

Nyqell Brown says:

Laganja kept cutting Jeffree off …Jeffree was definitely becoming annoyed after a while…can’t tell if it’s because of the weed or the need of attention

Beatriz Galasso says:

i love this channel but i just realized that we all girls want to get perfect skin but why i mean we cover it with makeup

スラグ縫う says:

Laganja looks so slayyyyyy in this video

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