Skin care brand Foreo released a new skincare device that works hand and hand with their face masks, here is my full honest review and demo on the Foreo UFO smart mask device.

Product From: https://www.foreo.com/ufo

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Danielle Taylor says:

You have the most beautiful skin, Paris!

coline the one who motivates says:

That looks so bomb!!

Saya Beast says:

Parisssss!!! you look gorgeous! straight out of the 00’s! ❤❤❤

Sweet Marrie says:

Wow, that’s an old song! I love that bubblegum but never new where the song was from only that it was catchy lol

Issabella Bushell says:

As soon as the video started, she looked so beautiful omg

Third Eye Glam says:

Love you Paris! Yesterday I uploaded my $570 skincare routine. it would mean so much to me if you would check it out!!!


unless Jesus him self isn’t gonna come down for this mask to kiss me on the forehead it aint worth it lol im sorry aint no mask on this earth worth more than 60 bucks at max lol i like seeing you try this expensive stuff out tho lol

Deja Johnson says:

My son decided to rub myself when he heard the commercial and saw you using the device lol

Koo Coo says:

This video low-key feels like ASMR

shanelle john says:

Sis the desk where’d you get it???

Gwen N says:

That mask better be the fountain of youth

African Queen says:

Question ,does the devices have a warranty ?

Aminah muhammad says:

Theres also mini one thats about 100 dollars cheaper.

ZeroEight ZeroNine OneSeven says:

350 for some radiation is um no

Conan Miyofugi says:

“first, connect the device to the app” Naaaaw, this already too many steps, I’m good lmao

Jasmine Patrick says:

can you do an video on the natasha denona palettes and pat mcgrath palettes

TheSleepy Teacher says:

Lol we pay 279 here so wait till you get discounts

Destinee Knudson says:

You forgot to put the masks you used in the description

Kylee Rochon says:

wow paris you are so pretty wo makeup tell me how you do it!!!!!!!!!!

Jazzy Glimmer says:

it is a calming experience. I’m not sure about the price though.

Lipupo100 says:

Skin care routine?

Judith Susan Sheindlin says:

Stick to making more videos on your other channels, I love you and different formats are amazing! Xx

Stephanie Ponce says:

I want this wtf

Cheri Danielle says:

Ok, once the audio started this now seems really dope but I ain’t got $300 for it baby..

bethel hailu says:

The best damn commercial I’ve ever seen

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