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Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay review and demo! This stuff is fabulous, I got it on Amazon for only $14, and it will last forever. Amazing face mask for acne prone or oily skin!


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Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay ($8 USD & $14 CAD)-
Apple Cider Vinegar –
DIY Mask Bowl Set –
Tea Tree Oil –
Rosewater & Glycerin –


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Eva Yaa Asantewaa says:

Samantha, I’ve started using this and really like it but, after reading some comments here, I’m concerned about cleansing it off and getting it down the sink. How are you handling that?

kia sdrawde says:

How often should I use this mask? I have acne prone, oily skin as well.

Antoinette Portelli says:

When i mix 1 part to 1 part it stays lumpy? Any thing i can do?

Also apple cider vinegars fumes tend to burn my eyes? Is it normal?

sofia gomez says:

just tried it while watching the video and got so excited when it started to fizz up! the vinegar did all the work for me turning it into a paste (: fun mask

Kah Wee says:

love your tutorial !! keep it up <3

Kim Basciano says:

Do you still use this?? This was such a great video!

Marissa Bowman says:

I have this but I heard that it can clog your drain?! Is that true??

Sarah Gentenaar says:

Do you use rosewater instead of apple cider vinegar for dry skin or add it on top of it?

Ashley Nicole says:

This video just inspired me to bust this mask out. I am usually too lazy to do the mixing. I love the results though!

Arnesha AB says:

Thank you! I’ll be trying it tonight

Jerry Leyva says:

I got the large one for $11 at Whole Foods lol

Exlon says:

So I think on the box it says to put like 1/4 inch layer on your face? Which is why I looked up how-to videos because I’ve always had trouble with clumps of mud that thick on my face but I do get the “pulsing” when I put that much on. It’s just really messy that way, so I was hoping someone knew how to apply it that thick properly. xD However, I’ve also heard (at least in the instructed quantities) you can’t wash it down the sink? So that’s also my struggle with getting it off but disposing of it properly.

hi. im. t says:

I only paid $6 at the place where I get honey it’s a little hole in the wall place where I live

Stephi Smith says:

I’m wearing this rn and my face is truly pulsating I’m ded

Young One says:

Do you wash your face first?

Pianogurl4748 says:

at HEB they have the biggest size you can get for $11

Tiara J says:

naturally beautiful !!

Colonel Sanders says:

this is ok for sensitive skin right?

Joyce Wible says:

Do you wash your face before you do the mask? Also, what do you normally use for your facial cleanser? (You are too stinkin’ cute, by the way.)

Nas rin says:

Should I use face wash after cleaning the mask?

emma says:

how many times should i use this a week

cashmeoutside nobodygottimefodat says:

is this at glam glow level?

the vintage girl says:

Guys my powder is Grey! is is supposed to be that colour because I bought it off amazon and I’m scared it’s a knock off???

cashmeoutside nobodygottimefodat says:

ive always wanted to use this.

Treasure Forever says:

Girl I like you’re video honestly you got the thumbs up right when you mentioned glycerin (vegetable)— I havvvve to tell you GIRL! Put those freaking nail polishes somewhere! Make a pretty rack behind your door like a pretend nail salon or just straight up hide them! Lol that is scary. If I was a dude I’d be like aw hell nah. Lol just saying.

Kim Basciano says:

Great video! I just bought
This, I have super oily skin, tons of acne scarring & very large pores. I hope this helps me somewhat. Thanks for a very informative video!

Cynamon Downey says:

I have combination but mostly oily

Ace Of Spades says:

Do you HAVE to use apple cider vinegar? Is it okay to use just water?

Trill baby says:

Can you use water ?

Gucci says:

Use The eden brand that says with mother its way more powerful than braggs

Miss Amazon says:

You are such a beautiful girl!! You seem to have a great spirit too!
Thanks for the demo!!

Lindsey14B says:

I use it. Really does the job

toni sargent says:

does it stieghten  your skin for your face u know firm it

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