BEST FACE MASK EVER: Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay Demo + Review!

Have Acne, Pimples or Oily Skin? The Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay might be your solution! It’s truly the best face mask ever and literally cleared up my zits overnight. In this video, I’ll show you how to use Aztec Indian Healing Clay (with Apple Cider Vinegar!) & tips to make it work for your skin type.

For those who just need an oily skin fix, this mask completely reset my skin too. My skin was less shiny & oily when I woke up and I’m sure with a regular skin care regimen with the Aztec Healing Clay, it would completely change my skin. Excited to keep using it regularly!

✨Grab the Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay here: (You can’t find it anywhere else for this price. I looked, lol!)


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**This video is not sponsored in any way, shape or form. All opinions are 100% my own. 🙂


Jodee H says:

We have a larger size canister and have been using it for years. It lasts so long that we still have more than half of it left. I like to wash it off in the shower; the steam helps soften it  (I leave it on a long time) and the mess all goes down the drain.I hear you can use it to make your own toothpaste. I have not tried that but I probably will.

arielle bernardin says:

Love you Melea ❤️❤️ Thanks for being so amazing

two hearted says:

you need to show us after a few days if your skin is better

Abigail Shanae says:

I love this mask but I use water  because its too strong for my sensitive skin, but my sisters mix the apple cider vinegar with water. Tip: Always apply the mask upwards 🙂

MrsRedAng says:

I don’t have sensitive skin but this burned my whole face 🙁

Emma Cranford says:

Melea, you still look absolutely gorgeous always!

ksnyder31 says:

This scares me. I got a chemical burn from using apple cider vinegar (and I don’t have sensitive skin). A quick google search will reveal its pretty common.

cHrystal Utley says:

I’ve never heard of this before, I definitely want to try it out! With Mother’s Day I ate a lot of chocolate and I have been breaking out like CRAZY!

Shannon Ercanbrack says:

I’ve never heard of this but really want to give it a try after watching. Thanks

Jacqueline Aka says:

omg I have been looking for a mask!! about to go try them

Litty Babu says:

Never heard of that product before

Bertha Marure says:

I have this! But I mix it with water because I’m scared to use the vinegar plus I don’t like the smell lol. But I like it. I don’t have acne but I love that it makes my skin feel super smooth and the mask feels so tight I feel like I’m getting a face lift lol

Gigi Charles says:

This is one of the best mask ever!!

Sara Woodmansee says:

thats made out of clay thats so cool

Erin Johanson says:

I’ve never used this product. My skin is on the dry side so I’m not sure if it will be worse if I try this. Any other uses for apple cider vinegar you guys recommend?

The Melea Show says:

HAVE YOU EVER TRIED AZTEC HEALING CLAY BEFORE?? Like it? Comment below & let me know if you are gonna try it or have tips for others trying it too!

Sandy Hurtado says:

did you see any results the morning after?

Heather LeVeque says:

I’m defiantly going to try this! Did you find good results the next morning?

Trishitha Upplalapti says:

I have the worst skin ever, so I’m excited to try this!

Hidaya Chafai says:

love you Melea xo

kelsey Crosby says:

Totally want to try I have really oily skin!

Kimber Kathryn says:


marcela alonso says:

I was hoping you would’ve included a next day insert to see how your skin was. Thanks for the video!

Heather Taylor says:

I have had this in my cart on Amazon for FOREVER! I’ve heard great things but I am always scared to mess with my skin. I will be trying it out for sure!

Shannon S says:

I love this stuff. A great tip is to make the mask in a plastic baggie if you know you are going to use the mask a few times in a row (like 4 times in 2 weeks). I just add a little bit more apple cider vinager to activate it if it looks to dry. Also microfiber washcloths work fantastic to getting the mask off without scrubbing.

Kimbra Cooke says:

Thanks for sharing I want to try it! How was your face the next morning? Did you notice an improvement?

breann thomas says:

Your awesome!

Maria Turcios says:

Wow! I need to try this ASAP!!!

Debbie Van Houten says:

I am totally intrigued. How often do you use it? Once a week or less?

tbaby731 says:

Very helpful and informative video! Thanks for sharing ☺

Avazia Tillis says:

I didn’t know you can use this on your face. I use it in my hair when I do the Maximum Hydration Treatment. I’m goi to try this out tonight.

Racheal Paige says:

I saw this video and ordered today!

Roxana Lopez says:

Dudo de la procedencia del producto, no es ningún secreto ni nada por el estilo, estoy segura que en todos los paises existe la Arcilla, eso es lo q es tierra con minerales. No sé el $ pero en México es baratísimo. La arcilla elimina el exceso de grasa al igual que el vinagre (les irritará en exceso)Pueden usarlo solo con agua. La arcilla ya tiene los minerales suficientes!! No crean en todo!!

Amber Johantges says:

I have actually never done any type of face mask before but I feel like I should be doing one to keep up on my skin. I definitely want to try this out!

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