Gravity Mud Peel Off Mask Review | TINA TRIES IT

In this episode of Tina Tries It, I test out the Glamglow Gravity Mud Peel off Mask. Remember to suggest other topics and SUBSCRIBE!

Product Used:

Gravity Glam Glow Mask

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This video was filmed at IPSY Open Studios


ritaengee says:

Can you do a makeup tutorial for your look in this video? 🙂

Rebecca Inzina says:

peeloff porno-> peel porn
simply nailogical

s sragapriya says:

or 1:30

Janie B says:

Hi Tina! I love your videos, but I just want to say the “blackheads” aren’t black heads, its sebum. Thinks that force out “black heads” are a problem because they can cause broken capillaries! Please look after your skin, and as much as everyone enjoys the peel of porn, perhaps limit the amount that you do, since they’re no good for you!

If you do want to remove sebum, applying a BHA 2x a week should help, and if you need extra power apply a BHA, wait half an hour and then apply a clay mask, rinse the clay mask and then use baby oil to finally pull oil the grim. You should actually see little balls of grime come out of your pores. This is less dangerous, though, with anything don’t do it too often since it is still quite drying!

Kamalpreet Kaur says:

Peel porn ? Holo-sexual any one ?

purtee jethi says:

Pls do a what’s in my bag type of a video

Zaira Ashley Dollarie Mendoza says:

She tried it with make up on?

Maci Allen says:

your so pretty

Dianna Hunter says:

Peel porn…

Because Lettuce says:

Ur skin is very beautiful im so jelly

CIERA try it says:

my name is Ciera Broussard my skin type combination and oily i live in lafayette, louisiana.

Aisha Bhayat says:

Idk why but it annoys me thats he doesnt hve bags under her eyes like whyyyyy

Lendita Kurtj says:

80% simplynailogical
18% about your skin( which is amazing)
2% different methods like sock beauty blender

Abby says:

I’m wearing the mask right now & it burns so bad!!

Belinda Yu says:

super love your videos! once a while i must check out what Tina tries on…enjoy watching what’s new or what i could try on too! xoxo Tina

Nazia Miah says:

What age you have to be to use it?

Karina Arindra says:

i love your hair color! what product did you use?

werciix says:

I live for Tina tries it

Matthew Niedbala says:

You are beautiful af

Aliya Levin says:

2:55 Tina totally did that to get more followers on snapchat because if you heard what she said on 2:58+2:59+3:00+3:01 and finally 3:02. Am I right!

Nazia Miah says:

u shouldn’t talk when ur using face mask makes u get wrinkles

Regina N says:

Tina I love your eye makeup here, what shades are you using here? I will get it ASAP because its perfect!

Kayla Baby says:

simply peel like no big deal

island girl says:

omg tina you look like cl in 2ne1

s sragapriya says:

réel vidéo start to 1:20

Megan Sullivan says:

currently binge watching tina tries it videos❤

Denise Boyd says:


Asok Kalathil says:

Who else is just skipping to the peeling part

Because Lettuce says:

The mask looks really attractive

Itz Marcel Yo says:

You should call your channel peel porn like if you agree

Kimberley Derrick says:

Bean boozled challenge

Hello nice World 2 says:

U mean peel porn

Hindah Fathima says:

Tine peels it

Lillian says:


Charms says:

I love how Tina just gets right into trying the product after a little intro and doesn’t spend 5 minutes talking about irrelevant stuff.

Reshmi Kennedy says:

Her skin did look more glowy after taking out the mask

Jeon Yeonwoo says:

Tine can you test out Kylie cosmetics like lip stick eyeshadow and stuff please

Kyrene Kim says:

I like the SNOW app better than snapchat, more filters and colour altering filter effects.

The mask was cool to see and your skin looks lovely!

Jeon Yeonwoo says:

Tine can you test out Kylie cosmetics like lip stick eyeshadow and stuff please

Gillary says:

Has someone been watching Cristine from simplynailogical

Mic-mic Juane says:

Your makeup is so bomb in this video omg

K Liaw says:

Very informative episode. JayJun is coming out 3 different types of toners and emulsions. Wondering you would do a review on them?!

Hirva Brahmbhatt says:

i suggestions for u tina when u apply make up or face mask pls do wear hair band so ur hairs dont come on ur way

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