Hanacure Face Mask : Review & Demo

Hi everybody! I’m back with another first impression video! These are my absolute favorite videos to film because I can very clearly give you my honest thoughts on a product. This time I tried the Hanacure Seoul Korea All in One Face Mask. If you watch the video, you’ll see how it turned out!

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Hanacure Face Mask:

This video is not sponsored. I bought this product myself.


Blia Siong says:

Haha the 30 minute mark had me cracking up, you need to upload more!

Dax Garcia says:

How many times in a week you should use it?

The Style That Binds Us says:

Thanks for sharing this! Someone gave me one application as a gift, it feels so weird and looks it too! It was fun to see someone else trying it out! My daughter and I have launched a YouTube channel called the Style That Binds Us, and we would be thrilled if you would check it out and give us suggestions and advice!

Pamela Norris says:

I have t laugh so hard in a long time. This made my day. Hilarious !

Valencia Sherrae says:

30 minutes in was HILARIOUS…

rina m says:

You can see the difference !

KzO says:

Again, the demo was poor for numerous reasons, and you weren’t even the demo I watched so your
comment is misguided. On the other hand you are a good example of an obvious BIGOT who can’t handle criticism and doesn’t have the class to demo anything. Your just another delusional  wannabe who
can’t handle the truth that your average at best and would try anything to convince yourself otherwise.

That Bookie says:

omg i’m so dead i was not expecting this when i looked this face mask up and i am laughing so hard i’m crying

Constance Turman says:

Cooper! You crack me up! I can’t stop laughing 🙂

Diana Corpus says:

How long did the results last?

Delsa Suazo says:

Sis if that’s what you look like with no makeup you don’t even need ittttt

Kyle Nateas says:

this is really interesting. i wonder how long it lasted

AM MJ says:

LOL Highly entertaining

sweetlyevil187 says:

No you can most definitely see a difference in the color on your face and that hand.

Ladynred says:

She looks like rocky at the end

Bianca Hotca says:

u don’t have zero makeup. u have makeup. fake lashes? dyed lashes. honey u are too young to need something like this

Qussi Marji says:

Dude I laughed so hard

Trish Beckle says:


Geo says:

SO FUNNY hahaha i loved it

Deni Silbert says:

This is very entertaining to watch so thank you for that and your video was very informative. So I am in my early 60s and I tried the mask today and boy was it uncomfortable and truly an unpleasant experience. I was barely able to make it to the 30 minutes as I felt it was literally restricting my breathing it was so tight on my neck but what was more disturbing was how Red my four head and neck became but at least after washing it off there was a mediate relief of the tightening.
I wish I loved it is much as you but I didn’t see any spectacular results. I have to say though as the day went on I did notice my Pores looked much smaller There was no glow to my skin however Just the alarming beet red forehead and neck and sides of my face. After the redness subsided in about an hour or so; I did feel that my skin absorbed my serum and cream very nicely. My skin felt soft through the day but other than that I saw no difference. No major tightness except maybe a little in the neck area. Hyper Pigmentation was not faded. So the jury is still out on this one.

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