I Sheet Mask Everyday for a Week | Does it work?

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Yamibuy: https://goo.gl/kr1NxJ
Use code ‘hauted3’ for $3 off your purchase!

Products mentioned:

– Dr. Jart Dermask Water Jet Vital Hydra Solution Mask https://goo.gl/VsLFLZ
– Papa Recipe Bombee Honey Mask https://goo.gl/5fWyND
– Jayjun Real Water Brightening Black Mask https://goo.gl/MYE35n
– JM Solution Honey Luminous Royal Propolis Mask https://goo.gl/dQvqNe
– SNP Bird’s Nest Aqua Ampoule Mask https://goo.gl/2UXhLV
– A’PIEU Icing Sweet Bar Sheet Mask in Watermelon https://goo.gl/r2zBaj
– Nuca Hydro Super Jelly Mask Pearl Aurora https://goo.gl/tVRjWA

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Disclaimer: The first five sheet masks I used were sent to me by Yamibuy for review purposes only. I was not paid to make this video. All opinions are my oWWnNNNN


Siyari Debbarma says:

Suggest me one sheet mask which is for everyday use

Инесса Нефедьева says:

Thank you for this challenge. I’m gonna to do the same )

Shendelzare Silkwood II says:

Everyone whos thinking of trying this please be mindful that if it doesnt work for you, do not get discouraged. I break out when i use sheet mask twice a week because of my acne prone skin. Please dont be harsh on yourselves!

Queen Carla says:

Do you use it everyday or 3tyms a week or what? TIA 🙂

chris cjb says:

Hi can I workout while waitint for the face mask? Like situps or somethint or maybe I can read some books? 10-15min is really long doing nothing

shawn mendes says:

Do you add toner?

와타나베마시호 says:

My acne prone skin hates sheet masks anyways

Katie Liu says:

too much hydro masks and actually be bad for your skin the best way is too only have it 3 days per week

Loxi says:

I feel so proud of myself when I use sheet mask once a month :’)

Bianca di Angelo says:

A lot of the time when I sheet mask I’ll incorporate a bath into my night routine so I can let the mask do its thing and relax in the tub for a bit but that’s not every day. Probably every few days

sannex98 h says:

I live in Europe and don’t really know where to buy the popular not overpriced korean sheet mask. Does anyone know any online shops?

Miaou says:

I have dry skin, no acne no pimples, and did the mask challenge for two weeks every night, with starskin masks, dr jart, nip & Fab, talika. At the end my skin breakout, redness, rash, itchy skin…My dermatologist saved my skin with a vaccum stuff and red/blue light from leds ( the amount of shit it sucks off from my skin lol).

Jia Hui says:

why doesnt ur dermatologist recommend using toners when ur breaking out? asking out of curiosity! 🙂

Reviews Made EZ says:

Really nice video! You go girl!!

Grace says:

You should try Nature Republic’s sheet mask! IT’S SO KIND TO MY SKIN while others sometimes sting on my face

Byul says:

any suggestion for a mild sheet mask that would suit a very sensitive skin like mine? very prone to dermatitis

Victoria Deng says:

your editing makes me feel warm


lina h. says:

I just opened YouTube and this was the first video recommended to me… coincidentally I’m currently wearing a sheet mask

Yasmin says:

Video starts at 2:13

Rebecca Tang says:

My broke ass is crying thinking about having that many sheet masks

Gwendolin Jahns says:

For anyone with acne I would recommend to use “watery” serum-based sheet masks instead of “heavy” cream-based sheet masks as the cream-based ones can really clog up your pores if you do the 7 day challenge!

Lyhorng Leng says:

When is the best time to use face mask, between at night and at the morning?

smolbean says:

how do all the sheet mask fit perfectly on ur face?? also was it just me or were there like no ‘space bubbles’ when you put the sheet masks on, cuz everytime I wear a mask there’s always those ‘bubbles’ and I always have to press them onto my face like none stop

Michelle P says:

I like sheet mask but i felt the result is very temporary

Elsie Bloom says:

I adore your avocado mirror!

Pure Bread says:

I have this weird dark spot on my cheek wouldnt that be uneven skin tone

Duy ! says:

I became a rash because of the hug amount of perfume some korean masks have it stayed for 1 week my face was fat and red and it hurted a lot maybe my skin is just sensitive so watcg out for those who have sensitive skin

n i n a says:

Instead of blending the leftover essence in with fingers use a chilled jade roller it’s so much better

effy curtis says:

You can put three times a week but more than that actually really bad for you skin

My Name Is Weird says:

It’s funny how America’s sheet masks are so expensive and in the uk you can literally walk into Superdrug with £3 and buy a sheet mask

Shelby Wu says:

Definitely makes a difference. I use them 3x a week and does improve!

兰花我是 卞里亞 says:

after you use the mask u didn’t rinse ur face with warm water? need ur replies thank u

Mina Caoile says:


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