I Used a Korean Sheet Mask Everyday for One Week

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aKemy krizZthal PrinczZ says:

HOla, si quieres saber más sobre SHEET MASKS checa este link
Hi, If you are latin or speak Spanish have a try in this website to know more about SHEET MASKS, check the link below!

Donkey Kickpunch says:

I did a mask every day for a few weeks and my skin freaked out and I haven’t broken out this bad since I was 18/19 I’m 22 now.

I do recommend the Soo Ae donkey milk sleeping mask though! It’s my favorite and has been helping my skin since it freaked out. Part of me blames that I was using tony moly masks instead of more high end masks??

theproplayer 2016ender says:

sheet masks are made in such way that if you stop using them, your acne/pimples/marks etc will get worse.

Leanne Aurelio says:

Are you following the 20 minute rule or are you letting it dry?

Professor YG says:

Can we leave the mask all night??

Itiswhatitis says:

Sheet mask addict? try http://www.dewyhydration.com

Baby Girl says:

she literally had 1 pimple before lmao

HOLLY says:

Hey if you are interesting in masks u may check my Instagram @masksjj

dedum456 says:

Can you plz tell us how did you selected ur sheet masks

Monarmy _ says:

I thought that was a chicken in the background for a sec

Lori Kim says:

♥ ♥ ♥

Allej Wayland says:

the short hair looks so good on you :))

xskyemoonlite says:

lmao your bare face looks amazing omg and i love your voice.

Yoongay says:

*watches this video*
*looks in the mirror*
*disgusted at my skin*

Nicole Ghoul says:

Emm Are u trying to be BlackPing are idk but that’s how K-pops doesn’t look like that c. C

Stefan Wittke says:

Amazing Jenny i am so proud of you and your fantastik products keep it up.

ClassifiedCloset says:

what the heck your skin is incredible !!!
also love the editing yaaas christyy

Tsu Tsu says:

Yesstyle is pretty shitty :/ the delivery is way too long and my friend didn’t even get the stuff because they lost it

-Y E H E T - -O H O R A T- says:

you look amazing without makeup

Doan Chloe says:

I’m not into sheets mask much because i think it didn’t help my skin anything but fuck imma using it now

Miho Tsubaki says:

Getting Jenn Im vibes from this video

evry1loveronica says:

You have such beautiful eyes.

Nessa Perez says:

First video I’ve watched from your channel and I’m subscribing right away! Love your editing and content.

BlackBerryTrees says:

such a huge change and such a great video idea! Good job and I love your voice and style of video 😀

Itiswhatitis says:

need sheet masks? try dewyhydration.com

flowers. says:

tony moly has the cutest stuff i swear, korea for days.

XYView says:

*instantly clicks like button*
also, itachi lines XD (i looked it up, but of course all I found was a yahoo answers search about someone asking how to get itachi lines cause they look cool and the answer was don’t sleep, so i assumed itachi lines were permanent bags. which is me. they are here to stay.)
but honestly if i can get anywhere near to your perfection and overall awkwardness that makes you so cute and perfect i will be as happy as your doge is with that yellow ball.

Taurian Belle says:

omg you look much better without makeup on..and you look like a KPOP star!!

p cy says:

“how to become kpop” really? ……….

potatomojito says:

you look a lot like fiestar’s cao lu! also your skin is sooo nice i would kill for skin like that

ji kooks says:

” how to literally become kpop”

hOw tO lItErAlLy bEcOmE kPoP

Bangtan Is Bomb says:

Can you like put on a sheet mask even if your pimple friend is sitting on your face? I have two pimples rn and is it okay to use a sheet mask?

sunjhs says:

sorry but kpop is a genre not a person or skintype lmao

Kizuna C says:

what camera do you use?

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