Instagram Viral Face Mask Hanacure Review

This is the weirdest face mask I have ever used! It made me look like an old lady! Welcome back to my channel everyone! Good to be back and hang out with you once again.

So, all over Instagram there’s this wacky trend going around where people are posting pictures of themselves wearing this insane face mask. I knew I had to give it a try!

Drew Barrymore posted a picture of herself looking like Steve Buschemi, I was laughing so hard I had to just click it and buy it.

Anyways I hope you had as much fun as I did making this video, so please leave a comment on what you want to see next!

Here’s my most recent video in case you missed it last time, Daisy Ridley’s Detox Face Mask gone horribly wrong:

Love you lots, see you soon!

– Jess


TheNellQueen says:

I could not recognize you lmao the face mask made you look like a different person

Alvanny Guerra says:

I agree, when you want clear skin, gotta work for it. I too had very bad acne with lots of scars due to hyperpigmentation, but after changing my routine, drink lots of water, using products that are not harsh, my skin is way better than what it used to be. I’ll consider this mask but not gonna lie, watching it when you took off the mask and your face became very red made me nervous as well! Lol

gigi xo says:

Can you please try and review Episoft- it’s a serum that promises to remove hair and it is supposedly more effective than laser hair removal. I’m skeptical to try, so can you please review it first and give your honest opinion! Thank you 🙂

DarkNightz says:

Hi person reading the comments!

Sophia Swider says:

I love your channel!

Philip Gipson says:

A pretty impressive review.

xxx ooo says:

I love your videos, you’re so funny, honest, and adorable!

Christy Caputo says:

I just used this mask a couple days ago. Directions say to apply to face, neck and backs of hands. Personally, I loved the after and found a visual difference. I would buy it again.

Xavier Brinkman says:

Damn girl, I was JUST about to use this face mask! Anything Drew uses I love but now I know! Phew! #GodblessJess

aaaa aaaaaa says:

when you gonna show your ass again you should

Miranda frost says:

You didn’t have any wrinkles or lack of firmness to begin with.

Peri Basel says:

For hyperpigmentation…. Check out It is a once a day supplement that is 100% organic. Guaranteed results. It is the only supplement on AMAZON that has real before and after pics with videos and testimonials. Please email me

Innocent Saucedo says:

OmG it does look weird i wanna try it

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