Loreal Pure Clay Masks | All 3 Compared | Red Algae, Eucalyptus & Charcoal | Demo & Review

Hey Guys!

So I filmed this over the course of like 3 weeks so the lighting varies… still trying to get it down 🙂

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Detox & Brighten Treatment Mask = For Dull & Tired Looking Skin

Exfoliate & Refining Treatment Mask = Exfoliates dead skin cells. Unclogs & tightens pores

Purify & Mattify Treatment Mask = For oily & Shiny skin


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Nunya Business says:

LOVE LOVE LOVE red algae

Nesma Amr says:

Is the first one good for oily skin?

Christine Isaacs says:

I love this video. After seeing this video I’m thinking about buying the charcoal mask. I was wondering if you did a video of the three face wash.

Dimi ti says:

You have very good energy! I like you !!

Turky Alasiri says:

I just bought the black one and seen ur video after! So glad I made the right choice hehe subscribed

MomHauls says:

I have had the green one for a while and love it. I wanted to see what other people think of them. The green one clears up my skin and minimizes my pores almost instantly so I use it whenever my skin is acting up. I notice the difference the most the next day. P.S. I love using a brush as well. I feel I use less that way and makes my product go further (cuz I’m a cheap ass too! Haha!)

Kamrun Nahar Shirin says:

don’t u thik her face turned out much pink after using the 1st mask?

TheSumIsLaughingAtYou says:

I found your channel just now and absolutely lovin it

WorkitMama Lifestyle Vlogs! says:

Love this! I want the charcoal mask! Your skin looks amazing after using all three but after the charcoal it was so bright and looked refreshed! Thank you for posting!! New subscriber here! Would love it if you checked out my channel and returned the love! Love love your personality!! ❤️❤️

Sara says:

I’m wearing the mask while typing this you’re so sweet thank u for the review. And the best thing you did that you used a brush not your nail and hands lol

Grayson Sparks says:

I love your channel!

Al says:

Funny I just got my free samples of all three and got them all on as I watch this

Rene Albino says:

Your laugh is so contagious!! Subscribed right away because it’s so fun watching you enjoy yourself in front of the camera xx

Sarah Ali says:

I’m Angelina press houston

Luisa Regina says:

I saw this today for only $5 and I didn’t buy it because I didn’t know if it was good 🙁 I guess I’ll go back tomorrow and buy the eucalyptus one

Cing Nu says:

Is it work this masks for blackheads?

kavya prem says:

I have a doubt……if we apply the charcoal mask and after 2 days can we switch to the eucalyptus mask…..or we have to continue using charcoal mask for 1 week…..sry for my bad English…!

Ruby says:

You’re so beautiful ❤️

Jay Worm says:

Thank you for the tutorial it’s soooo helpful and makes your skin look amazing..

Amna JR says:

hi i love you your great and funny

rita haddad says:

Which one would be better for blackheads? But doesn’t dry out the skin

k vk says:

Always use the exfo mask first and then the others!! Exfo mask is like a prepare for the others, because eliminates dead cells on your face. So red algae exfo mask first,remember!

Susan Fitzpatrick says:

Found your channel while searching for reviews on the L’Oréal masks!!! And I noticed you’re in AZ also! Hello neighbor I just subscribed !! Thanks for sharing ! Thanks for reviewing these products!

Michelle Rubio says:

I have the charcoal one, makes my face feel way cleaner when I use it the recommended 3x’s a week! Thinking of trying the red one. But quick question, do you rinse with hot or cold water? Which would be better?

Bangtan 4life says:

Which one is good for sensitive skin and get rids of blackheads and pores?

Cook with Sunny says:

Great review. Well explained. I have the charcoal one and was searching if I choose the right one. This vedio well explains every details of the 3. So happy that I watched it

Nesma Amr says:

Do i have to apply a moisturizer after these masks?

natalia. sanchez says:

which mask would u recommend for acne prone and oily skin

Best Friend In Your Thread says:

I’m excited to find your channel, great clip! I subscribed ♡ I’m new to YouTube please check out my channel and let me know what you think and subscribe if you want to help support a small channel. Have a most beautiful day!★✩★✩★✩★

Maha_Jr 11 says:

She doesnt evn have dark circles ahhh woah

SHINee 5hinee says:

Oh you are so beautiful and nice

Nesma Amr says:

should i store the mask in the fridge?

Reema Nader says:

Amazing comparison video! Love it & just purchased the charcoal one! xx

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