Magnetic Mask | e.l.f. Skincare Review & Demo

A magnetic face mask review from e.l.f.! Is this affordable skincare drugstore version of those popular overpriced magnetic masks any good? What does it do exactly? How does it work? I’ll let you know ALL THAT and whether or not this weird face mask is worth getting in this up close application demo and full review 🙂
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235 Apollo Beach Blvd., #214
Apollo Beach, FL 33572

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Dalia Camarillo says:

Hey Z, can you make one with brushes for makeup?

YoutubeUser says:

yay! please more drugstore skincare videos like masks and whatnot

PersonWhos Bored says:

Also, its a DUEL sided magnet, so i think itd be easier to just switch the side of the magnet… Not trying to be rude at all, just saying

ElleTee says:

I don’t think you need to change the cover multiple times for one use. I’ve watched other videos and I think you can just wipe off the magnet and keep going until the mask is off your face. The residue… just wipe it off

Glitzy Fritzy says:

For some reason I love watching these kinds of masking videos LOL If I were going to do one it would be this one 😉 Love ya GF!

Flower Child says:

Woaw, I’m convinced!! Too bad we can’t buy it in France because after watching your video of today’s “Drugstore must have…” where you praised that mask, and that first impression of a week ago, you totally convinced me !! It’s mess-free, hassle-free and the tool is working and we’ll designed!! To me it looked high-end, not drugstore, so the price tag seem justified. After all, L’Oréal colored

Briana West says:

I love this mask and it makes my face burn/tingle the first couple of minutes too lol

Sharamay Ritter says:


Linda Goings says:

Boy that 6 oclock shadow got the best of you. Thats what it made me think of lol

Anthony Strunk says:

I was on vacation last week and stopped at a truck stop to use the bathroom and get gas. I saw an E.L.F. Makeup turn display.

Tracy Ogden says:

I may need this. Unique and effective!

Christine Oliveira says:

Ive been dieing to try that and yes my skin is very dry so i should really like it

Patsuchi says:

Does anyone know where to get this when ordering from the Netherlands? Their Dutch website doesn’t stock it :C unlike the UK and other versions of their website

Bardwire1 says:

Zabrena, what are you using on your hair?

PersonWhos Bored says:

But how is it compared to other magnetic masks?????? Thats all i want to knowww

Margaret Ocasio says:

Looks interesting. Did you break out later?

Jenny Jen1010 says:

Haha. I love how polite you are to Siri. I say please to her/it too.

AJ Hubbell says:

Thank you, I’ll try it.

Ronnie Lesley says:

I don’t know if someone has already mentioned this but you can buy just the stuff you put on your face without the wand, the full kit is £30 and the refill is £17 in the UK.

Bath House Becky says:

I really like Elf’s skincare line! Between Elf & The Ordinary, I’ve been able to save a lot of money. The Ordinary covers my retinol, lactic acid & oils while Elf covers my face/neck/eye creams. I’m going to try this mask out!

Margaret Yoder says:

Fun and interesting product! Prayers for your Dad and your family,

Joseph Arndt says:

Please do an updated drug store eye shadow primer video! I have very oily lids and looking for a good primer. Thank you! Love your videos!

Kaily Baute says:

I am not a mask person but I’m watching cause YOU… and this actually sounds nice! I’m in Florida too so I feel the pain 🙂

myluv4 makeup says:

That was so cool, I’m gonna have to try that out!! Your face looked so much softer to I could see the difference in your face before and after and I’ll say I really like those results on you. When you can see a change in the before and after I get satisfied. Great review thanks, have a great weekend. I’m very dry in the winter months also and I live in Florida just up the road from you. In fact I used to live in Apollo Beach in the late 80’s early 90’s, very nice area. My dad bought a house over there on the water I’m not sure or remember my house # but we lived on Balboa Dr, he has since passed away. But very nice area and OMG has it grown and populated over there. I lived there when we had the beverage castle and a magic market there on Apollo Beach Blvd. and than the restaurants and that at the end. The beginning there was a Winn Dixie only I believe it’s been a little while since I’ve been down that way. In fact we used to hang out at the power plant there where the manatees are before they built that little attraction that’s there now. LOL wow a stroll down memory lane!!

Daniela Donoso says:

Zabrena, I just love you! You are one of the few yt I truly trust. I know that this has nothing to do with this video but i was just wondering if you are still on the keto diet while pregnant. I was on it when i learned i was, and i immediately stopped it because i could not find any information on whther it was safe, and i want to go back once i have my baby, but i was just wondering if you decided to continue it through your pregnancy given that you had had such wonderful results!

Katherine Goodacre says:

Very Interesting
Looking forward to Trying Product.
Thanks so much!!!

fabbysusan says:

I bought it for the satisfaction of the magnet coming off. It does moisturize my face.

Doc Lewis says:

I like Freeman’s Clay Dead Sea Minerals mask. I actually use it more like a face wash than a mask and I love the results and smell.

Doc Lewis says:

I’m so happy that Zabrena doesn’t shout when talking to the camera. So many other beauty gurus (sp?) seem to shout or yell at the viewers and that’s a little unsettling. Plus, it makes it hard to listen to a tutorial especially when the person speaking is shouting. Newer microphones pick up sound much more easily than the older ones. Thanks for saving my eardrums, Zabrena.

Cristina Blanco says:

Hi Zabrena!!! Since you are doing drugstore products all month, you should do a competition of best lip liner

Jolene Rader says:

Will have to get this one!

Dee Ca. says:

I’ll never buy this because I know that my clumsy self will get this in my eyes.

Amber , says:

Ooh affiliate link! *Buying!*

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