Mask-A-Holic | Peter Thomas Roth Face Mask Review

Hello Everyone!
Today’s video is a review on the MASK-A-HOLIC set I picked up from Sephora. This set retails for $92CA and is a $283CA value! It contains 5 (1.7fl oz.) of the popular Peter Thomas Roth masks, as well as an applicator that retails alone for $15CA.
In this video I gave the description of each mask (researched on the Sephora website) as well as some of my thoughts and a video clip of me applying each. I hope this video was helpful for you! Please don’t forget to subscribe to my channel before you leave ♡

MASK-A-HOLIC Set (Sephora):
MASK-A-HOLIC Set (Ulta):
Mask Vault:
Mask Sampler:


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Amanda Huddleston says:

What routine did you do to get rid of your problematic skin and acne scars? If I may ask

MadMagician says:

good old peter

Sotogan Mast says:

Wonderful video my friend.. like+sub.. please sub back.. thank! <3

rhon715 says:

I just order a 7 piece PTR maskaholic set from QVC. It comes with all 6 masks, (1.7 oz. each) ,a tool to use to apply them, and a reusable basket , all for $75. Great informative review.

Betsy Weatherhead says:

This was a great, great review. Very informative. I’m subscribing. Happy Birthday four months late!

amatör sosyolog says:

your voice is so restful. you definitely should do asmr videos. best wishes

Michelle Hyatt says:

Great video! This kit is amazing. I love your channel – just subscribed! I just did a review on the PTR Mask-a-holic kit on my channel as well! I’d love for you to check it out and subscribe back! xo

mage13011988 says:

This sounds very ASMR! Add ASMR in your titles and you ll get way more views and subs! And when are young people going to realize that anti aging is suppse to be used before you show signs of aging!!!! Anti aging is ANTI, as in fighting aging not repairing!!!! People should be using anti aging stuff as youngs as possible! Best 18-20……..Using anti aging when you are alreadyhave signs of aging will do nothing expect slow don further aging! People dont realzie that we start aging very fast after puberity and that skin damage is cummulative and stakcs up and then suddenly it shows up at the age of around 25-30…..and by then its too late to do anything exept heavy cosmetic procedures……Everyone is already aging everyday and the signs of aging are aready there, it just needs time to set in and manifest! Everyone gets wrinkles and sagging and volume loss so using anti aging is to reduce as much as possible!!!! You will get wrinkles and depending on how early on you used spf and anti aging prodcts, you will have differnt levels of aging going on! People have the the wrng idea about skincare in stores! Compagnies have created these titles of skicnare like aging, acne, dry and so on and they target certain types for certain types of ages……Everyone can have dry skin or oily skin no matter the age and everyone is aging and needs to be using anti aging no matter if its showing or not! Im 29 and ive been anti aging since i was about 24-25 and if i could turn back time i would do it even sooner!Trust me, the sooner the better

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