Neutrogena Hydro Boost Face Mask | Test & Review

Trying out the new Neutrogena Hydro Boost face mask.

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Abby Azizi says:

I love your personality and I agree with your opinion. I like how the mask is not sticky!!

Cheryl MacGillivray says:

Your video was awesome. I used one today. I wish it was a bit more hydrating however. I’m 51 with clear, dry skin

Malia's World says:

What’s the pink mask that keeps you hydrated??

Need to get it next time I go to the store.

Molly Brooks says:

Okay so im having a light burning sensation in my eyes just from the mask being underneath. No flaps up. I have very sensitive skin so i feel a very slight burning in a couple places.. so weird!

Ronnitta Moore says:

I love himmmmmmm, hilarious

Bianca Torres says:

You are so funny, I love your video.

Chris says:

I love these masks! my skin glows the next day

Sprout Chinn says:

Does the textured side or the gummy go on the skin?

DinoLife2007 says:

Haha I love your energy.

niketta bennett says:

ue8472 says:

So much personality

Channie B says:

My face did not drink. It feel like peppermint is on your face. But it look so good after. I only used it 10minutes.

Glenda says:

“Get my moneys worth” lmao!

Roman Pearce says:

great vid 🙂 i think its something in the rose masks bc i just got one that makes me feel moisturized for daaaays as well lol

O Sammy says:

Love this video….

Gina says:

I really liked the mask, it feels like a little spa treatment

ue8472 says:

Do you notice the glow?

Kameron Hall says:

Pls tell me wat is the wype

Marci Wagner says:

I love this mask. It scared my husband when I showed it to him on my face. :0)

Kaija Williams says:

Lol I literally love you Tylor!

Cheryl MacGillivray says:

Forgot to tell you i subscribed. I too have dry skin and like hydrating products

On the move says:

I didn’t like these sadly! The Garnier moisture bombs are so much better than these! I like your personality!

Kameron Hall says:


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