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The Peter Thomas Roth 24K Gold Face Mask review!

So I heard so many great things about this mask and it had me running to Sephora because I just had to try it! I mean gold on my face? Why not!
The use of gold in skin care was very common back in the early days, I’m talking back in Egyptian times. Benefits of gold skin care included the reduction of wrinkles and dark spots, the prevention of aging and radiant glowing skin. Now again, why wouldn’t I want this on my face?
Could this luxury lifting and firming mask be the answer?
Check out my experience with it and judge for yourself!

Thinking of purchasing this mask:

Note: All opinions are my own. This link is to facilitate your search and not a partnership of any kind.


E Lorin says:

Highly recommend trying Dr. Denses skin care products!

Alexis Mitchell says:

It sounds like you experienced contact dermatitis and may have an allergy or sensitivity to one or more of the ingredients.

Jamie Cunningham says:

I just got this in the mail from sephora and am excited to try it! I hate it caused a breakout for you. I wonder if the little bumps could mean that it is just bringing those impurities to the surface? I rarely get breakouts but just started getting some when I started a skincare regimen (ironic, right?!) so I am going to hold out and see what happens! Maybe you could check out glamglow instead?

Ayana Crane says:

So I decided to get a sample of this before actually buying it. If you’re still looking for a good mask I liked their blue algae mask and this irish moor mud mask. They were alittle bit cheaper and also I feel pretty gentle on my skin. If you’re looking for something alittle cheaper acure makes some really nice products and also michelle. For some really nice DIYs, coconut oil, aloe vera, and manuka honey all worked really well for me. My skin is dry and also sensitive and I’m also trying to remain as young looking as possible so I’m like you trying to find the holy grail of products lol.

C Wallace says:

did u use it on your teeth?

Asha Eskew says:

The rose stem mask did the same thing to me! I just order the 24k eye gel and cleanser. But I’m currently using Derma Doctor kakadu c Brightening cleanser. The whole kakadu line is WONDERFUL!!!!

Hanna Mary says:

You should check out the TonyMoly face sheets! I bought a pack of 11 for around 10 dollars on Amazon and they work really well for my skin! If you don’t want the whole pack they also sell them individually at Sephora. Personally I recommend the Makgeolli skin purifying one, but they have a variety and they all work really nice (plus the packaging is really cute which is a plus lol)! xx

faith hackney says:

this mask is freaking awesome i bought mine for $21 it was a deal on amazon and i loved it

Kate Conner says:

check out the glamglow mini set, the brightening exfoliating mask might do you wonders 🙂

Forest Hills says:

I paid $24 for the mask and my skin didn’t breakout. Wow! I am a 38 year old, African American female. Chuck-it- up to different skin type.

Anthony Strunk says:

I was they same way, I thought gold on my face yes sounds good.

Forest Hills says:

I got this mask for $24 via Amazon.

Twalla Stephens says:

You had an allergic reaction.

faith hackney says:

it draws out seabum or oils

Ter says:

try putting coconut oil on your face, if it get a similar breakout i feel like its the bacteria balance on your skin. you can improve this with fermented food and eliminating sugar and getting sunlight

Jusme Kamil says:

*watches intro* *chokes from laughter* *likes video* *subscribes* lmao

MegaCassie83 says:

Seems you get the same reaction from a salicylic acid chemical peel and my  dermatologist says it is normal.

Erika Fodor says:

hi get from amazon for 10 dolari and masks I date so cool

paisely highLighte says:

aWWWH, luv’d your intro….!

Ghana Goddess says:

Your skin has such a beautiful tone to it! Sorry it didn’t work out for you

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