Spascriptions Gel Mask Set Review

Hey Everyone! Today’s video is a Spascriptions Gel Mask Set Review! I wanted to try some affordable drugstore gel masks since masks can be such a fun gift. This Walmart skincare review features Spascriptions Rose, Gold & Cucumber gel face masks.

Who doesn’t want to find a cheap gold face mask that makes your skin glow? 💛 Also, did anyone else think of Peter Thomas Roth face masks when they saw these? Please remember to like, share, subscribe and comment! Until next time! xoxo! 💋

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Karla H says:

Here from the giveaway! This is my fav video lol it’s entertaining

Taylor Brogdon says:

One of my favorite videos, I was really hoping someone workday review these!!

sum12sumwhere says:

Beauty on a Budget! Ive been trying the cucumber mask lately, i got the set as a gift for my birthday. It definitely soothes my face when i apply it and i did notice a bit of a matte finish
I havent tried the other two types yet
Ive been on a makeup kick lately so my skin has not been as happy with me…i feel like the masks help along with my daily face cleaning

nessadawg says:

Thank you for reviewing these masskkksssss lol it sounds funny when I say it out loud too

Karen K says:

The gold one looks interesting!

Madigan Skipper says:

Thanks for this review! Didn’t want to use something that would make me break out since I have an interview tomorrow, so I’ll stay away from the rose!

Naza Alic says:

I have that it so good

Sierra G says:

I love hydrating masks! I just learned I have dryer skin then I originally thought…oops

Alka Bhagat says:

This is my favourite video of urs becoz i love mask n your review are to the point and honest..

Sandy Drew Serrano says:

Wow! I love these masks. But maybe because I am older (nearly 50 years) they leave my skin soft and clean feeling. I only use a small amount and so it washes off very easily.

Odethe Rodriguez says:

I bought these a week ago and they work AMAZING on me so i wanted to see reviews about it lol. I do multi masking with these and then apply Tea tree oil and in a week most of my dark spots are done and my skin feel super soft. So it definitely works on some people

taylor hope says:

Im starting to break out not from this product but would anyone please give me idea on how to get rid of this ive never broke out before im 16 and clueless on how to get rid of this stuff on my face it’s very embarrassing and I always feel self-conscious to leave my house I don’t even go to school I do online schooling now because of how self-conscious I am

Tripti Thaverdasani says:

Frome where we shld buu dis online dear in india plss tell m link or websitee plssss dear I wna buy dese rply me

Sumi Manan says:

I bought those from Walmart i tried today right now

Abigale Richard says:

How did you apply them; One a day a week, 3 in one day? Did you cleanse &prep your skin before applying?

Lorna & Becki says:

Such a great review! These masks seem a bargain, the cucumber one sounds lovely ☺️ xx

D M says:

I just bought this product and used the cucumber one today!

Jake Hutchinson says:

Didn’t really have a noticeable scent and was ok ok my skin. For the price I think it is good value. I have oily skin specifically in my t zone.
I Added lotus extract and 1 drop of essential oils most appropriate for each individual mask and then they worked perfect for me!
I will say that the mask was more effective for me when I massaged into my skin with my fingers.

kaleigh cronk says:

This is my favorite video, I love masks!! ( for giveaway?)

Evan says:

I’m 17 and still dealing with hormone breakouts, and I’m pretty fond of these masks. They seem to work well for my skin type, which is ‘normal’ I’d say, not particularly oily or dry unless I use the wrong product on it. I find they tend to be soothing and moisturizing for the skin after I have to use acne treatments or a mask that can be drying. I find that the cucumber is definitely the most gentle on my skin, but haven’t really had too much of an issue with the rose or gold either except them making my skin feel a little.. weird sometimes? My skin is kinda sensitive, I dunno, but I don’t actually have any kind of visible reaction to them. I actually just found out that they started stocking a different set at the Walmart near me too that has a plain clay mask, a dead sea minerals gel mask, and a charcoal gel mask, so I picked those up and I’m going to try them now too! 🙂

P.S The gold is my favorite even though I obviously don’t need the anti-aging benefits that I’ve heard gold can have. I just feel fancy using it, and it looks very pretty in the container, lmao.

Hailie Mcardle says:

love this video very informative ! and thats why this is my favorite video

slowprincess says:

hey girl this is def my favorite video from yours simply because i get sort of worn out with beauty youtubers reviewing the same products it seems, but i genuinely never heard of these guys and really enjoyed seeing your impression of them!

saumya Pant says:

Love this video because I like face masssks 🙂 I like that you kept it real and gave an informed review comparing the masks to the fabulous but formidably priced peter thomas roth masks. imma going to walmart now and get mi the golden one…bah bye and a happy new year to you!!!! Would love to win the giveaway 🙂

georgia vetsou says:

Amazing review wow!!!i love it and they help me a lot <3 <3 <3

Ashley Kim says:

hi! i’m here from the january giveaway video. i love this video because i’ve seen these products as well, and they seemed affordable. thank you sooo much for this comprehensive review! ♥️♥️♥️♥️

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