The Face Shop Sheet Mask Haul and Overview | Try on Review

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Hey everyone! 🙂

Today I am going to share my haul, overview as well as try on review on the face shop sheet masks.

Buy them here:

The Face Shop The Solution Radiance Face Mask

The Face Shop The Solution Brightening Face Mask

The Face Shop The Solution Pore Care Face Mask

The Face Shop Real Nature Honey Face Mask

The Face Shop Real Nature Cucumber Face Mask

The Face Shop Real Nature Avocado Face Mask

The Face Shop Real Nature Pomegranate Face Mask

The Face Shop Real Nature Goji Berry Face Mask

The Face Shop Real Nature Lemon Face Mask

The Face Shop Real Nature Olive Face Mask

The Face Shop Real Nature Red Ginseng Face Mask

The Face Shop Bio-Cell Moisturizing Face Mask

The Face Shop Bio-Cell Recovery Face Mask

The Face Shop Bio-Cell Brightening Face Mask

The Face Shop Bio-Cell Firming Face Mask

The Face Shop Mask Lab Double Wrap Face Mask

The Face Shop Mask Lab Chitosan Face Mask

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Nails: Nykaa Matte nail paint: French Toast

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melissa James says:

hey, sherya can suggest which face mask is good for 25+ age ??? I’m a little confused there are so many in the market

melissa James says:

do they make any difference like can you feel the change ???

afii angel says:

which one is better innisfree or face shop ??

Lydia Joanna says:

are u going to NYX face awards ?

afii angel says:

suggest some eye mask we can buy in India plssssa

Payal Vaidya says:

Where to store these masks? I got many of dem so where should I store, like In a cool place or what?

Ruchi Bisht says:

You are super cute 🙂

Akshaya M says:

seriously the mask is magical !! 😮


You look gorgeous naturally Shreya!! <3 Its amazing to see how comfortable you are in your own skin, very rare these days! Keep it up! Lots of love from Toronto!

Bhavika Deora says:

Can you do an updated skincare. I have a very similar skin to yours i guess. I have horrible pores all over myface. Also i have a lot of post acne dark spots. So could you please suggest something for that.

Manvi Chandra says:

i also brought these mask…
dying to use it

Shraddha Danane says:

Hi Shreya, I have been storing my sheet masks in refrigerator. now these solution masks are shown as whitened and not like transparent serum which it was before. Is it ok to keep mask sheet in refrigerator?

Satorupa Biswas says:

Hello Shreya, I have bought too many sheets I am confused how should I store them, in room temperature or in freezer?

mssarabian queen says:

after that will you wash your face or leave it as it is

kristine jimenez says:

for the bio cell mask, there are two protective layers. first you remove the the first protective layer (any side) & put the side of the mask that doesn’t have the protective layer on your face & once it’s on your face you remove the protective layer on the other side 🙂

Gagandeep Kaur says:

Hey shreya help me out.. I also these mask and whenever I use it gives me burning sensestion.. Like I feel face pe jalan hone lagti.. I wash my face with normal water before using mask..

afii angel says:

suggest some eye mask we can buy in India plssssa

Anjali Budakoti says:

Hi Shreya! Can you do a video on the Pilaten charcoal mask ? Really needed but confused :/

Rosalie Edith says:

These look great!

neha gupta says:

Hey, I just wanted to know that how frequently you can use sheet masks?? As in what should be the gap between 2 sessions?? Thanks

Gayatri singh kaushik says:

did you go to youtube fanfest

dhara uma says:

expiry of these???

Satorupa Biswas says:

plz reply..

Vaibhavi Bhave says:

how do uh edit your videos?

sneha wankar says:

u r so honest

Roshel Rodrigues says:

hey…could you plz provide a review on the mask for pimple scar…? did it help u to get rid of the scar u had??

Khushboo Golecha says:

is there any expiry date for these face mask sheets??

Dipti Sinha Kumar says:

nice product.ur dull face is glowing after using this mask.

Ravi Badyani says:

your skin looks nice and bright

Richa Gupta says:

how long can we store these masks? mean if i stock them when woulf they expire? 😀

vartika johri says:

how many sheets are there for use in a single pack plz do answer… i am gonna subscribe you for sure… 🙂

Siddy Mmm says:

what country does she live its really hard to get sheet masks in africa

Abhishek Sharma says:

Hey Why did you put Wrong Sheet… The part you have to throw away you put that on your face . Oh …please correct it

Aporajita Khan says:

Di i am only 14 can i use sheetmasks

Aratrika dey says:

nevertheless you are beautiful

Ritika B Mishra says:

they are always great in summers……………ty for sharing the offer thing

asmitha Hariprasad says:

u look always glowing not cuz of face mask cuz it looks same b4 and aftr

Khushboo Golecha says:

inissfree masks are better or of face shop??

Shikha Kanojia says:

Can u suggest some masks for combination skin

Glamorous We by Aditi Vishal Puri says:

i iiiii reallllllllllllyyyyyyyyyyyyyy love u…which editing software u use?

Namita Verma says:

your skin is flawless dear!!

sukriti gupta says:

hi shreya..
i just want to ask which one of the sheet masks are better innisfree or the face shop?

Preeti Das says:

wow… that showed instant results… amazing 🙂

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