WORLD’S MOST POWERFUL MASK Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay Review!



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Luka Grey says:

I use this with some activated charcoal and a few drops of tea tree oil. It’s lovely.

Zeinab Qaali says:

Bro that mask is and every Somalis house

L V says:

your so funny girl

Latawana wood says:

your to cute

Pastel Pickles says:


Tais Molina says:

If you have sensitive skin use water rather than acv.

Lorrie Smith says:

Cute personality for what could’ve been a boring video. Nice job!

Leia Miller says:

What video editing app do u use?

Maddie's Nation says:

i did this it texas its burns so muchh

john Davis says:

fuck you

Bokbok Jumaway says:

girl your doing it wrong.. dont use any metal materials for preparing its mixture.. your poisoning yourself by contaminating the clay with heavy metals… remember it’s organic.. You can use plastic spoon/wooden spoon to mix it instead…

Lpsmnm's 101 says:

Damn you got some bootyful eyes wish mine were that pretty.

Fůnky Fėdørå says:

everytime i hear the word clay i get reminded of how clayton died in tarzan. that traumatized me for years since i watched it.

Hunter Andrews says:

Don’t mix it with metal!!!! It fucks with the ingredients and makes it fizzy af

Mysterious Puppies says:


i am sadAF says:

Imma dude love metal always been considered a metal head hard head whatever kinda the “tough dude ” Kind but i love these vids lol

Shailourie Nieves says:

It’s not gonna work if you use a metal utensil to mix it. You basically pulled the impurities from the metal and put them on your skin…

Alex Garner says:

you had me at ‘onkai ‘

cenj alhtar says:

i have this and it makes skin so smooth

Aleksandra Korkus says:

The problem with clay masks is that they indeed work incredibly, but ONLY if you don’t let them dry off because if you do clay will dehydrate your skin and not moisturize it. And of course you need to do it regularly (2-3 per week).

Mark/Ethan/FNAF Lover says:

Are those her real eyes or are they contacts?

Cress Moon says:

i have this!!!

Martha Alavez says:

I will definitely be using this for my current heartbreak. ♡

Rebeccah Rodrigues says:

OK brothers thank you boo-book

BabyTrexSmelly says:

You are ugly Asian

Yolanda Alfredo says:

I love the backsound. Joy – yeowoo ya. In the liar and his lover

Shereena says:

Stop having dairy in ur diet and ur acne will go within a week.

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