Products used
Primer: Revlon rose glow
Foundation: Morphe fluidity F2.50
Concealer: Morphe Concealer C2.15

My notes from my phone
F2.50- Olive
Light medium with yellow-green undertones
Full coverage matte foundation
$18Net wt 30ml/1fl oz
60 shades- warm, cool, neutral, olive
Levels 5- light, medium, tan, rich, deep

c2.15 neutral light medium with slightly peach undertones
Net wt 4.5 ml/0.15fl oz.
Creamy full coverage
16-hour-long wear
Sweatproof, transfer-resistant, water-resistan
Free of fragrance and parabens
Cool, warm, neutral


G Guzman says:

Girl invest in Curology their acne cream works wonders!! I’ve had it before and my acne would be gone in a day! You literally should consider it I promise you would love it.

Karla Aguilar says:

so I got super bad acne for a period of time it was horrible I wouldn’t like to go out without make up because I felt so bad about my self and my confidence went down the drain, I think I got really bad acne because I was touching my face a lot and left my make up on too long, before I would hardly wear foundation and my skin would breathe I wouldn’t pick st it so I had normal acne like 1/3 pimples or it would clear up… anyways I switched jobs because I worked at a fast food restaurant and now my skin has cleared up a lot I tried everything and nothing would work I’m not really sure what’s doing it for me now but from my experience having acne I would say don’t pick at your skin and don’t exfoliate it if you have sensitive and painful break outs just wash your face once in the morning and once st night moisturize your skin but avoid the active pimples because you’ll spread the bacteria don’t put anything on your face just let your skin breath and forget about ointment creams face mask and all that nonsense once you only have scars then you should exfoliate and try creams

diamandislisha says:

I love how relatable this is!!! You’re like “oh it’s separating on my acne on my chin” and I’m like sis… i feel u!!! Thank u for keeping it real!!!!

regina aponte says:

I think the color looks great, I’m excited they have yellow tones I have a hard time finding yellow foundations that’s aren’t 45 dollars

Andie says:

21:20 I love the idea of calling the check-ins rounds! 🙂

Jr Burriss says:

Green color corrects red. You could also add moisturizing lotion to the foundation to make it more hydrating. To me it looks good on you. Just my 1 cent

Jaquelyn Gonzalez says:

You’re my favorite guru ❤️ truly inspiring ❤️❤️

Paula Anderson says:

U are so brave and you go girl! Im so proud of you! <3 can't wait to see what u test next...thank you for deciding time do this. U have no idea how much u r helping! Love u.

Sierra Lynn says:

Hell yes girl. You rock

Aylie Rose says:

Just got this foundation today and i can’t wait to film with it tomorrow to see how it handles dry skin. i did notice by a swatch on my hand it dries a bit darker than initial application, its really warm too tho its supposed to be neutral, i don’t know if they did the best job on the undertones tbh. Im the same i try so hard to reduce appearance of texture and find that less product always helps, even sacrificing coverage it still looks better.

Fabyola Castaneda says:

Hola rocio, disculpa pero lo q e querido desir es que los productos koreanos te pueden ayudar muchisimo, por q a deberencia a los productos de aqui q tienen toda clase de quimiquos, los productos koreanos son hechos 100% con productos naturales. Creme q no pierdes NADA con itentarlo… (mi intension no es ofenderte)

Jay See says:

Fantastic video. Thank you! I have acne rosacea and my best concealer ever is Estee Lauder Double Wear concealer. It changed my life. Seriously. Thanks for keeping it real, so helpful! Your eye makeup videos are amazing too! ❤️

Noora Khan says:

Omggg you’re sooooo pretty

Michael Lee says:

How do you not have more followers

MakeupByDianis says:

When I used to freelance I would always try to learn about different skin types so I would use the correct foundation. I was told by many makeup artist that cream foundation is a No for textured or acne prone skin. I’m telling you this because you mentioned you use a stick foundation. So now I’m questioning it lol

Amber Elias says:

That color looks perfect for you!

Sloyoda 2.0 says:

Love this so much

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