Affordable Foundation Review

In this video I say the drug store foundation are more geared to an oily skin rather than a healthy glowing skin. I didn’t mean that what I meant to say was that Drugstore foundations normally have a more matte finish which is better for a oily skin than a more dewy foundation which is better suited for a Dry skin.
Sorry I didn’t have time to re edit it and I don’t want people to think I was being mean about oily skin.

– Maybelline FitMe Foundation
– Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid
– Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse
– Revlon Colour Stay Oily/Combination
– Revlon Colour Stay Normal/Dry
– L’Oreal Infallible 24 Hour Matte
– No7 Beautifully Matte Mousse
– Max Factor Face Finity
– Rimmel Wake Me Up
– Rimmel Lasting Finish
– Bourjois Healthy Mix
– Bourjois Healthy mix Serum/Gel
– NYX Total Control


Asena Yaman says:

Great video, Nic. I have the first Bourjois foundation you demo’d and I love it even for my slightly oily-combo skin because i still like the foundation to look like skin without being too matte. This does that for me. I powder where needed to take the shine out.

Gingalita says:

My skin type is dry. There are more shades in the infallible in the US. I use the glow and it works great. Revlon colorstay works the best for me.

Ziegut says:

That fringe is tragic but it will grow out.

Betz says:

I find the infallable foundation oxidizes and turns a bit of an orange shade which is a no no. I sat down one day and swatched all my foundations which ranged from drug store to high end (Chanel) and found the Bourjois healthy mix (non gel formula) was the ONLY one that did not oxidize so thats the only one i use now.

Melissa Sullivan says:

The NYX one I had, and I wanted to love it because it’s so hard to find a pale enough drug store foundation but it just wasn’t for me. Having dry skin it totally grabbed at ANY imperfections, made me look like I had flakey skin and sunk into my pours in the most unpleasant manner. No primer seemed to help it, nether applying with a brush or sponge!

Rose Cherry Blossom says:

Revlon colorstay always looks cakey on my normal combo skin. My top 4 affordable foundations are: wet n wild photofocus foundation, maybelline fit me matte and poreless, neutrogena hydroboost hydrating tint, and elf acne fighting foundation.

Jenny hunter says:

not a fan of the Rimmel wake me up foundation at all…had a glittery sheen to it and doesn’t last well in my opinion

Casandra Guevara says:

I have the NYX foundation and I like it since I can build it up. It lasts all day and works well with other liquid products. I have an oily T-zone and dry chin and cheeks. For those parts I have to use a primer that hydrates my skin.

amiami601 says:

This was really helpful. Thank you! Would have loved you to pick your favourites at the end though

Suse B says:

Great review! Its interesting you said you have dry skin as yours always looks more shiny to me, i definitely would have thought you have normal/oily skin.

My skin is dry/normal and can be a little flaky in parts. Xxx

vinamax says:

I had to return the lightest Dream Satin Liquid for being too dark. Maybe €12 in Boots Ireland.

Fit Me in shade 100 is doing OK as an everyday, slap-it-on foundation on a humid day in Ireland. About €9 in Boots.

Haven’t tried the Infallible Matte but it may be on the list if Fit Me doesn’t work. The other one in the glass bottle is….. OK.

Colorstay has been recommended for a long time. I’m not sure about it but if nothing else works I’ll fork out the €19 for it..

Jodie Houghton says:

I’ve tried a LOT of foundations but I always go back to No 7. I’m using the Stay Perfect Superlight foundation at the moment, the consistency feels like Face and Body but the coverage is much better. The first summer foundation I’ve really loved on my oily skin!

alipink16 says:

Loved infallible in HD it’s best I ever used

Gray Sea says:

Made me really want to try infallible again..

Kristy Ambrose says:

I use to use the Rimmel natural finish. I liked it wasn’t the best coverage though but I loved the wake me up concealer it was amazing.

HazellaWiz says:

Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation actually has 15 shades now, they’ve added a lighter shade and a few deeper shades xx

Kimber Lee says:

I love The Bourjois gel foundation! We don’t have it in the US so I order it from Amazon

Rain Snow says:

Alot of these are different in the us

Diana says:

I think the video would have worked better if you would have worn each foundation for a day and then put it all in one video, commenting on how long they last and how they feel on your skin after few hours/in the evening. It’s an informative and helpful video anyway, but I think it would be more useful to find out how it actually wears

Kirsty McKay says:

the fit me foundation broke out my skin and was also really yellow – and my skin has a very yellow undertone anyway!

bmisceo says:

Hello pixiwoo, please check this out, 3 ad breaks in the video are a bit too much… Nice contents by the way, very useful

Umi Natori says:

I really liked the Rimmel Lasting Finish Breathable foundation when first trying it, but the smell is so strong and it gives me breakouts (I guess because of the smell) :'(

Diane Pancel-Pierce says:

This video was so helpful! Every time I go to the drugstore I always feel overwhelmed because there is so much to choose from. I have very dry skin and currently use Rimmel and it’s been successful. If any one has any other suggestions I’d really appreciate it! Blessings from Canada! X

PennyLane979 says:

I have oily T zone and normal cheeks and swear by Bourjois Healthy Mix range: foundation, serum and powder are all my favorites.

vinamax says:

I second your point about shite lighting and iffy, opened containers! It’s also bloody irritating when there’s no tester in the shade you want…

nitahakeem nasution says:

no you re not mean to oily skin dear… what you said is true! drugstore mostly is a friend of oily skin

Maya G says:

I’ve only used fit me foundation one time and in the space of 15 min I had to remove it completely because I started to have a horrible allergic reaction to something inside of it but I’ve noticed that lots of people enjoy it a lot

SarahAnn91 says:

I’ve got dehydrated skin and am quite pale and really like the boujois healthy mix. Both the serum(same packaging as the gel on) and foundation

Marisa LaBlue says:

I can tell you are going to do big things 🙂 I would appreciate if someone like you checked out my channel as well!

Megan Prowles says:

The video I never knew I needed

Vicky Groves says:

Are these brands catering for people of colour with their 3-6 shades?

Linzi Land says:

I always used the dream matte mouse but now i really love collections “lasting perfection” its so good for oily skin. Also primarks “my perfect colour” is amazing! But i feel like i wanna try the no7 matte mouse it looks amazing xxx

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