Beauty Blender Foundation Review

Hey guys,

Today I’m finally reviewing the Beauty Blender Bonce foundation. Watch to hear my thoughts on it. If you’ve had a chance to try it, what did you think of it?


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Nina Adams says:

best video to wake up to

soof 15 says:

Tarte 2.0

Paulina Kujawa 서연 says:

It’s really great review, as always Nyma! 🙂 xx

Kayleigh says:

The fact you don’t get sent PR of complexion products speaks volumes. Surely having an opinion from someone in the industry is the best way to learn and improve what you may be lacking in relation to deeper skin tones?

Nicole Glover says:

I will not buy this product because they failed in being inclusive. I love that you shared your true thoughts and I agree with everything you said. And the fact that you had to spend your coins on this really pisses me off, especially since you’re on their PR list. You were much kinder than I would have been in this review. Stay blessed!

mariam says:

I _did_ notice often times with complexion products you have to buy them, and companies didn’t send them to you. Brands are so dumb, acting like you wouldn’t notice. It’s disgusting. Like it gets me so mad. Do they think you/we’re that dumb. Ugh I hate.

Lora Smith says:

Hope this goes viral<3

Erica Erica says:

That hair tho…

mommymode1985 says:

Before you even mentioned it I was thinking it weird you aren’t getting PR packaging. But it’s pretty self explanatory isn’t it. They either think you aren’t their “brand” or they KNOW they don’t have your shade.

Piemeowchive says:

Bish you didn’t even put any on your face

Janice Dudley says:


Khalia A. says:

Damn it sucks that beauty blender is canceled for me, but i think it looks pretty good on you. Shame on them, this launch could have been a big hit for them. Instead people are just talking about their poor shade range.

krx says:

This is the only video we have to see about this foundation.

Allana Dillinger says:

I’ve been waiting for this video ❤️

Ruby Starr says:

If there where 10 shades and it was an even gradient, that would still be better than having 30+ shades with a nice light to medium gradient and a few deep shades just added abruptly.

cadencegirl1992 says:

Thank you for your videos. You are my favorite person to watch for anything makeup related.

Misa Amane says:

like there is not only a lack of dark and deep dark shades but also light shades. it just covers the medium range as always and her saying brands don’t usually cater to that range is ridiculous

soof 15 says:

I dont think its a trend. People will always be mad if a brand isnt inclusive

Raluca Nicolae says:

I really like the way you tell and speak your opinion about a foundation that has a shitty shade range without being negative or rude as you said. I really like your reviews

Marah Omar says:

Can’t you see how black are you why are you expecting to find any match, you gotta thank god you got other foundations that match your skin tone stop being so hard on brands its really hard to make a foundation for deep skin tone and you are beyond deep dark

dotty roads says:

You are so stunning. I wish my skin had the natural glow that you have.

Crofregernish says:

I’m glad you touched on the “trend” of inclusivity with some brands. I feel like it’s very obvious when brands are trying to join the “trend” without actually trying.
Also appreciate the swatches of these brands for us light people who can’t necessarily swatch dark shades and get a good idea of how inclusive it is. Especially if it’s online.

Fernando Armendariz says:

I can only imagine the lack of PR complexion products that beauty gurus with deeper skin tones get versus the pale skin beauty gurus. They may make the deeper tones to try to be superficially inclusive but don’t actually want feedback from people with deeper tones. So disgusting.

Sam Adams says:

You look so stunning.

iLikeMenNow77 says:

I don’t know how beauty blender came out with this launch thinking it was a good idea. Brands really need to start doing equal amount of shades for light skin, tanned and dark skin. Everyone deserves to be catered to.

Alien af says:

I showed that arm swatch picture to my sister and we agreed that most of the shades on the top arm are almost identical, and it’s genuinely so ridiculous to have that many medium tones and like 5 darker ones

andrea says:

It’s wild to me that they didn’t send it to you

soof 15 says:

Riri made a vid on how to contour for darkskinned ppl if anyone wants to learn

Bria Delaney says:

We Stan a queen that doesn’t use lotion and is ash free!

Lyrian Ruesch says:

I’ve been waiting for this review

Marvipan says:

It’s amazing how many shades of white they came up with. It’s also amazing how few shades of dark they came up with.

It’s fucking amazing


Clear from California says:

The founder claimed that because she was latina, she wanted to create more olive based tones for latinas/latinos.
HERE’S THE THING, Me, I am latina, and guess what? I would *probably* match the lightest foundation on the darkest row in her foundation range. As someone who is more native than Spanish, I and many other LATINAS, including Afro-LATINAS, are dark and have difficulty finding our shades. In fact, I would say light skinned latinas have more options than someone like me who is generally golden medium.

Nakeya Skinner says:

Can we get the wig please?! Laid!! Snatched!

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