Hey babes! How yew doooin?? Hope you enjoyed this review of the new colourpop no filter stick foundation!!! Leave me a comment down below what you guys thought! xoxo! make sure to subscribe 🙂
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Erica Ashley says:

This foundation looks AMAZING on you!!! Your skins so perfect

Mikelle Ivins says:

What product do you recommend oily skin & acne prone skin?

Tara Levy says:

Honestly wanting to buy this right now it looks so incredible on your skin I’m actually OBSESSED! Love you soooooo much

Patience Thornton says:

I want to go buy this foundation now! It looked so effortless to apply

Samantha Sadowski says:

I get smile lines all the time aswell but when I go to blend them out with a beauty sponge throughout the day, all of my foundation rubs off right there. How can I avoid that???

cruz garza says:

I know I’m late but you should bake underneath your highlighter it seems to work for me. I have the same problem as you when it comes to sinking in skin.

Gidget Ervin says:

Do u just dampen B.B. with spray or to u drown it and squeeze

F says:

The hourglass stick is my go-to, it’s the only foundation that has never had me out here looking cakey and crazy. So if this is similar for only 10 dwollars?? I have to try it.

Lana Adams says:

So glad I found you again! Love your vibe

Tiffany Miller says:

Loved this video & check – ins! Thanks for a great review Nicol

Mollie Kravitz says:

So glad to find a DRY skin beauty guru to follow! So many of the ladies I like to watch are oily and that just doesn’t provide good foundation suggestions at all for someone with dry skin! I have to try this bad boy out now! Thanks 🙂

xraevicious says:

I appreciate you explaining everything as you go along. It’s very helpful since I’m learning. I like to understand why I’m dong something. Not just do it because “so and so” told me to. Thanks.

Tabby Smith says:

That foundation looks bomb omg

Lava b. says:

Heeey guys! What do you think about colourpop’s eyeshadow palettes? Is their quality comparable to other brands like huda beauty, juvias place or Anastasia BH? I’ve never had any colourpop’s shadows in my hands so I’m very curious. Should i try for example “give it to me straight” or go for other brands?

Ferris Beaguile says:

What lip color are you wearing your final check in? It looks like ColourPop. Love this shade… Need!

Amyyy Elizabethhh Anderson says:

nose redness is from hormones.

Taylor Dearing says:

Is the Colour Pop concealer good for dry skin too?

Tess Hint. says:

Yay! I know it’s probably not my comments where I have said to test the longevity that have made you do this type of video but I feel like you really listen to your followers!!! Feel like testing it over the day is such a test of the true quality. Thank you!!!!

Kat Robinson says:

Thanks for the awesome review! Love it when people do a really long wear test, might have to get this!

Eviee Langelier says:

Awe man I’m kind of upset my birthday was on the 16th and I would have bought this for myself!! I think it looks flawless!!

Alana Reina says:

What do you think is the best foundation for not sinking into smile lines??

Ashton Glass says:

Girl…… you look so beautiful!! This natural look is amazing on you, and loving your hair color!

Danai Ps says:

Clean up your beauty blender……….!

naama says:

What lipstick is she wearing???

Cali Rose says:

What shade foundation are you using in this video? X

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