Does it Really Cover?! NEW HUDA BEAUTY FAUX FILTER FOUNDATION {Review & Demo!} Acne/Fair Skin

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Huda Beauty Faux Filter foundation (Shades Vanilla 120B & Shortbread 200B)

*Update: I did try shade 120B and it looked way yellow but didn’t seem to oxidize as much as 200B, I am going to try to find a closer shade match!

Primer: Smashbox Primerizer

◇ Morphe Stiletto Sponge ➜ 10% OFF Morphe with code “TAYLOR10”
◇ Sigma F80 Kabuki
◇ Elf ultimate blending brush


◇ Earrings: Hoops
◇ Makeup details:
Contour/bronzer: It Cosmetics My sculpted face
Blush: BH Cosmetics Floral blush Fiji Fun
Highlight: Burberry Fresh Glow 03
Eyeshadow: It Cosmetics My sculpted face
Lipstick: MAC Burnt Spice
Lashes: Eylure accents 005
Bottom lashes: Wet n Wild megalength mascara
◇ Nail Polish: OPI black Shellac
◇ Shirt: Zara Fuzzy Jacket: Costco

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Zice Isaac says:

All your don is living a lie with this makeup. When men find out the truth u not only reveal your true face, but the fact your a liar and a deciever.

Turquoise Cheetah says:

Why do you and your terrible skin keep trending?!

Gillian Wills says:

This comments section…
Full of ridiculous, vile, ignorant, repulsive and downright abusive attack.
*Taylor* please darling, ignore it. There are so many of us out here in the world who love and respect you to the bottoms of our hearts.
(((HUGS))) xXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXx ♡♡♡♡♡♡

tyler lewis says:

Ewww gross without make

Chaggit says:

“Turtleneck” XD In what world is that considered a turtleneck?

mermaidG says:

hi can you do a foundation favourite video

Cjw615 says:

This should be illegal

Jackie Hernandez says:

I’ve never really seen anyone do this with acne but would you be able to review the luminess airbrush foundation? Love your videos ❤️❤️❤️

Ruby Brown says:

Love your videos

star girl says:

I’m guessing she made it for middle eastern skin tones

Emely Mary says:

“It smells like a freaking candle” hahahahaha I love you!!!

Kaitlynn Stearns says:

Can you do the NYX Beauty school drop out pallet review please?

Reservechic says:

First off, your skin is definitely starting to look better since you started Accutane. I certainly do hope that you achieve even more great progress to come!

I see a dermatologist for my skin as well, as I have very sensitive, dry/very dry, acne prone skin, and I know this foundation would be a disaster for my skin. So many people have talked about just how super fragranced this foundation is, plus, the ingredient list for this foundation is one of the worst that I have ever seen. Unless someone has very tough skin, and their skin can handle just about anything, then this foundation and the ingredients in it probably wouldn’t bother them, but for everyone else, I honestly don’t see this foundation being good for long-term use at all.

I really do appreciate your taking time to demo & review this foundation! Also, I wish you much good luck once again with clearing up your skin. I currently use generic Retin A 0.1 cream to help with controlling my acne, so I definitely understand your struggle.

sgt. pepper says:

Holy fucking shit this comment section is cancer.

Bobi Stroganvsky says:

Only guy passing by

naz salabarria says:

Your only fooling yourself

Rainwing Silver says:

I just have to say how thankful I am for these reviews. I am super pale (I think I may actually be a shade lighter than you and have cool undertones) and am always on the lookout for really pale foundation shades. I’m so, so glad you brought up the scent and ingredients. I have really sensitive skin and am really sensitive to fragrance and might’ve wasted money on this foundation without that info. I find your foundation reviews to beso much more in depth than many other youtubers and that’s a big reason why I always watch your videos.

liz garcia says:

Are there any satten finish foundations that do not have flashback ? Full coverage
Please help !!

MAST3R ANG3L says:


Christina Cbeautyusa says:

I love this foundation!

Aggressive Pizza says:

Fellas take your girl on a date to the pool

Morgan M says:

Does this foundation remind you of the Cover girl Healthy Elixir?

Sue Miranda says:

You look great with hoop earrings.

amerz786 says:

your skin looks waaaaaaay better !!!!!!! yay xxxx i love your channel !!!!!

thataylaa says:

hi hi! *Update: I did try shade 120B and it looked way yellow but didn’t seem to oxidize nearly as much as 200B. While I LOVE the coverage and way this looks, I think the fragrance is way too intense and I don’t know if I’ll be picking up a new shade, there are some pretty crap ingredients and acne irritants in here which I’m trying to get better about. Here’s cosDNA’s breakdown of the ingredients if anyone’s curious:

Dennis Jordan says:

You could have.not put any makeup on and called it a Halloween tutorial.

vote4freedom says:

I like those lashes on you!

Tristan Devereaux says:

It’s super disappointing that this is fragranced! I would have bought the Milkshake shade if it wasn’t for the scent. Whyyyyyy put scent in skin products?! It is bad for the skin (not to mention bad for migraines and asthma!). 🙁 I’m so happy for the shade range as a very fair person but the fragrance ruined it for me personally.

Mario Ortiz says:

Wow the foundation looks great on you

UnicornSims says:

What do you use to edit your videos?? Love your videos!

Meghan G says:

I just got a black version of your blanket sweater the other day at costco! It’s the bomb

Alinta McMurdo says:

There still aren’t any cruelty free super pale pink shades for drier skin out there.

Courtney Fleischman says:

Yassss girl I’ve been waaaiittting for this review!!!

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