FOUNDATION – 5 Things that Make a Great Medieval City Builder (PC Alpha Gameplay)

Foundation is a Medieval city builder, coming out in 2019, that takes a unique approach to the planning elements – taking fine control away from the player, it builds a more organic city, sprawling, much like a medieval city would. With complex supply chain management, an interesting system of estates, and a few unique elements up it’s sleeve, Foundation is definitely one to watch.

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skyeplus says:

city builder + self playing game… awesome

waaaagh360 says:

Here’s one to check out that flew under the radar. Starmancer!

Redslayer86 says:

Bought this game yesterday. Have 14 hours into it already lol.

Neluv says:

Rimworld PTSD kicks in.

Tostig Airendir says:

Good looking game for an alpha. I love these types of games.

DaThingOnTheDoorstep says:

Looks pretty cool. Too bad I just can’t do city builders, as every time I do, within 30 minutes my city is broke and the citizens are drowning in their own poo water.

Alderick van Klaveren says:

I love this. I have actually been looking for something like this to simulate a D&D city whose history I want to understand better before I present it to my players.

Slayan says:

Been playing for a few days and love this game

Razunter says:

I hope devs will rework graphics and UI at some point…

Zolfried says:

so to summarize.. foundation is, if settlers and sim city had a baby.. interesting.. will probably pick this up when they launch it.

Danarcis says:

The monument construction reminds me a lot of Spore, one of the cool leftovers from the game that was hyped into oblivion.

Ankh Morpok says:

Tropics 4 is where it’s at with city builders.

This seems more childish. I’m sure that’s just because of the colours/texture.

Alexandre Caldeira says:

Does it feel childish ? the graphics seem´s to be..

Horror says:

Keep me(us) up to date on this game pls 🙂

George Felton says:

Wow, this looks fantastic! On my wishlist. I definitely hope that the modding community is robust, that will make/break this game for sure.

Oggy 2018 says:

Is it offline game?

Gordon Fenton says:

Looks like a great game.

EffGe K says:

1:34 ‘Naturally’ as Jesus walking over the water right at the bridge hahaha

Aleksa Petrovic says:

Glead you gave it spotlight. Normaly I am not into overly cartoony artstyle, but like WoW it has something captivating.
It’s very good and looks like actual evolution of city builders.

Mac Bain says:

Aaannd im following the game on steam 😀 Thank you for your review. This game looks awesome

MachineGunMouth says:

looks awesome!!!!!!!! love your reviews bruh. very informative but also straight to the point. i hate those over the top reviews where people rant for 10 minutes about nothing! definitely subscribed and looking forward to future reviews!!!

bLuNt wAcO ن says:

Can you make a video about post apocalyptic strategy games! I love those games….

Shalenia Langley says:

When will it be released? And how do i go about buying/downloading it

Blender3DProjects says:

That water is distractingly awful

PhantomSavage says:

This is incredibly fun and incredibly promising. Have a decent number of hours in this game already and its already extremely fun and very unique, there’s just not quite enough to do right now. As this game develops, however, I can forsee this being a very satisfying and very interesting city builder unlike any other.

Apolo Blans Lima says:

Looks really good, the bit about the roads really caught my attention. Hope they add some kind of battle system, that’s always an important part of medieval games for me. But even If they dont, It still looks very interesting. Will keep an eye on it, for sure

SierraSierraFoxtrot says:

Holy crap, a game that actually allows NPCs to carve out desire lines?

Pasan says:

IDK, seems to me a key part of a medieval city builder would be to plan for attackers and raiders. Most medieval cities were built according to their city wall. So im kind of disappointed if that is not a thing. Could be a really simple system of periodically spawning in bandits/raiders/vikings/mongols just to keep you on your toes.

Cheiften says:

added to my wishlist, looks awesome.

seltin1988 says:

can you do a playthroug of this?

Sharif says:

I keep runn6out of clothes and bread Everytime more than 4 people immigrate in. Makes the game a repetitive building of food and clothing.

Other than that it’s an amazing concept. Modding will be amazing.

More social classes are needed like Anno. Id love to see the people ascend in class to future times. Give us the impression it’s really alive!

David Macarthur says:

Oh my, if this can have an option to hide the UI and an unlimited money mode this could be perfect for making my D&D maps.

Fizzlefuse says:

While this game looks interresting, what always interests me more is the actual building and I lose interest very fast the more it becomes about just maintaining your city and resources and less about just building a cool town or castle.

Jade_of_Arc says:

That looks really interesting, going to keep an eye on it, thanks for the heads up.

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