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A foundation wear test and full review with the new Conceal & Define full coverage foundation from Makeup Revolution 🙂 Showing the full application with this one and a 12 hour wear test! Is it worth it or nah?
Get the MUR foundation here:

What Am I Wearing?
Lips (intro/outro): Too Faced Peach Kiss Moisture Matte Lipstick in ‘Sunday Funday’
Tutorial: Maybelline Blushing Beige

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Dutchgram says:

Zabrena, I’m sorry you went thru such an experience as your sitter flat lining in your home. I would think your concerns with leaving your children home with someone else after this experience is understandable. Thank you for reminding us how IMPORTANT it is to know that this could be our last day on earth or someone else’s last day. We need to express our love to each ither.

Joy Utmostjoylife says:

Wow! That’s traumatic! Praying for you and your family as well as your sitters.

gypsy2112 says:

I love the eye look with Emily’s pallet.

Peacebaby says:

God bless you and your family! Take care of yourself, dear. Losing loved ones certainly takes time to adjust to. Love to you and yours.

Classic Beauty over 50 says:

Oh how horrible. Her family must have been devastated as we as yours. Our hearts go out to everyone. I hope you can learn to entrust your babies in another person’s care.

C Yates says:

Thank you for your honest review!!

Adina Lao-Segarra says:

Sorry for your loss and yes always cherish those you love because we never know. GOD bless.

perfectingodseyes masters says:

My fiance passed away in bed next to me unexpectedly this past yr. I tried to bring him back to no avail. I was 32 and he was 42 . It blindsighted me. Now everyday I’m worried that I’m going to loose another close love one at any given moment the same way. I had been in the process of healing over the unexpected passing of my only brother a few yrs before this loss. It overwhelmed me and this fear of thinking i might loose someone precious consumes my mind . It takes some time ,faith, and much inner strength to get a grip on. Like you said life is precious and we don’t need to forget to treat it that way. Its easy to get caught up and forget.Hope you and your family find peace and comfort. God bless.

dindog22 says:

sorry about the sitter. I really like the eye look you have at the beginning and end of the video

Ashley Martin says:

I would love a tutorial on the black/silver/white eye look you’re wearing! That’s gorgeous!!!!!

Cyndi Crain says:

I am so sorry about your babysitter. I am glad you were home at the time. BTW Channel still makes Perfection Lumiere Velvet.

C Yates says:

Oh my, I am so sorry to hear about your father and your baby sitter. That is indeed tramatic

Nadyne says:

I never wear primer, face or eye.

Angel K says:

Oh my goodness! I’m sorry that you had to go through that experience!! The circle of life is hard at times. Thanks for all you do!

Luciana Bombonato says:

I love all your videos! You are very cute and always so gentle! And you are gorgeous! I love your hair and I know your channel focus mainly on makeup, but can you make more videos abour hair? What products do you use, what treatments, leave ins and so on… Kisses from Brazil

Daniela Miszezun says:

It’s hard to believe that too. This happened some years ago: One of my colleagues at college (it’s hard to explain if you don’t live here, but we assist a professor, and I still am a student there too) just got graduated he didn’t want to come and assist anymore suddenly; later on we found out that he got cancer and one morning we got the horrible news he past away, he was 26 years old. And I was: and there’s people that make you wait instead of saying things, people that are procrastinators, people that are afraid to say what they feel… and like you said “life is too short”.
Something I started doing is sending my mother the exact location (I share it with my phone’s GPS on Whatsapp for 8 hours). No-one knows what will happen in 5 minutes. But it’s not good to suffer from an anxiety attack only because of that (I already have it as a stress factor…) I try to do little things to have my stress as minimum as possible.
Stay safe! Again my condolences to you and her family. And Kisses to Jett and Gia!

Meital Kabeli says:

This foundation has so many mixed review. But I’m glad you did a 12 hour wear test with your oily skin. I’ll pass on this one, thanks. So sorry you lost your sitter and had to go through that hard ordeal. Try to have a good weekend.

Cory Christy says:

I’m sorry to hear about your dad my heart goes out to you and your family xoxo

Nujam Nella says:

Sorry for the passing of your baby sitter. It’s traumatic for you and your children.
Love your eye makeup in your intro/outro!

OrgulloBoriqua means Puerto Rican Pride says:

I lost my mom on Nov 10th, 1999. I miss her every day of my life! The same woman who bit me to stop me from biting other people lol Much love to you, gorgeous!

Tamara Sparks says:

Skipping this foundation. So sorry for the loss of your sitter. When we are called…
I wish I had one more chance to talk to my dad and mom…and grandparents .

starchaser341 says:

Very sorry about your sitter.

Bailey Wesley says:

Zabrena, you have been through it! I’m so sorry for your losses! You have the sweetest heart. I love it when you share pieces of your lives with us.

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