Bienvenidos Muses.. This video was a rollercoaster for me.. Tell me what you guys think of the new Morphe foundation..

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EliBeautyy says:

It smells like paint lol and the color in the store never matches the color at home

WhiteGumiho says:

Do you mind if I ask where are you from, my love?~

Glammed By Makeup Artist says:

I def think you should use a brush for concealer that way it won’t separate ❤️

Niqueyy313 says:

The foundation looks like a good shade match

j Diamond says:

She doesn’t kno what she’s doing down to the eyebrows and face

veronica diaz says:

If it cracks or spreads, it’s obvious that you need to put on oil before. If you guys watch AllyahsFace, she had a really good review.. and it looked good on her. I’m a 340 in Fenty. I may be trying out morphe

Tochukwu Agbo says:

The setting spray is a continuation mist so you don’t have to keep pressing on it like fix +

courtney young says:

I think it matches pretty good

Simone Simone says:

It seems like it’s a good match for though with the first layer

Cocoavisage says:

I think the setting spray you used in between caused the lifting and separating….try it again minus that step.

Madiefdez Makeup says:

It probably separated because you mist your face before concealer

Ja'Bria Miles says:

I’m finding that people who let the concealer sit on their face it separated and got patchy

Real Talk New York With Janique says:

The color match was perfect!

Ashleigh Timmons says:

I love your facial expressions lol

Chakana Mayo says:

You seem to have the same issue a lot of other influencers had once they applied the concealer

KiVonShe J says:

You are dedicated to us cus I woulda been done n uploaded a video like Alissa did lol just distraught n disappointed

Tyra Montour says:

sis…why are we still trying to “make the foundation work” in 2019….NAH so many other foundations look BOMB on you!

Anderson Escobar says:

we need a video on that wig!!! its so prettyyy

Ruby Calvillo-Reyes says:

Almost always, cuando un producto tiene un Matte finish (whether it’s foundation or concealer) they set pretty fast so you gotta work area by area or work quick af.

Candy Caramel says:

Can you do a review on the make up line Caí Parami?

MonicaStyle Muse says:

Sooo are you spending your coins?

M bolt says:

Can’t see with 720 🙁

stephazeliyz says:

I’m a 420 in fenty but matched with F4.10

SunKissed says:

Foundation Shade looks perfect to me.. not sure if it’s the lighting (or you being used to darker shades) but it doesn’t look light. Flawless!!!! This can go without all the contouring/concealing etc. Apply and out the door

Carolinawst says:

this backdrop makes you look soooooo good!

Lade featuring says:

I think you look absolutely gorgeous… The foundation matches the rest of your body so well

windaliz maldonado says:

That back drop loos so good with your skin tone

Shawna Chenee. says:

Damn I wish I would’ve seen this before I ordered mine ughhhhh. No makeup should be so difficult to work with like this lol.

All things Dia says:

Nope not purchasing the foundation.

mzlareine1105 says:

Foundation is your shade however it’s not your “undertone”… If that makes sense lolol

I don’t believe you did anything wrong, however I am curious how it wore throughout the day. Did it start to look better with your natural oils settling in? I also wonder how it’ll fare with warm weather since it’s so matte

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