In today’s video I’m testing out THREE NEW Chanel makeup products that I just picked up from Nordstrom and giving you guys an honest first impression review. These product’s are worth over $300 and are some of Chanel’s most expensive luxury makeup items. Make sure to see what my final thoughts on the foundation, highlighter and bronzer is!

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Chanel Sublimage Le Teint Foundation (40 Beige) http://rstyle.me/n/cqu888cb427
Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow Luminous Color (Deep) http://rstyle.me/n/cqu9chcb427
Chanel Plissé Lumiére De Chanel Illuminating Powder http://rstyle.me/n/cqu9dscb427

Other products I’m wearing:
NARS Creamy Concealer (Custard) http://rstyle.me/n/cqu9i5cb427
MAC Lip Pencil (Boldly Bare) http://rstyle.me/n/cqu9hmcb427
Marc Jacobs Enamored Hi-Shine Lip Lacquer Lipgloss (Moonglow) http://rstyle.me/~a2iDd
Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette http://rstyle.me/~a2iDY

This is not a sponsored video. Some of the links are affiliate links.


hoa Nguyen says:

I agreed, the bronzer is a definitely a good investment. I have never bought a highlighter that worth more than $65 and you are right there are so many amazing highlights that aren’t overpriced. I had Chanel cream contour many years ago and I loved it. I’m definitely going to spur on this beauty product. I love a good contour face . Thanks for the review.

Natalie de jesus says:

So weird your so beautiful I always want to purchase everything you use after watching your videos. Not this time and chanel foundation and bronzer color selection leaves a really bad taste in my mouth.

Melissa says:

I love a subtle highlight but I don’t know that I’d pay that much. Especially when the drugstore versions are getting so good! I love the eye look though! #snapchatfam

Nicki P. says:

#24hourclub ❤️❤️

Deborah Portillo says:

This videos are also amazing. Love everything that you do!!!
Omg, the highlighter blew my mind, its so beautiful!!!

negin kaz says:

Wow they’re expensive but the packaging is so nice and it looks amazing on you!! #24hrclub

Jackie A says:

The chanel highlight is beautiful. If u want subtle highlight use a real hair brush if u want something a little more use a synthetic brush. That’s what I noticed with this highlighter.

Michelle vegas says:

Love u sona always sweet and gorgeous !

Amanda Paulo says:

The bronzer looked gorgeous on you! #24hrclub

Cindy Santoso says:

My first makeup stuff was from Chanel, I think Chanel’s makeup ain’t that great compared to other designers’ makeup. I like Dior or YSL better. Always love your honesty! Can you please do Charlotte Tilbury review?

Souji Choppala says:

I love that bronzer tho. It really really complements your skin tone. You’re beautiful anyway ❤️ Sona can you do a skincare day and night routine. You skin looks even more amazing now. #SnapFam #24HrClub ❤️

Andrea Castro says:

Rushed over here after seeing you snapchat lol. No lighting or with lighting will not make a difference, you look beautiful. Bronzer was my favorite out of all these products as well, specially now for the summer. Thanks for sharing. #24HrClub

Nyssa Mö says:

Thanks for the check-in at the end! #24hrclub

Stacey Anne says:

Sale is to August 6th FYI. I like the bronzer

Maegahn Smith says:

The end was the best part! I think having vlog style updates is a great way to really test out the make up and show what it really does throughout the day. The camera you used also showed off your real skin making it much more realistic and relatable. #snapchatfam #24hrclub

Rosella Berbotto says:

It is good to know price don’t make the product. I did really appreciate the test you made and I would like to see more tests on products like this. Well done

Linda Marriaga says:

Thank you, very informative. I thought the bronzer was the best also #24hrclub

Karima Kazdar says:

i don’t have a perfect skin, but i love the philosophy behind chanel’s makeup, which is natural glow, the opposite of instagram makeup that i hate.
Unfortunately i can’t afford their makeup.

Catherine McKay says:

I hope to see someone do a ‘guess my palette’ make up look, where a fair, medium, and deep skin tone person tries the same palette but throughout putting it on they don’t show the audience what they are using and see if the audience can guess the palette. Perhaps to interact and have fun with subscribers to feel involved and to help us determine if we should make our purchases. Love you btw

Geetha Balakrishnan says:

I miss the everyday videos from the drugstore week☺️ love what you have on your eyes, it’s gorgeous❤️ #snapchatfam #24hrclub

J K says:

That will be a big NO to these super expensive Chanel products for me.

Agnes Eisa says:

I have been wanting to get the Chanel Bronzer Makeup for summer, thank you for the review =] it is very helpful. Love all your videos #24hrclub #snapchatfam

Monica Reddy says:

I really like how you put in your very honest opinions even though it’s such an expensive brand. 🙂
really appreciate that. was contemplating to buy one of their bronzers and after I saw this video I got to know that they don’t have shades for me. thanks for the upload. And FYI- I did not think there were any problems with the video like you mentioned in the snapchat! #24hrclub #snapfam

Tanya Orama Miranda says:

#24hrclub #snapchatfam ❤️

Jennifer Baird says:

The foundation did look gorgeous on you! Too bad it isn’t long lasting (for that price it should last a week lol). I think my favorite is the bronzer, just gorgeous and so natural looking. #24hrclub

sweetmarcipan says:

I love Chanel. But from another side- I really really love their Rouge Coco lipsticks. My favorites! 🙂 Great decision to do a luxury products review after a drugstore series. #24hrclub

Jennifer O`Keefe says:

Loved the review!!!! Thank you!! I love when reviews check in at the end of the day to see how it looks. It’s one thing to know how the product applies but we really like to see how it wears!! Love you Sona! #24hrclub #snapchatfam

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