IT’S BACK…NEW Maybelline SuperStay Foundation {First Impression Review & Demo!} Acne/Fair Skin

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Teespring sizing guide:


Maybelline Super Stay Full Coverage Foundation in Fair Porcelain

**Update on the old formula as mentioned: I’ve tried it twice since filming this and the old formula looked great on my skin right now. Definitely prefer it and would not use the new formula again.

Skin Prep:
Murad Hydro-Dynamic Ultimate Moisture
Pixi Hydrating Milky Mist

◇ LA Girl sponge
◇ Sigma F83 Brush Curved Kabuki


◇ Makeup details:
Contour/bronzer: Hourglass Diffused Bronze Light
Highlight: PF Shimmer Brick Natural Nude
Blush: Hourglass Incandescent Electra
Lipstick: Maybelline Matte ink 15 Lover with Maybelline Taura
Eyeshadow: Morphe 39A eyeshadow palette ★ 10% OFF Morphe with code “TAYLOR10”
Lashes: Maybelline Lash Sensational with Catrice Glam & Doll
Bottom lashes: Wet n Wild megalength mascara
◇ Nail Polish: OPI Shellac in Skyfall
◇ Sweater and tank top are from American Eagle
◇ Earrings:
◇ Gold Rings: & &

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Donna Riddell says:

Your skin is looking good honey

Theresa Pittman says:

1 K closer to 500! I watched your most watched video yesterday for the first time. You have evolved so much! I worked with Kelly Ehlers, founder of Designs that Evoke (recognized by Forbes) before she was “Ehlers”. I think one of the reasons I like you so much is you remind me of Seattle and you remind me of Kelly. And that is the nicest thing I’ve ever said to you and you know I find you… adorable doesn’t quite fit… sophisticated-adorable. Can we make that a thing? Go boldly and take no bullshit

Melissa Bee says:

Unpopular opinion here, but… I love when you film the intro with your make up on! I watch your videos from start to finish anyway, so it’s not like I need to be “surprised” by the final look.

Lara Jensen says:

You should try a chemical peel I wonder if it would help your skin at all just wondering love you

Julia Kirsty says:

Uh, yesterday I went shopping with my Mom and she was looking for a new foundation. She was holding this one and now I’m glad she didn’t buy it. I bet she would have hated it just by seeing how it performed on your skin. She got the new L’Oreal one (I forgot the name, the one with the huge shade range… btw here in Germany we still have a shit shade range in the stores, there were only medium shades on the shelf, none I could’ve bought for myself or someone with deeper skin could wear, which I just don’t get.) and her only complain about it was that its formula is quite light, she said it doesn’t really cover anything. I dunno how she applied it and how much she used but that’s what she said. We are still looking for a nice drug store foundation for her mature skin with a light-medium coverage, so if you have any recommendations, I’d be happy to hear about it 😉

Kimberlea Blair says:

Loving that holiday background.

upmakemarie Reid says:

Your skin is looking so good !

yakumo says:

your skin look really Good right now

natalia lampr says:

thank god i saw the video because i was ready to buy it two times already

J Carlene Hall says:

This is rather disappointing lol I got excited cause it looked like a light enough color for me. I’m constantly looking for an adorable foundation that’s light enough that doesn’t make me look dry. What are some of your favorite fair foundations. I need suggestions. Loo


i keep saying no no no stop don’t use it stoooop coz i tryed this foundation before and its sooooo dry like really dry
its very good for a very oily skin during summer

Stephanie Berg says:

YouTube unsubscribed me from your channel. May have just been a glitch but wanted to give you a heads up in case anyone else mentions it.

Theresa Pittman says:

Ooh, I wore this for the first time yesterday. But I mixed it with some HD powder and a beautybox additive that I’m not 100% sure the purpose. :-/ Don’t mix it with powder! Unless you’re going for cake. I’m more of a pastry-girl. Not my right shade either. What can I add to tone down the yellow? Purple corrector? :-

Barb Bradley says:

Sometimes the bristles of a brush can actually semi exfoliate if you are dry. Thanks accutane. Been there done that. You just have to get through it.

Rickest Rick says:

Anyone’s thoughts on Born This Way foundation by Too faced?

My friend, who’s only a shade darker than me (super super pale), is giving it to me and I wanna know what to expect. I’m poor af and desperately need a good foundation for pale, combo skin with acne.

zakiah tukes says:

I still see the old formula sold on amazon even though they’re discontinued are they fake?

bell hooks says:

Have your ever tried the Daily Reviving Concentrate from Khiels? It is really good under very dry foundations and definitely helped with my acne/texture. It’s a mixture of oils, but they are really light and fast-absorbing.

Autumn Harris says:

Your skin looks so nice!!

Dinoxdeath says:

I’ve noticed for myself that when i use a foundation that is too light for me, it often makes me look like a desert. I can have the same foundation a shade up and it will sit way better.

Kasey Rosie says:

Whenever I want to learn how beauty product performs I scour the internet for information, no matter what the popular opinion is, I’m always like “Okay…But what does Taylor think?”. I love how real you are, thanks for being so consistent and true to yourself over the years. Makes it not only enjoyable to watch your channel, but genuinely helpful as well in regards to honest product reviews.

Melanie Huston says:

I’ve been waiting for a review from you on this product. I really trust your opinion. You have the same struggles as I do with some texture and acne.

Melanie Mel says:

Since your skin is very dry maybe mixing a pump of moisturizer with the foundation before you apply it would help.

Ashley Brown says:

My skin is dryish and my foundation applies much better using my fingers to apply and thats the only way I dont get that texture going on. Then i use a setting powder with a brush and do it lightly and of course coverfx setting spray makes it not look so dry

Royal Diadem62 says:

Usually I don’t care about people’s backgrounds but yours is so aesthetically pleasing right now girl you did that

Andrea Pulver says:

Once your skin heals and normalizes after your Accutane treatment, I would like to see another application. As your skin texture improves, I’m sure your reaction to foundations will be different. It looks like you have a lot of skin accumulating on the surface, so its making your finish look uneven. In 6 months re-review it! I’d love to see it!
(I took Accutane twice)


Accutane update please!

Cheyalla Whitney says:

Wow your skin is already looking so gooood. How much doses are you in? I’m going to give it a try.

Fafaa Meoww says:

Been waiting for thisssssss

Kaila Lewis says:

I think their lightest shade in fit me is just as light

katzeyez06 says:

In person the shade may have been too light, but on camera, to me, the shade was a perfect match. When you changed cameras, shade wise I couldn’t tell you had foundation on.

Shelly Garcia says:

Hoping you will respond and I’m sure you’ve already mentioned this but will the stargazer white powder cause flashback

Palladio 1500 says:

Hi Taylor. Thought you might be interested: Dr Dray a young dermatologist on YouTube did a Q & A about facial moisturizers yesterday and she mentioned doing a Q & A on Accutane use – maybe next Friday. Cheers!

K Noelle Garcia says:

The lighter the foundation the more it emphasizes dryness.

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