Jeffree Star CONFIRMS Biased Morphe Foundation Review!?

Jeffree Star CONFIRMS Biased Morphe Foundation Review!?

In this video I discuss Jeffree Star announcing his newest collab with Morphe Brushes.

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Luv2LuvEm says:

I didn’t see his review of the foundation so I STILL don’t know whether or not he said he liked it.

As for the brushes, I would be willing to try his Jeffree Star X Morphe brushes (I actually do like the Elite collection and I don’t feel he would put his name on something that he doesn’t really feel.) However, I’m assuming it’s going to be a set and this bitch already has MORE THAN ENOUGH makeup brushes. More than I actually have room for. I have the brushes I actually use everyday in cups, but I also found these leather roll-up brush holders on eBay and I have FIVE of them, all full of specialty brushes or just brushes that I just don’t plain use. I don’t have enough room for anymore. That being said, if they were being sold separately, I might have tried a couple just to see what they are like, but like I said, they’re most likely going to be sold in a set (like the Jaclyn Hill and James acharles sets, which is a bummer and I’m not paying $100 or more just to get the few I would actually use.)

Lola02 says:

It might be he has a portion of Morphe. It’s business and he knows business as it is obvious. Instead of picking up on conspiracy theory people need to think about how that stands from business side. I wish he would just say Look, it would put me in uncomfortable place with Morphe and I don’t want to go there. There are 100 other channels, even Tati did a review so why pick on Jeffree.
Nothing shady here.

Dimsrose says:

I think Jeffery didn’t want to do the review but people kept pushing and he does do reviews based on what the people want to see, so he was safe about it. I mean he knew he was going to be dragged either way so why not do it in the least damaging way.

Lizziejnb says:

I cannot stress this enough: Morphe sucks ass

Ade Hola says:

OMG I knew this

Lori Rose says:

I totally forgot about those brushes.

HelloKittyfouronesix says:

I’m not a fan of Jeffree, but I think it is contractual obligation. He had to release those brushes since he signed for a release back in 2016. I could be wrong, meh. Morphe does what Morphe do and I’m sure he owns stock in the company.

TyLynn says:

At the same time though, maybe Jeffree just doesn’t review Morphe products because he knows he may be biased through his connections to Morphe.

S Williams says:

Morphe brushes are so awful the quality is crap. I didnt keep the ones I had…

Sarah Wilson says:

I never understood how Jeffree could be *THAT* rich from his makeup brand to be honest. I mean, he’s not just rich, he’s loaded. It would explain a lot. It would explain why the beauty community is keeping shut about him, the stories they apparently have about him. Does anyone know when Morphe kind of launched? Maybe he’s even the owner?


First this, then bhad baby? JS used to be super trust worthy but ehh… I think 2019 should be the year we stop cancelling people, but after being a SUPER BIG jeffree fan until this year… I feel betrayed.

Zoë Jonas says:

There are other stores where his products are also being sold in Europe. He definitely does not own any of those stores. So therefore I don’t think he owns Morphe

salem says:

i don’t get why any influencer would collab with morphe at this point. they are on the decline fast and also he has his own company? why collab on something like brushes? it just seems sketch to me.

Julia Long says:

I think he is trying to turn Morphe around. He does care about quality. Heres to hoping to a good product. I think it will be brushes. With him saying it wasn’t for everyone was honest.

Maria says:

Congratulations on 90K Nick, more than deserved honey! As for the collab, I am Morphe exhausted, I pass completely xxx

Blessings 2You says:

Hay…it went thru to you!!! what gives?

Yami Chan says:

I’m tired of Morphie.

Alison P says:

Definitely going to pass over priced brushes plus pink chrome is a tad tacky imo

Blessings 2You says:

Please HELP!!! I am a new sub & i don’t knôw shit about the internet…
***After I left my comment on your vidio today something strange happened- – -that being, i am unable to leave any comments on ANY channels. Why would this be happening? Could you help me understand?
thanx (in advance).
‘hope you receive this.

Sam Shazam says:

Okay, but if he owned shares of morphe and then never reviewed anything for fear of making a bad review…like i respect that more than just lying for the cash which seems to be more prevalent

jane Doe says:

If it’s a palette I definitely want it.

Meg Ro says:

I Stan Jstar but I just kind of went… oh dear when I saw the brush collab. Like he worked way too hard to be doing shitty collaborations with a way over done brand like Morphe.. that partners with the most dishonest beauty guru of all JH!!! Just not a good move for all the trust he’d built up I’m kind looking at him like the rest of them again now which sucks because I was starting to think he was like YouTube royalty that had real world flex..

Danyelle Arbour says:

did not watch his twitch stream…because I was streaming on twitch! Haha! Yeah but not makeup.

Atsuyo says:

People who are disappointed are disappointed for the wrong reason. Tati had a biased review on the James Charles pallete cause they’re friends. It becomes an a ISSUE when you deny it and when you’re being paid to say stuff that kisses the companies ass. Wish he said this right on with the Morphe foundation review and didn’t plan to collab with them, he can do so much better collab wise.

Donavan McKinley says:

Crown brushes are the same manufacturer as morphe but a fraction of the price

just another lame human says:

If it’s in fact an eyeshadow palette collab, I’ll probably scream. Since Jeffree already has various eyeshadow palettes under his brand, making one with morphe makes no sense. At least if it’s brushes, that’s something his brand doesn’t carry.

Up the Sunset says:

I remember not so long ago in one of Nicole’s Master Class allegedly someone ask Jeffree about his collab with Morphe (the pink chrome set of brushes) and he said something like they’re not gonna happen anymore … so what else is he gonna collab with Morphe?

Makeup and Lashes says:

No he doesn’t own shares. He’s just a partner in business as They sell his brand. He fudged that review with LN as again they sell his brand so he couldn’t bag it. This collaboration is a years old commitment. I think brushes.

hind says:

I’ve been saying this since he did that stream, but noooo we trust JS! He’s not shady at allll! Big lol

Shani Semah says:

I don’t think it’s a palette cause that would be really stupid considering jfc sells palletes

Toviah Levin says:

*Jeffree Star’s integrity has left the chat*

May H says:

I don’t even wear makeup so I don’t care I just like Jeffree lol

Kim says:

I don’t know why, you don’t research Twitch better…

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