Hey loves!! Here is my review of a new clean beauty brand called 37 Actives. This is my dupe for one of my holy grail foundations, La Mer. This foundation has so many​ anti-aging benefits and much cleaner then La Mer. Hope you enjoy xo

Products Mentioned:
+ 37 Actives High-Performance Anti-Aging Treatment Foundation in Medium:
+ HOURGLASS Ambient Lighting Edit Volume 4:
+ HOURGLASS Caution™ Extreme Lash Mascara:
+ BITE Beauty Matte Crème Lip Crayon in Leche:
+ ZOEVA Cocoa Blend Eyeshadow Palette: UK:
Everywhere else:
+ HOURGLASS Veil™ Translucent Setting Powder:

Music By: Alex Ariete
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Dawn Paschal says:

What shade are you wearing?

Grace Kelly says:

It is beautiful. If I could stop all my other skincare, it would be worth it. Can we get a scientific review on whether the actives are useful i. Quantity and combination?

Denise Scarpetti says:

I stopped watching when u mentioned the price. Sorry..I just can’t afford a foundation that costs that much..

Laura Libner says:

Yes it looks gorgeous, but that price point is insane- a real turn off :-/.. I just couldn’t wear it unless…. I won the lottery.. and even then…

rachelle R. says:

I read dupe and was super excited to see a cheaper alternative….. $165 for a foundation is insane! Having kids a house ect….I would feel way too guilty on a splurge like that for foundation.

Diane Mercadefe says:

You sound like a heavy smoker! And your foundation was too pink ! And who the hell would spend almost $200 on a foundation that doesn’t look any different or special! You got suckered in to buying it!

farjopa farjopa says:

I love La Mer, I cry everytime I have to buy a new bottle. I haven’t used anything that compares $165.00 that way more than La Mer, it would be nice to find a nice affordable dupe. I love your reviews!

Jeanne Starks says:

I have yet to find to find my Holy Grail Foundation, because I just couldn’t afford to even try something like this, even if it were magic in a bottle. I think that many of your viewers are in the same boat. We’re lucky if we can afford a lower priced, high foundation. I’ve gone through just about every drugstore brand, and gotten testers of many high end foundations(thank goodness I didn’t have to purchase any) ; all to no avail … Now, since I own so many drugstore, I’m going to begin mixing my own concoctions, to see what I can come up with…Never, would our could I spend $165 on a foundation!

Lizzy3141592 C. says:

It looks beautiful! Too bad it’s outside my price range. Thanks for sharing anyway Elle

Patricia Sansone says:

You look amazing

Belinda Shanle says:

Looks beautiful, I would hope so for the price, I love makeup but cannot go that extreme. Thank you for sharing!

susanmcf1 says:

You lost me at $165. No for me, but maybe for someone else.

Peggy M says:

Thanks for reviewing this foundation. I’m still looking for that “perfect” foundation for me. ❤️❤️❤️

Martha Miles says:

Beautiful! Pricey, but lovely and great to have a cleaner alternative to La Mer! And your skin is looking so great! Thanks!

Anne Sagendorph-Moon says:

pretty awesome!
I am ordering the samples…this is a great find

Kathy Brenneman says:

Wow. LaMer is $120.00 at NM while this dupe is $165.00, so the LaMer is actually cheaper. I’d stay with the LaMer.

Mom to 4 S. says:

Love love love your videos!! I have one silly request: please stop asking for a thumbs up before we’ve seen the video!! Thanks for all your hard work!! ❤️

Mary Austin Cox says:

Gorgeous!!! Don’t think I can justify the price quite yet but it is beautiful no doubt!! Appreciate the knowledge of it though!!

nikki borden says:

Sorry too rich for my blood.

Abby Bliss White says:

Thank you Elle! I have wanted to invest in that one forever and now I can! I love the La Mer foundation but have wanted a cleaner alternative. You are the best. xoxo

Susan Johnson says:

Natural November 🙂 but 165.00 foundation crazy.

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