NEVER WEARING AGAIN… Morphe Fluidity Foundation Review + Wear Test

Hey babes! How yew doooin?? Hope you enjoyed this video testing out the new Morphe fluidity foundation!!! Oh boy … make sure you watch all the way until the end… Leave me a comment what you guys thought and don’t forget to subscribe xo!
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Laine Sroge says:

The concealer feels heavy cause you put so much on!

mia says:

love this girl!!!!

Leah Carlton says:

God she was so annoying this video. Like she didnt do a blind review and was annoyed before she even started. Always contradicting herself.

Rahaf Bedah says:

She speaks sooooooooo much!!! I have never been annoyed by someone speaking like I’d watch james charles for 40 minutes with him fast talking and still get everything but she keeps repeating what she says every second where she could’ve said it briefly…

RedLadyBug U says:

What foundation would you recommend with someone with dry sensitive acne prone skin ? Thx

Maria Bugge says:

5:16 lol, its a big difference

potato bunny says:

That one concealer would be perfect for a terracotta pot.

Elizabeth Moya says:

That’s not gray and that does not have a red undertone wth ? The concealer is amazing

Peyton Riley says:

Every single youtuber I’ve seen review this gives a totally different (and wrong) price point. In this one she says the foundation is $12. James Charles says it’s $14, then corrects himself while editing to $18. So what is it?

Roxana Gonzalez says:

I appreciate the honesty!! You’re an avid morphe user and affiliate!! I am dry and I will pass on the foundation and concealer god of your review! I appreciate the in depth info by purchasing foundation online is hard!!

Alisa Khalid says:

Terrible review, not being realistic nor open to the product. First and last video unfortunately

Sara Kauffman says:

What lip is she wearing

Emily Elizabeth Anderson says:

I love the fact that nobody is jumping on the fact that the foundation FUCKING STAINED HER ARMS!!! I’ve swatched darker shades on my arms and they’ve NEVER EVER STAINED BEFORE!!! THAT ALONE IS A FUCKING RED FLAG YALL!!! It smells like paint, it stains like paint, it dries like paint. That says a lot.

Also, for those who were saying that they would not watch her videos because of the attitude, fuck off. She has a right to your opinion. If you don’t like it, that’s a YOU problem, bitch.

ala says:

only 15 seconds in and i don’t know if i can handle her just to see the product review


You’re so loud it’s difficult to watch you

Natalie Allen says:

Great review! You made great points for women of color. I’m not sure why they thought orange/red was the way to go with us but who knows. Love your openness and honesty. That one concealer is definitely an orange corrector not useful as a standard concealer for anyone I know.

Kaitlyn Jorge says:

also i wouldn’t say she’s being negative the entire video she’s honestly keeping an open mindset towards anything that happens

amie does art says:

Hiiii am new u seem really cool …

StrawberryNinja Nibbles says:

Why do all “beauty gurus” use the same language? Like snatched, honey, gorl, sister, calling everything ‘she’, “I’m living for this” or “not here for that” etc….

Abby Glamour says:

Hi guys! I’m a new YouTuber that loves beauty, fashion, life and wellness! I would love some friends and some support!!! It would be awesome if you could check out my stuff and subscribe!!!!! (:

Meow Meow says:

Hair looking rough

isabela oliveira says:

When will white woman stop speaking for black woman? I believe you should have indicated channels of black gurus who were talking about the foundation.

So So says:

If you’re dry you should not wear or test this

April MacIntosh says:

Omg they could’ve did such a better job took longer to develop the shades

Sky Meredith says:

Loooove your nails! That shape really suites you.

Mary Macfadzen says:

I am very yellow, this is good to me lol. Green is good for olive tones. Once foundation is blended out the stark yellow/green isn’t as crazy looking.

cflowermakeup says:

I agree on the undertones they are all so weird looking! And matte MATTE! Lol

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