NEW FAVORITE CHEAP FOUNDATION!? Only $10.99! | Catrice Liquid Foundation Review!

Its…not an…unboxing? What is going on here!? Today I am reviewing a fairly inexpensive foundation and concealer from Catrice. Will it replace my current favorite? Lets find out!
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Product Claims


-Ultra-light, high coverage foundation for a natural looking finish
-Covers imperfections and mattifies the skin creating a smooth and even complexion for up to 24 hours
-Features a unique dropper applicator


-Long lasting, liquid concealer for weightless coverage
-Highly pigmented and waterproof formula instantly hides dark circles, imperfections and redness
-Flock tip applicator for precise application

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Yara Serrano says:

I love the revlon color stay foundation

Jennifer Hargrove says:

Hi alexandria…i too suffer from female pattern hairloss. If ur not against taking medication….u can see ur dermatologist and they can prescribe spironolactone for hairloss n acne…its a potassium sparing diuretic…works very well…i also suggest a collagen wupplement…it helps alot

Fabulash Glam says:

What vitamin are you using for your hair?

LeaAnn Whitt says:

I absolutely love you and I live in Corbin so we are both Kentucky girls anyway every time I wash my hair I’m like freaking because of all the hair that comes out so can you please give me information on the vitamins that you were talking about for hair loss and how they are working for you please?

Kd Walters says:

that seems like a great foundation….. Have you ever done a tutorial on doing your eyebrows? I am never really done them —out of fear mostly—will look around your site to see if there is one already—thanks again for sharing!

Amanda S says:

I saw Tati’s review too and after yours I’m in. Now, how do I find the multiple shades and undertones….that is the question?

Michele Rosa says:

You don’t look grey

Christina Gallagher says:

OMG I just bought this a few days ago and I love it!!! perfect match for me and so many compliments on it, which I never get.

Brittany Burnham says:

I like how the foundation looks. Doesn’t look gray to me!

Iris says:

Hello Alexandria, I think that the Foundation looks nice on u. Do u think it’s good for dry skin? Thanks 4 another great video.

underthemoonbeam says:

6:40-6:46 had me dead. LOL! Unboxing or not, I will forever love your videos! They make my morning. ♥

Elizabeth Allen says:

I used to wear that concealer and loved it but the fragrance gave me migraines!

Kira Bozyk says:

I don’t even wear foundation, yet here I am watching a foundation review. Lol

Jenny Pettry says:

Looks great on you. Very beautiful

Ashley Sawyer says:

Hey!! Have you thought about trying Halo from Tati? Since you say you have hair problems and stuff. I’m curious if it would help.

makeup Junkie 16 Hunt says:

I love these kinds of videos I love you you have help me with makeup

Makeup Junkie says:

Looks nice! Slightly concerned as to why your hair is falling out so bad though!

Tiffany Holmes says:

Nope I just ordered my own!! Thanks

Linda Tannock says:

Wow! That stayed on really nicely! Might give that a try sometime!

AJ says:

Clowns wear make up.
Just saying.

Karen Saltz says:

Looks good but I think I like the foundation you normally wear better. Great video as always! 🙂

Courtney Nicole Whittington says:

Yay I love you so much and it’s our favorite time of year girl !!!!!!!!!

Teri Doster says:

Wow, that held up quite well! I’d love to try it but I’m so pale I think it’ll be too dark. They *really* need to expand their shade range (but so do most companies). Shades usually jump from a chalk white to a fair shade that’s a titch too deep for me. Companies really need to realize that 20-30 medium shades with a sprinkling of fair & deep shades, is just not acceptable!

Jennie Frost says:

I wanted to guess before.. Is it the Catrice.. I’ll keep watching

laura Garcia says:

What vitamin are you taking girl tell me

Alicia Warner says:

Have you thought about trying Halo beauty? They have a supplement for hair, skin, and nails and have one just for skin. I have heard good things.

Rebecca Klipp says:

You could put mud on your face and you would still be adorable!!!

Dasmon Madison says:

I loved this video! You are amazing!

Jodi Long says:

Your skin is flawless!

Little Red Goddess Persephone says:

I love your videos and this one was super fun! You don’t look grey to me!

Teaching Terence says:

You don’t look grey, you nut.

Alicia Dye says:

I also just got this foundation and also got it because I saw Tati use it. Not sure how I feel yet but wearing it again today we shall see

Angie Morris says:

You look really good.

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