NEW!! Makeup revolution Conceal & Define Full Coverage Foundation 8 Hour Wear Test and Review on Oily Skin.💗

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Products Mentioned:

Cover FX Power Play in G40
Huda Beauty Faux Filter in Tres Leche
Maybelline Super Stay in Sun Beige
L’Oréal Pro Matte 207
Beauty Blender Bounce Liquid whip foundation in 3.5
Too Faced foundation in Sand
Colourpop No Filter foundation in 110
NYX Cant Stop Won’t Stop In BEIGE
Maybelline Fit me Matte and Poreless 310
L.A. Girl Pro Matte Foundation in Light Tan♡

Foundation Playlist:

Conceal & Define Full Coverage Foundation F10.5:

Beauty blender used!
Makeup Revolution Conceal & Define concealer
Colourpop Concealer
Maybelline Fit me Powder in Light Medium
Benefit Hoola Bronzer
Makeup Revolution X Sophie Highlighter

GlamLite Masterpiece Palette “Taisha” for $$ off
Lorea’l Telescopic Mascara
Baddie B Lashes “Instahoe”

NYX Brown Lip liner
Tori| Lala ( Full Monty)

Sigma (Taisha)
Fav Mask! Teami (Taisha15)
Glamlite (Taisha)
Kara beauty(Taisha)

-Age: 19
-Race: Puertorican
-Camera to Film: Sony A5100
-Editing: Final Cut Pro

Taisha Alicea ♡


Taisha says:

Hey my loves!
Happy fall✨ I’m sorry I haven’t posted in awhile. I’m finally back with a foundation review. I love testing new affordable foundations!! I hope you all enjoy this video♥️ Leave any request down below!!!

coco puffs says:

I love how the Maybelline FitMe powder is too I can’t use translucent either it makes me white and I’m your color

rishal prasad says:

Love you❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

LoveAlwaysJocelynZ says:

Thanks for the review now for sure I will be purchasing it since you and Casey Holmes love it

Merrily Mari says:

Definitely picking this foundation up

Marian Medina says:

Omg your skin before the foundation looks amazing compared to last video!

Christina Babcock says:

New to the channel. You’re stunning. I’m going to give it a try. Hopefully they have a color match for me. I’m super pale. Like the palest Mac is too dark lol. I have the same skin issues you do with oily large pore texture so I definitely appreciate your review.

anjeleka irizarry says:

Notifications on !! Love the review

Susan Ward says:

Wow your makeup looks beautiful I need to try some products

Bear Boo says:

Taisha, you’re hair looks super good and silky .My hair is damaged . Please share a video of your hair routine ! ♥️

alexa V says:

Your skin looks great! I have to try this out

Mirna Denise says:

What shade are you in Milani 2 in 1?

Marcy Byrne says:

Yep, either that foundation looks gorgeous on you or you make that foundation look gorgeous!

Liz Torres says:

I set my under eye area daily with a translucent powder no problem. I use the NYX HD loose powder (silica powder) on a tapered brush from elf. I prefer translucent powders because colored powders emphasize my fine lines aka age my under eye.

Berenice Ramirez says:

What blender were you using? I couldn’t find it ☹️❤️

Tin Bernas says:

Hi guys! Connect and collaborate with brands on Phlanx platform, free sign up there!

Pseudo Nym says:

Have you tried spunk on your face? It’s full of proteins and beneficial amino acids. It’s a cost effective measure.

Kortney M says:

Cant be a makeup rev review with mac and fit me loose powder on it.

millsxx mwah says:

It might be a silly question but erm is the concealers lighter than the foundations? Or are they the same? Like is c2 lighter than f2 cause its a concealer?

coco puffs says:

Now I need this

Liz A. says:

Actual review starts at 4:05, your welcome 🙂

Amanda Alvino says:

I love love your reviews ! I’m kinda on the fence of buying this just because I hate the concealer :/ and I’m not sure how I’d like this foundation. Also the concealer ran out super quick ! And I barely touch it

Jaay Woods says:

Thank you for this review definitely going to check it out beautiful ❤️

Melissa` Barnett says:

Do you wear eyelash extensions?

Jennifer Granados says:

❤️❤️ gorgeous

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